Product Reviews 2021 – Part 3

Product Reviews 2021 – Part 3, Sugar & Spice


Welcome back to part 3 of my Product Reviews series!

If you missed them, don’t forget to check out Part 1 and Part 2.

In an effort to get to as many reviews as I can that have been backlogged for a multitude of reasons, I’m reviewing products in little clusters like this.  I’ll post the product images to my social media, and if you like the look of a product you can just head here to the site for a full review of it!

So, let’s jump in, shall we?

OGX Brazilian Keratin Smooth Shampoo & Conditioner*

Product Reviews 2021 – Part 3, Sugar & Spice

I’ve long loved the OGX brand for a good few of their products that I’ve tested over the years.  So, it was with great excitement that I started putting the Brazilian Keratin Smooth range to the test.

While the range was very nice, I found overall that it would have been better for my hair in the colder, drier months.  I was using it during the super hot, humid summer here in Durban, and I found my hair was just flat and lifeless, albeit very smooth and soft.  I think perhaps for the time of year, I’d have found the Purifying Charcoal Detox line to be more to my suiting in summer, as it detoxes and deep cleans hair without stripping.

Product Reviews 2021 – Part 3, Sugar & Spice

The OGX Brazilian Keratin Smooth Shampoo is quite a rich shampoo formula.  I found that it definitely left my hair feeling clean, but still quite moisturised.  This is why I think it would have been more beneficial to use during winter, when I need that extra moisture boost for my hair.  It also smells lovely!

Product Reviews 2021 – Part 3, Sugar & Spice

The OGX Brazilian Keratin Smooth Conditioner was very rich for a conditioner – lovely and moisturising for the winter months again, but a little too much for my hair during summer.  To clarify – I have fine hair, but a lot of it, and I do tend to wash it every 3 days.  When using this line, I was washing every 2 days, but think in winter I could have pushed it to 3 or more.

Once again, the conditioner smelled gorgeous, and definitely left my hair feeling smooth and soft, just a tad over-moisturised.


OGX Coconut Miracle Oil Hair Mask*

Product Reviews 2021 – Part 3, Sugar & Spice

This hair mask is GLORIOUS.  It is exactly the reason why I love the OGX brand.  Smells good, and results feel good and look good.

Fantastic for dry, damaged ends, it was everything my highlighted hair had been looking for.  Smooth and buttery, it softened my hair beautifully, was extra nourishing and left it silky, soft and so shiny.  On top of this, it smells like a tropical island holiday, so during these tough lockdown times, it’s been my holiday from home.

Definitely a product I’ll be repurchasing.

Product Reviews 2021 – Part 3, Sugar & Spice



Filorga Global-Repair Eyes & Lips*

Product Reviews 2021 – Part 3, Sugar & Spice

I’ve loved many Filorga products, and their eye creams are always an absolute treat.  So when this Global-Repair Eyes & Lips landed on my desk, I was pretty darn excited to get testing.

This product is designed to target those fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes and lips, with multiple actives and nutrients to target these and hydrate and plump up the skin.  On top of this, the Global-Repair Eyes & Lips has ingredients that are unique to it – tuberose extract, which helps to brighten and invigorate the area, and sesame seed extract to plump and firm the skin.

Product Reviews 2021 – Part 3, Sugar & Spice

What I especially loved is that this formula felt a little more nourishing than the Optim-Eyes that I’ve previously reviewed, yet it isn’t greasy in the slightest (something I can’t stand around my eyes), and it sinks in like a dream!  For this reason, I loved using it both day (makeup sits on top beautifully) and night.

I don’t really have any lines around my lip area yet (thank goodness I’ve never smoked!), but I do like to use it around there when my skin is feeling dehydrated, and it works beautifully to fix that!

Filorga Lift-Structure Radiance Rosy Glow Fluid*

Product Reviews 2021 – Part 3, Sugar & Spice

This is one of the most beautiful products from Filorga, both package and product-wise.  It has a 3-fold effect on skin as it tightens features, plumps skin and sculpts volume, and it also adds radiance and evenness.

Product Reviews 2021 – Part 3, Sugar & Spice

How pretty is that pink, pearly glow?  This is a day cream, so it’s superb to use under makeup – it adds a soft, rosy glow from the pink tint, and those pearlescent particles give a soft-focus finish to skin, blurring imperfections and adding further glow.

You’re left with healthy, youthful skin that beams with radiance.  What every woman is looking for!

Product Reviews 2021 – Part 3, Sugar & Spice

The Lift-Structure Radiance Rosy Glow Fluid is ideal for women over 40 or older, who wish to treat a lack of firmness, loss of radiance and evenness.  For this reason, after using it for a short period, I passed it on to my mom to test out.

My mom mentioned that she loved the nourishment it provided, how it gave her skin a satin finish, and how glowy her skin looked when she used it, both alone and under makeup.

L’Oreal Revitalift Energising Red Day Cream*

Product Reviews 2021 – Part 3, Sugar & Spice

This gorgeous little ruby toned pot was a gift in my L’Oreal EmpoweRed Women press drop I received last year.  I’d briefly seen it before on the shelves, but hadn’t really thought too much of it.

I read on the box that it provided anti-wrinkle, extra-firming and a healthy glow, and contained advanced pro-retinol and red ginseng – and I was sold. Firmer, smoother skin that’s energised?  Just what you need in a day cream, right?!

GUYS. It’s been a while since I’ve had a day cream impress me THIS MUCH.  I used it once or twice randomly, but didn’t put too much effort in until February.  Then I thought, let’s really put this to the test every single morning and see what happens.

My skin looked flawless, so smooth and soft and glowing.  It looked like I’d had plenty of beauty sleep, and I’d sipped on a vitamin packed smoothie.  I didn’t break out from it, I had a gentle dewy glow when using it, makeup lasted amazingly well, even with no primer, and overall my skin was HAPPY.

I will be finishing up my current day cream that I’m putting to the test, and then repurchasing this.  It’s sensational!

French Lemon*

Product Reviews 2021 – Part 3, Sugar & Spice

The lovely folks at French Lemon sent me a pretty little press drop much earlier this year, but unfortunately the couriers tampered with it.  The pumic bar was unwrapped when I opened the package, and everything was a mess.  Unfortunately I thought the body lotion was ok, but when I opened it, it had clearly been opened and grubby fingers dipped in – so what with Covid and all, I had to bin it.

The scrub was in perfect condition, and so after spritzing the top of the inside with isopropyl alcohol, I gave it a bash, and it was super!

Product Reviews 2021 – Part 3, Sugar & Spice

French Lemon very kindly sent an apology gift for this issue, and it was so appreciated.  It was utterly gorgeous, in a pretty pink box filled with goodies.

Product Reviews 2021 – Part 3, Sugar & Spice

I LOVE candles, and this Soft Flames of Love candle smells absolutely incredible, like sweets!  It’s made from soy wax, which I love, and is the perfect size for travel too.  I actually am saving it to take along on my trip to Cape Town this year, as an indulgent little pampering bath time treat.

What’s amazing is that you can buy these candles individually or in packs of 3 or 6.

Product Reviews 2021 – Part 3, Sugar & Spice

Another little goodie that I’m saving for when I travel is one of their pink heart shaped bath bombs.  Sadly, we haven’t finished off the second full bathroom in our house yet, and that’s the one that will have a bath installed.  In the mean time I’m saving all bath-related goodies for when I travel.

These bath bombs smell INSANELY yum.  In fact, everything in the box smells to me like fruity candy, which I LOVE. I also love their little branding touches on each item, really beautiful and it shows how French Lemon have been able to branch out into other countries than South Africa! Everything is made with such care and love.

Product Reviews 2021 – Part 3, Sugar & Spice

These arrived just as I was about to pop to the shop for soap for our guest bathroom.  It’s quite a little space, so I didn’t want one of these bulk sized things of handwash.  So, I popped in one of the pink Round Swirl Soaps from French Lemon.

These smell edible!  Plus, I love that if I leave the guest bathroom closed, when I open it, the first thing you smell is this beautiful soap!

I think French Lemon is definitely a hit for birthday or Christmas gifts!

Inkanyiso Perfumes – Ubuhle*

Product Reviews 2021 – Part 3, Sugar & Spice

Inkanyiso very generously gifted me their Ubuhle fragrance.  Described as fruity, I love that it’s fruity with a sweeter finish to it.  Something I definitely love for day to day wear, as it’s just so perfect for every day!

I love the fact that local manufacturers are upping their game, and the design of the packaging and bottles of these fragrances is beautiful.  Definitely a brand to keep your eye on, as it’s so important to support local talent!

Product Reviews 2021 – Part 3, Sugar & Spice

These fragrances from Inkanyiso are also affordable, and last all day long on your skin.  I’ve often found that more affordable fragrances are the first to disappear after you’ve worn them for a couple of hours, but I was very pleasantly surprised at the staying power.

Earthsap Air Fresheners*

Product Reviews 2021 – Part 3, Sugar & Spice

I am ALL about home fragrances and air fresheners.  However, while a lot of regular brands can leave our house smelling lovely, they don’t do much more than disguise the odour.  On top of this, they often contain ingredients that are harmful to ourselves, our pets or kiddies.

The Earthsap Air Fresheners are made using essential oils and plant extracts, and they claimed to neutralize odours rather than simply mask them.  I was VERY intrigued to see just how true this was, and was pleasantly surprised!  My biggest test was the dustbin.  After giving it a clean I’ll spray a generous amount of the closest Earthsap Air Freshener into the bin, and again into the rubbish bag as well.  It makes a MASSIVE difference in how the bin smells – something I’m sure most people would love to try out!

Product Reviews 2021 – Part 3, Sugar & Spice

My favourite of the 3 fragance options I was gifted was most definitely the Peppermint & Eucalyptus.  I love a fresh, minty zing, and have kept this one in our scullery and kitchen.  I use it every morning to freshen up the whole open plan living area, kitchen and then the scullery, and I use this in the bin.  It makes a wonderful difference to the smell of our house, and I often spritz it everywhere before we have family come over – they always comment on how lovely and fresh the house smells.

Product Reviews 2021 – Part 3, Sugar & Spice

My second favourite is definitely the Lavender & Rosemary, but I’ve kept this at the office to freshen up the work space.  We have an office inside of a warehouse, so the air isn’t as fresh as I’d like it to be.  This combined with an open door (or an air conditioner on these super hot days) has made a marked difference in my stress levels (thanks to the Lavender), and Rosemary is said to aid brain function, increase circulation and perk you up.  *frantically spray around my whole work space*

Product Reviews 2021 – Part 3, Sugar & Spice

My only negative of the three is the Citrus Valencia.  I’ve always loved essential citrus oil scents, so had very high hopes for this one, yet it just seems a little neither here nor there.  The scent is very watered down, and while I know that you can’t have too much highly concentrated essential oil, I did expect a little more.

That being said, I do love to spritz it around my room when I’m vacuuming and mopping, just for an additional zingy freshness, and I find it does the job – I’d just like a bit more fragrance.

*Press sample


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