Maintaining Healthy Hair with John Frieda

Maintaining Healthy Hair with John Frieda, Sugar & Spice

With the current pandemic ripping the world apart, and the nationwide lockdown in South Africa, things have been rough on us all – physically, emotionally and financially.  Even now, in level 4, where the strict regulations have been relaxed in SOME aspects (barely, although you’d think with how some people are acting, we were back to life as per normal), we still can’t do our regular things like head on over to the hair salon for a cut, colour and blow dry.  So – I have been on a SERIOUS self-care binge, and it’s paying off, as my skin and hair love me right now.  I have been able to put my newest John Frieda goodies to the test!

I’m sure you know that I attended the launch of the new John Frieda ranges shortly before lockdown.  I vlogged the whole trip to Johannesburg, and the products here: –

So, John Frieda launched the Detox & Repair range, and the Hydrate & Recharge range in early March.  What was so exciting about the ranges is the newer style packaging, and the fact that John Frieda were going a more natural route, with loads of great ingredients.  The Detox & Repair range contains avocado oil and green tea, while the Hydrate & Recharge is packed with monoi oil and keratin.

Maintaining Healthy Hair with John Frieda, Sugar & Spice
This was the closest I’ve been to my natural hair colour in well over a decade – my hair on my wedding day. I miss how much less maintenance this was, but I feel more glamorous as a blondie.

I am not a natural blonde.  I have naturally medium to dark brown hair, however I feel more ME when I’m blonde.  So, I go to have my colour done monthly – I have highlights added, and every 3 months I’ll do a full head of foils, with each month in between just a touch up on where I part my hair and on the pieces that frame my face.

Maintaining Healthy Hair with John Frieda, Sugar & Spice
When I had my hair at it’s blondest – I wish I could get back to this but hormonal treatments & over-use of heat styling left my hair in a bad way, so I’m working on repairing the damage first.
Maintaining Healthy Hair with John Frieda, Sugar & Spice
This was what my hair was looking like at the end of last year, after my last full head of colour. I’ve now not had even my roots done since the end of February (gasp!)

Looking at these photos, I am missing my beloved hair stylist BADLY guys.  She’s not just the only person I trust with my hair, she’s a close family friend too.


Seeing as it’s not likely I’ll be able to have my colour done anytime soon, or even get a decent trim (I’m petrified to attempt this myself), I decided I’m going to throw whatever goodness I can at my hair, and let it enjoy the break from the bleach.  Might as well make the most of a bad situation, no?

I’ve been following a strict regime to ensure that my hair is being kept as healthy as possible.

Maintaining Healthy Hair with John Frieda, Sugar & Spice

Maintaining Healthy Hair with John Frieda, Sugar & Spice

Don’t wash your hair every day

I’ve been strictly washing my hair only every 3 days.  Washing hair too frequently can strip your scalp of natural oils and leave it feeling dry and brittle.  With this in mind (and the fact that winter is heading in, with it’s drier weather), I’ve been sticking to my John Frieda Hydrate & Recharge Shampoo and Conditioner.

The range is for dry, dehydrated and lifeless hair, and contains nutrient rich monoi oil and keratin.  The formula is innovative, in that it will act like a moisture reservoir in your hair fibre, helping it to store water molecules efficiently.  Through this, my hair has been feeling and looking SO much better!  It most definitely feels hydrated, silky and full of life!

Top tip – as I don’t wash every day, and definitely use some styling products, dry shampoos and hair serums, I like to do 2 shampoos.

Maintaining Healthy Hair with John Frieda, Sugar & Spice

Use hair masks for added nourishment

I mask year round, but when winter rolls around I try and up the use of hair masks to ensure my hair gets as much goodness as possible.  The John Frieda Hydrate & Repair Deep Soak Masque is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!  Not only does it smell delicious (like strawberry flavoured Fizzers), it’s rich and buttery, and my hair just loves it.

I like to use this in 3 different ways – either in place of a conditioner (after shampooing), after both shampooing and conditioning (as a boost on the very ends to top up the conditioner), or I’ll mask my hair for a couple of hours before I shampoo (then I’ll shampoo and condition as normal).

Top tip – try and leave the mask in for at least an hour.  I know most of them will say ± 3-5 minutes, but whether I’m doing it before or after my wash, I like to leave it on for longer, allowing my hair to really soak it up.  Plus, we’re currently not socialising, so who’s even going to see us?  I’m left with super shiny and soft hair!

Maintaining Healthy Hair with John Frieda, Sugar & Spice

Drink loads of water

Your whole body will benefit from those 8 glasses of water a day.

I’m not going to lie, I suck at this, especially when it comes to winter.  I find adding a slice of lemon, lime or orange to water helps a lot.  You can also buy those zero calorie water enhancers from Dischem – the Pharmafreak ones are my favourite, and a couple of drops is all it takes.

Maintaining Healthy Hair with John Frieda, Sugar & Spice

Take vitamins to help with hair growth

I took forever finding supplements that genuinely showed a difference in the growth of my hair.  By taking a good quality supplement designed specifically for hair, skin and nails, you’ll see your hair growing faster and healthier.

I’ve been taking the JS Health Hair & Energy supplement and loving it.  I took it briefly before (for about 10 days) and actually stopped as my lashes experienced such a growth spurt that my extensions weren’t even lasting a proper week.  My usual monthly hair appointment to touch up my dark roots also showed not only a number of new hairs, but even my hair dresser said that my hair seemed to have grown faster than normal.  Needless to say, I stopped taking them after 10 days as I can’t afford bi-monthly colouring and weekly lash fills!  The result of just those 10 days of use lasted for a good couple of weeks after the event.

I did pass them on to Hubs, who was complaining that his hair needed to be a bit thicker.  He maybe took them three times at most.  So, when I realised I was going to be without my usual volume lashes, and not seeing my hair stylist anyway, I figured I may as well put the most into the health of my hair.

My hair has DEFINITELY grown super fast – I haven’t seen it this long in ages, and it BADLY needs a good trim.  And my natural lashes are looking so long and full.  Not that you’d know, as they’re basically blonde and dead straight, but I can definitely see a massive improvement.

You can purchase the JS Health Hair & Energy supplement from The Healthy Home HERE. It is available usually on Vitagirl, but they’re out of stock at the moment.  I know that these are pricey supplements, but I can honestly justify the price as they work fast and effectively.  If you’d rather go for something more affordable, I used the Prosana Hair And Nail Booster in the 6 months before my wedding.  My hair grew really fast and strong, and they’re on the lower price scale and available from Clicks HERE.

Maintaining Healthy Hair with John Frieda, Sugar & Spice

Minimise (or cut out) heat styling

The best thing to do, especially now while you’re not on display to the public, would be to cut out heat styling.  Heat damages your hair so quickly, and as someone with a deep love for her straightener and curling wand, I cannot tell you the difference that cutting down on this has made to my hair.

I try to leave my hair to air dry where I can, despite the fact that it goes either fluffy like a lion’s mane (ask my darling Husband, who previously took one look at me after not seeing me all day, and asked ‘WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO YOUR HAIR’), or it forms into the most perfect, soft curls and waves ever.  Sadly, this depends on my hair’s mood for the day, and I cannot control when it’s going to air dry to tousled perfection, or leave me looking like Monica from Friends.

If I know I’m going to be curling my hair (usually for events, now in lockdown purely for if I plan on filming for my YouTube channel, which if I’m honest has happened twice – lack of inspiration), I’ll leave it to air dry, as it doesn’t matter how it dries, and my curling wand is in much closer contact with my hair, and for longer when I use it.  If I want to straighten it, I do need to make a little more effort – I’ll dry it gently with my hairdryer on a low setting, just to get the majority of wet out, and to add some volume to the roots.  I’ll then gently brush through it and leave it to finish drying naturally before I take my irons to it.  Even then, I don’t go over each section more than once, and gently (I don’t often aim for that stick-straight sleek look, I just like it to look straight but with some bounce).

With lockdown, I’ve been just leaving it to air dry almost every single wash, and then I’ll just leave it down if it dries nicely, and if it doesn’t I’ll twist it into a gentle bun and clip it in place.  No damage whatsoever, and very happy hair!

One thing I have to say – if  you’re going to heat style your hair, you do you!  But for the love of all things beauty, USE A HEAT PROTECTANT!  If you need to put your hair through that punishment, please use a product that will protect it from the heat and keep it damage-free.  For this, one of my recent go-to’s has been the John Frieda Detox & Repair Care & Protect Spray, a product that offers heat protection, moisture and gentle detangling.  It leaves my hair smooth and shiny each time I use it!



What have you been doing to maintain healthy hair during lockdown?


*DISCLAIMER – the John Frieda products mentioned were gifted to me in PR.  This post is not sponsored.  John Frieda products are available for purchase from Clicks stores.


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