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Welcome back guys! I’m kicking off the new year with a review of a new hair care range that I cannot stop using – the Schwarzkopf Gliss Bio-Tech Restore range!

What is Gliss Bio-Tech Restore?

The Bio-Tech Restore range uses the latest scientific findings to care for stressed hair and strengthen it, leaving it shiny and soft.

The Bio-Tech Restore products contain a new Phyto Stem Cell Complex technology that is inspired by nature, with plant based ingredients.  The Phyto Stem Cell Complex and rose water combine to provide your hair with the nutrients it lacks and needs, and it works in the hair follicle to help your hair regenerate and recover from aggressors like heat, UV rays and pollution.

I mean… it sounds like perfection, right?


What products make up the Gliss Bio-Tech Restore range?

The Bio-Tech Restore range is made up of 4 products: –

Gliss Bio-Tech Restore Strengthening Rich Shampoo

Gliss Bio-Tech Restore Strengthening Rich Conditioner

Gliss Bio-Tech Restore 2-in-1 Strengthening Rich Hair Butter Mask

Gliss Bio-Tech Restore Express Repair Conditioner

All of the Gliss Bio-Tech Restore products are currently on 30% off at Clicks until 20 January 2021, so now is a fab time to save some cash!

I was fortunate enough to be sent all 4 of the products, and have given them a good trial run in order to test them out properly and give you a full review.


Gliss Bio-Tech Restore Strengthening Rich Shampoo

I was a little concerned when I read ‘rich shampoo’ on the bottle (and the word ‘rich’ on the other products to be fair), as I have relatively fine hair.  A lot of hair, but fine hair that does tend to get oily quickly if I use overly rich products.

Turns out – I didn’t need to worry at all!  While the texture of the shampoo definitely feels a bit more nourishing as you use it, it doesn’t feel greasy or oily, and it completely rinses out so it doesn’t leave my hair feeling heavy.  I also love that you can smell the rose water strongest in the shampoo, it smells gorgeous!

The shampoo claims to help rebuild damage-prone hair from root to tip, and I can definitely say that with continuous use my hair felt stronger and smoother.


Gliss Bio-Tech Restore Strengthening Rich Conditioner

I’ll be honest – I usually reach for a hair mask or deep treatment as my conditioner.  I have very dry ends that are prone to damage, thanks to my continuous highlighting (to be fair my hair stylist doesn’t bleach the ends now, she just does a root touch up and takes the highlights through where necessary, so for the most part this is all previous damage).  I find conditioners don’t often give my hair enough moisture, and I end up having to go in with a hair mask anyway each time I use a conditioner.

This Bio-Tech Restore conditioner though!  It’s richer than your average conditioner, yet it isn’t loaded with oils to coat your hair without doing anything else.  It genuinely feels like my hair has had a deep treatment when I use it, but it doesn’t leave my hair feeling heavy or greasy.  My hair also doesn’t look as dry or frizzy afterwards, even if I do heat style it.  Plus it rinses out beautifully, you don’t need to work to get the residue out.

On top of this, I can still go my chosen 3-4 days between washes when using these products, without a problem whatsoever!


Gliss Bio-Tech Restore 2-in-1 Strengthening Rich Hair Butter Mask

Ooooh but I’m a hair mask FANATIC.  I will honestly try every hair mask I can get my hands on, and at this point I’ve tried more than I can probably remember.

This Gliss Bio-Tech Restore Rich Hair Butter Mask is a 2-in-1 – you can use it as a deep conditioner, or as a mask!  Basically, you can apply it as you would conditioner, and leave it in for a shorter period of time, if you prefer a richer conditioner.  Alternatively you can treat it as a mask, and apply it for a longer period of time.  I like to use hair masks 2 ways – either pop them on my dry hair BEFORE washing, and leave them on for a good hour or more, OR I wash my hair, and then apply a mask to my wet hair and leave it in for at least 30min.  This way I feel I’m getting the most out of the product.

I’ve used this Bio-Tech Restore 2-in-1 Rich Hair Butter Mask both ways, and am smitten.  Probably one of the top 3 hair masks I have had the pleasure of using EVER.  My hair feels like I’ve had a deep treatment at the salon when I use this.


Gliss Bio-Tech Restore Express Repair Conditioner

Schwarzkopf Gliss leave in conditioner sprays are LIFE guys.  They’ve been one of my top brands for this type of product for a long time – in fact, one of the other ranges had my all-time favourite, and then they discontinued it (I forget which range it was, but I think I’ve mentally blocked this out due to massive disappointment).

HOWEVER – they’ve definitely redeemed themselves now, thanks to the Bio-Tech Restore Express Repair Conditioner.  It repairs and protects, it increases shine and manageability, it strengthens your hair – but best of all?  This the detangler to end all detanglers!  Just a couple of spritzes and your detangling brush or comb glides through with ease!

I do find that this can be a bit rich if you use too much, so it’s all about getting to know how much your hair needs, which will be different for everyone dependent on their hair type.  I find 4 good sprays are all it takes for me, so it’s lasting me really really well.


I am blown away by the new Gliss Bio-Tech Restore range.  I’ve never been disappointed in any of their products, they’ve always been great quality for the drugstore – but this range is here to rival salon-only products.  If you have damage-prone or sensitized hair from too much heat styling or colouring, or if you’re just in the market for something to nourish, repair and strengthen your hair, I definitely recommend you try the range!

I will happily repurchase any of the 4 products myself – they’re that good.  But I have to say, for me the favourite of the bunch is the Express Repair Conditioner!



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