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It’s not a common thing to feel ‘ugh no, I have to go and have a pedicure now’, am I right?

I was a misery – I was coming down with a bad cold, I had gotten very little sleep the night before, and I’d had a super rough day at work. I’d booked a Spalicious pedicure with gel polish at Simply Tipped, and I was feeling so tired and yuck that all I wanted was to go home, have a hot shower and climb into bed.

Nevertheless, a pedicure is not something to pass up, especially when my feet looked the way they did – dry, rough and in need of some TLC.

I arrived, and Candice immediately picked up on my mood. I was given a cup of tea with a beautiful little biscuit, and told that I would be feeling much better soon! She’d been raving to me about the Spalicious pedicures they were now offering, at my fortnightly nail appointment.

The Spalicious range aims to give your body exactly what it needs with their range of scents for mani’s and pedi’s – Simply Tipped is currently offering either Fig & Pomegranate (if  you’re feeling stressed and tired and tense) and Grapefruit & Thyme (for if you’re feeling run down and lacking energy).  You’re told to close your eyes and take a deep breath of one scent and then the other.  The scent that you’re most drawn to is the one that your body needs in order to fix itself.

Gross, but that’s how my heels looked before the treatment. Dry, dry, dry!

First, Candice applied the Silky Soft Foot Peel, a citrus-based liquid peel to some cotton rounds and then onto my heels (and balls of my feet, they needed some help too).  She then wrapped my feet in cling wrap and applied some cuticle cream to my toe nails.

My cuticles on my toe nails got tidied up and pushed back, something that hadn’t been done since the pedi I had before my wedding.  Boy did they need it.  (By the way, I didn’t include any pictures of my toes without polish – this is because I’m a damned clumsy mess, and have bruised both of my big toes by dropping assorted things on them – couch, ream of paper, other heavy objects – and they look awful!)

I then got given the best hand massage of my life with the beautiful Silky Soft Hand Therapy.  I swear, I was so much more relaxed already – turns out all I’d needed was some pampering and tea!  This is a stunning hand lotion that is super rich without feeling greasy, and I see myself buying one the minute my other few tubes of hand cream are done.  It might just well become a staple product on my desk at work, and on my nightstand at home!

Candice then asked me to close my eyes and breathe in the two scents from Spalicious.  Turns out that I’m in need of some stress relief, as the Fig & Pomegranate was like heaven to my nose.  With that choice made, the foot spa was readied for my feet, with some of the beautiful water-softening Fig & Pomegranate Soak.  While the water cooled down slightly, my peel was removed.  Candice used a pink scraper to scrape my skin where the peel had been applied.

Now – I took photos of this process.  But I was so grossed out myself that I can’t bare to show them to you!  My feet had looked clean but dry on application of the clear liquid to cotton rounds.  The stuff that came OFF of my feet was brown and there was so much of it!  Euw!  I was so freaked out, yet I couldn’t stop rubber-necking at the whole process.

Eventually Candice saved me from myself, and applied some of the Silky Soft Peel Neutraliser, to stop the peel from eating away at all the new skin on my now baby soft heels.

My feet were then popped into a warm foot spa with the yummy-fragranced foot soak.  The water felt so soft and warm and relaxing, and I could quite easily have left it at that for the day.  Candice brought me a second cup of tea (I must really have looked like I needed it!) and the rest of my pedi commenced!

The delicious Fig & Pomegranate Scrub was applied to my feet and all the way up to my knees, and I was given a good ol’ scrub down.  After this, the Fig & Pomegranate Mask was applied, once again all the way up to my knees, and my legs were wrapped in a warm towel to allow it to soak in.  I then had the choice of what gel polish to go for, and I went for my old favourite Deep Burgundy.  It’s such a lush, classic shade!

Candice finished up the pedi by removing the mask with a warm cloth, and applying a super generous amount of the Fig & Pomegranate Butter, and giving me the most sublime foot and leg massage I’ve had.  There was PERFECT pressure!  She also used this fancy little tool with a jade stone on the tip during the massage.

The result was baby soft feet, beautiful glossy toe nails and a much better attitude than when I’d arrived.  I was calm, relaxed and ready for bed, to be quite honest!  And I still had to drive home.


Those pedi-slips may look cute as hell, but they are NOT easy to walk in.  Just for the record!

It’s been a few hours shy of a week since this treatment, and my feet are just as soft as the second I left the Simply Tipped salon.  Overall, I’m so impressed with the Spalicious range, and can’t wait to book my next pedicure.  I think I’m going to need to add a manicure to it.  And then Candice needs to start doing even more of their treatments.  And offering more of their products to purchase in store.

I’m officially an addict.

Have you tried a Spalicious treatment before?  If not, give Candice a call on 081 471 1737 or email her on  

The pricing for the Spalicious pedicures is currently the following: –

R220 for a regular pedi (soak, scrub, mask and massage)

R330 for the pedi with the peel (peel, soak, scrub, mask, massage)

For September only however, you can get the pedi with the peel for R250, as it’s a brand-spanking new treatment!

It’s then a further R50 for nail polish or a further R100 for gel polish, whichever you prefer


AAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNND just in case you need another reason to book that pedi, check out the Simply Tipped Instagram page – they do the most BEAUTIFUL nails there!


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  1. Simone Cameron

    I think we’re all in ‘I NEED A PEDI FOR SUMMER’ mode at the moment! lol. You’re brave posting pics..I shudder to think of mine. The products look so cute and colourful!

    1. Siobhan

      They’re so cute and they smell DELICIOUS Simone! I was tempted to go for a bright summery shade of gel polish, but I love the Deep Burgundy, and always go back to it haha

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