Pampering at the Granny Mouse Spa

Last weekend, when we stayed at the beautiful Granny Mouse Country House and Spa, we had the opportunity to get some pampering done at their in-house spa.

Pampering at the Granny Mouse Spa, Sugar & Spice
The outside of the spa at Granny Mouse

The Spa is managed by Camelot Spa, and they have a really delightful list of treatments that are on offer.  Using the brands Thalgo, CSpa and MediHeel, the Granny Mouse Spa offers luxury facials, massages, and hydrotherapy treatments, as well as a few other body treatments and the regular indulgences such as pedicures, manicures and waxing.  They also have some fantastic packages on offer, created so that you can make the most of your time at Granny Mouse Country House and Spa.

Pampering at the Granny Mouse Spa, Sugar & Spice
The cosy seating area where you wait for your treatment.


Pampering at the Granny Mouse Spa, Sugar & Spice
You can have a variety of refreshments, from fresh lemon water, to hot teas and coffees.
Pampering at the Granny Mouse Spa, Sugar & Spice
The Spa uses Morgan Taylor nail products, and there are some pamphlets available on the brands that they use in-house.

It was a FREEZING cold day when we rushed, flustered, into the Spa – we’d spent so much time wondering around the grounds, that we didn’t realise that we were running late.

The staff that greeted us at the reception area of the Spa were friendly and warm.  They found our booking, and then we discussed the different full body massages that they offered, as we hadn’t yet decided on which one to go with.  I’m quite well-versed in the different treatments that spas and salons offer, and have had many different forms of massage, but the BF had never had a massage in his life, so we went with the Aromatherapy Full Body Massage (R515 for 60 min of therapeutic bliss), as he wasn’t too sure about the idea of boiling hot stones, or intense deep tissue massages.

After deciding on our treatment, we were led through to the seating area, and asked to remove our shoes and socks.  Big bowls of warm, sudsy water were placed at our feet, and our therapists Thapelo and Londiwe let us soak our feet in the water, before giving them a brief wash.


Pampering at the Granny Mouse Spa, Sugar & Spice


Once our feet were warm and clean, we were led to the changing rooms, to place our belongings into lockers, and change into the Spa bathrobes and slippers, and we then followed Londiwe and Thapelo through to our treatment room.

Pampering at the Granny Mouse Spa, Sugar & Spice
So tranquil and cosy.

The treatment rooms are all warm and dimly-lit with candles, perfect for a relaxing hour of massage.  On each of our beds we had a little gift of bath salts, from the Spa.  Both Thapelo and Londiwe were very bubbly, and chatted to us about how firm we would like our massage, and if there were any areas that we’d like the massage to focus on.  I really appreciated this, as a lot of massage therapists don’t ask if there is a specific spot that’s been bugging you, and often when you book a massage, it’s because you’re battling with neck or back pain, or something of the sort.

There were even little towels laid out on the ground underneath the face-hole on the massage bed, with the word ‘Enjoy’ written out in little pebbles.  Soft music played in the background, and I could feel myself melt into the bed and drift off into a world of relaxation as Thapelo found the knots and kinks in my shoulders and lower back.  I very nearly fell asleep during the first half of the massage, and the BF did in fact fall asleep.  He’d been dreading this experience, as he wasn’t sure what to expect, and isn’t too fond of people touching him – surprise, surprise, he’s now a massage-convert, and I feel I may have created a monster!?

Although I wished the massage would never end, unfortunately it eventually did, and we stumbled along to change back into our clothes, bleary-eyed and feeling as relaxed and soft as marshmallows.  We were allowed to make use of the other Spa facilities, such as the jacuzzi and the steam room, but we sadly didn’t have time, as we had a dinner reservation looming, and still needed to shower and change in our suite.  Next time I plan on booking my pamper session wisely, and having a lovely steam and soak!

The Spa offers some other divine treatments, such as the Thalgo Hyaluronic Facial, R1345 (anti-ageing, plumping and wrinkle-filling facial), the CSpa Shimmer Milk Bath, R225 for a single, R390 for a couple (a regenerating, rejuvenating math where you’re left dusted in a shimmering veil), and a Salt Glow Full Body Exfoliation, R265 (to leave your skin glowing, smooth and radiant).

The Spa also offers some really decadent packages that vary in price and treatment time, from packages for Expectant Mum’s, treatment deals for Brides or Honeymooners, or even just a luxurious package of pampering for the regular individual.

A huge thank you to Granny Mouse Spa, and to our amazing therapists Thapelo and Londiwe – you ladies truly have a gift, and left our souls soothed and peaceful!

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  1. Anonymous

    Wow…I had no idea Granny Mouse had such an amazing Spa. Will make sure I make a trip there next time I am that side.

    Sasha Buckle

  2. Oh wow! They treated you like royalty 🙂 I am so chuffed you transformed BF into a massage-lover – men are so weird about that kind of this. They DO NOT know what they're missing out on! Granny Mouse sounds like the most idyllic place for a romantic winter getaway ♡

    – Jane Wonder –

  3. Siobhan Hughes

    I know! He was so anxious before it, and afterwards was so relaxed I almost had to carry him back to our room! It's such a perfect spot for a romantic getaway! x

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