BRAND SPOTLIGHT – Pierre Rene, Sugar & Spice
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I have been going on and on about this brand for a solid few months now – it’s one of the brands sold on Glamore Cosmetics, it’s Polish and it’s SUPERB.  Yep – I’m talking about Pierre Rene!

The brand prides itself on being cruelty free and hypoallergenic, and a lot of their products are also vegan friendly.  Each product is really great quality, is well priced (either around our drugstore prices or slightly higher) and beautifully packaged.

I thought I’d share some of my favourite products from the brand with you, so if you’re interested in trying them out you can do so in an informed way!

BRAND SPOTLIGHT – Pierre Rene, Sugar & Spice

Lip Matic lip liners

Officially my favourite product that Pierre Rene does.  I have never been a big lip liner fan, as I’ve always found them scratchy, waxy and a pain to keep sharp.

Not only are these retractable, they’re also the smoothest, creamiest and most pigmented formula I’ve used TO DATE.  They go on so easily, and once dried down they don’t budge.  I’ve used them to line my lips and as a full on lipstick all over, and they last all day long, with only a little wear on the inner rim of my lips after eating.

BRAND SPOTLIGHT – Pierre Rene, Sugar & Spice

I am more than halfway through shade 08, a beautiful shade similar to my MAC Velvet Teddy but a little cooler, and it is EXQUISITE as a full lip colour.  If I’m not worried about it wearing off I even top it with a shimmery lip gloss!

PLUS – they’re only R89!

BRAND SPOTLIGHT – Pierre Rene, Sugar & Spice

Pure Pigment Loose Powders

You should all know by now how much I adore these.  I did a whole video on my YouTube channel on these little colourful gems.

They can be used as a loose eyeshadow, wet with the Liquid Primer to create a metallic cream shadow, wet with a very tiny amount of it to create a liquid eyeliner and even used as a face highlight!

You can watch my full video here, where I show you swatches of the 11 shades I own (both wet and dry), and how I use them to create a gorgeous look: –

These gorgeous loose pigments come in a multitude of shades and are so stunning.  Here’s another look I created using the shade 19 Azure Depth, a stunning aquamarine shade: –

BRAND SPOTLIGHT – Pierre Rene, Sugar & Spice


BRAND SPOTLIGHT – Pierre Rene, Sugar & Spice

Liquid Primer

Now this is an amazing multi-use product.  It can be used as I mentioned above, to increase the intensity of loose pigments and make them into cream eyeshadows or liners.  Yet it can ALSO be used to revive dried out gel liner pots and eyebrow pomades and it can be used to increase the intensity of bronzer, blush and highlight (making them into a liquid formula).  On top of this, you can use it as a lip primer, as a foundation primer to create a smooth canvas AND you can mix it into your foundation!

I’ve tried it out on all of these and found it to work AMAZINGLY well!

You can watch my full tutorial of using it here: –

BRAND SPOTLIGHT – Pierre Rene, Sugar & Spice

Pinch Me eyeshadow palette

I just recently did a tutorial on a cosmic, celestial eye look using this palette.  I love how versatile it is – you can use it on a day to day basis for a basic eye look, throw in some smokey, sultry tones at night, and you can even create dramatic, brightly coloured looks!

All of the shadows are beautifully pigmented, and the shimmer shades are buttery – but best applied with a finger for a super dramatic sheen.

Here are some swatches for you to lust over: –

BRAND SPOTLIGHT – Pierre Rene, Sugar & Spice

BRAND SPOTLIGHT – Pierre Rene, Sugar & Spice

BRAND SPOTLIGHT – Pierre Rene, Sugar & Spice

BRAND SPOTLIGHT – Pierre Rene, Sugar & Spice

Gorgeous shades, right? I actually included this palette in my February and March Favourites that I did as an Instagram Live during the first week of the Lockdown.  The shade Try Me is so beautiful – it looks like a basic kind of lilac/pale brown shimmer, but it has this duo chrome finish that throws out blue and aqua shimmers too.  Something that you just can’t capture in a photo!

Other than Try Me, I also love Kiss Me (a gorgeous cranberry shimmer), Kill Me (a shimmery blue), Pinch Me (that mustard shade), Bite Me (the ultra violet) and Hate Me (one of the most pigment matte blacks ever).

You can check out my tutorial with the Pinch Me palette here: –

BRAND SPOTLIGHT – Pierre Rene, Sugar & Spice

Shine Me Palette

From the same collection as the Pinch Me palette, this one contains a gorgeous neutral bronzer/contour shade.  It’s warm enough for me to use as a bronzer, but still neutral enough to contour my cheekbones (that I need to look hard to find right now, what with Lockdown baking), without looking muddy.

BRAND SPOTLIGHT – Pierre Rene, Sugar & Spice

The two highlighter shades are sensational too.  Personally my favourite is Rich Me, the warmer toned one as I do have a yellow undertone to my skin.  However I’ve been able to use Glaze Me too, even though it’s a rose gold type of shade.

All beautiful, all super smooth and blend like a dream!

BRAND SPOTLIGHT – Pierre Rene, Sugar & Spice

Highlighting Powder

Some of the most gorgeous, yet versatile highlighters I own.  They can be applied for a subtle glow, or you can build it up to an intense metallic shine that is sure to be seen from space!

These highlighting powders smell like vanilla cupcakes, and come in 2 shades – 01 Glazy Look and 02 Shiny Touch.  I reach for 01 more as it’s a warmer undertone and therefore more in line with my own skin tone.

BRAND SPOTLIGHT – Pierre Rene, Sugar & Spice

They’re also super pigmented, and even though I use very little day to day, there was a stage where I reached for this daily for about 2 months – and I’ve barely made a dent in the baked dome of powder!  I’ve only backed off in an effort to try and share the love between this and my other highlighters, but trust me, it’s much loved and in my top drawer.

BRAND SPOTLIGHT – Pierre Rene, Sugar & Spice

Skin Balance Cover foundation

I have raved about this foundation a decent amount – in fact after just one use I posted a mini review of it on my Instagram feed HERE.

It is not only full coverage and waterproof, but it also leaves you with a fresh finish – not a flat matte at all, you look radiant but not dewy or greasy.  Just a really lovely and long lasting finish.

Did you know – Glamore Cosmetics also offers a Foundation Matching service?

You can email with photos of yourself with and without makeup, and let Gael know the shade of the current foundation you’re using.  Glamore Cosmetics will then send you some shade samples to try, and you just pay the R75 courier fee!

BRAND SPOTLIGHT – Pierre Rene, Sugar & Spice

Contour Concealer

This is a very liquidy concealer – so beware when tilting the open tube (I have a pair of gym pants that didn’t live to tell the tale).

That being said, it is fabulous!  Great coverage and you can go from medium to full just by applying it in the areas you need it, and waiting a minute or two for it to dry down slightly before blending.  Blends out beautifully as well, doesn’t crease (although I always set concealer under the eyes with a little powder anyway), and it lasts all day.

BRAND SPOTLIGHT – Pierre Rene, Sugar & Spice

It comes in a nice big tube, contains a generous 7ml of product and has a big doe-foot applicator similar to the Tarte Shape Tape.

BRAND SPOTLIGHT – Pierre Rene, Sugar & Spice
Top to bottom: – 02 Pink Fog, 03 Perfect Peach, 07 Rusty Cheek, 09 Delicate Pink

Powder Blush or Rouge Powder

Glamore Cosmetics stocks 4 shades of these gorgeous blush powders.  I’m not sure if those are all the shades that Pierre Rene does (the numbering would suggest there are more), but they are ALL gorgeous and very pigmented – a little goes a long way!

I own all 4 of the shades, and can happily say I love them all.

BRAND SPOTLIGHT – Pierre Rene, Sugar & Spice
02 Pink Fog
BRAND SPOTLIGHT – Pierre Rene, Sugar & Spice
03 Perfect Peach
BRAND SPOTLIGHT – Pierre Rene, Sugar & Spice
07 Rusty Cheek
BRAND SPOTLIGHT – Pierre Rene, Sugar & Spice
09 Delicate Pink

The Perfect Peach and Delicate Pink are matte, while Pink Fog and Rusty Cheek both have some subtle shimmer to them.  They’re also little pots, so great for travel!

BRAND SPOTLIGHT – Pierre Rene, Sugar & Spice

Terracotta Bronzer

I love bronzer – it’s one of my favourite products to use, as I can use it to warm up and define my face, and I contour my eyes a little with it even if I’m not wearing other eye makeup.

BRAND SPOTLIGHT – Pierre Rene, Sugar & Spice

This Terracotta bronzer is super, it’s pigmented, blends easily and the packaging is just so darned gorgeous!  It’s also the perfect tone, as you can use it for both bronzing and contouring.

I just love how luxe the tortoiseshell packaging is!

BRAND SPOTLIGHT – Pierre Rene, Sugar & Spice

Royal Mat Lipsticks

These lipsticks aren’t exactly matte in my opinion – they’re nourishing and have a slight sheen to them – however they do last really well on the lips regardless.  Plus, they’re saturated with pigment and come in a lovely range of colours, from subtle nudes to bright reds to deep purples.

BRAND SPOTLIGHT – Pierre Rene, Sugar & Spice
Left to Right: – 37 Coral Bliss, 38 Charm of Mocha, 39 Warm Words
BRAND SPOTLIGHT – Pierre Rene, Sugar & Spice
Left to Right: – 16 Eternal Flame, 23 Dry Wine 21 Elegance Plum

The gold packaging is heavy and luxurious, and they all have a magnetic closure which just ups the quality of the packaging.  Truly gorgeous.

I wear Warm Words and Charm of Mocha as day to day lippies, but Dry Wine and Eternal Flame are my options for when I hit the town.

Here are some lip swatches: –

BRAND SPOTLIGHT – Pierre Rene, Sugar & Spice
38 Charm of Mocha
BRAND SPOTLIGHT – Pierre Rene, Sugar & Spice
39 Warm Words
BRAND SPOTLIGHT – Pierre Rene, Sugar & Spice
23 Dry Wine

Super pigmented and just so gorgeous and vibrant!

BRAND SPOTLIGHT – Pierre Rene, Sugar & Spice

Pen Eyeliner

I’m not usually one for liquid pen liners – I find them to be pale, watery and they dry out SO fast.

That was before I was introduced to this one from Pierre Rene.  It’s deeply pigmented, a true black.  I’ve owned it for a number of months now and it hasn’t dried out AT ALL.  Once you’ve applied it, and it dries down on your skin (which it does nice and fast) – it won’t budge!  It’s actually waterproof, which is a bonus.

BRAND SPOTLIGHT – Pierre Rene, Sugar & Spice

It’s also incredibly easy to use, as it has a fine felt tip.  I can easily swipe on a thin line just along my lash line, or I can go in with a heavy wing, all with no stress at all (believe me, I get anxious when it comes to winged liner, I actually stop breathing while I’m drawing it!).

Honestly cannot recommend this liner enough.

BRAND SPOTLIGHT – Pierre Rene, Sugar & Spice

3 piece lip kits

These lip kits are amazing value for money – you’re paying a discounted price to get a lip liner, a lipstick and a lip gloss in matching colours.

I have the shade 01, a beautiful selection of dusty pinks.  They’re gorgeously pigmented and it includes my favourite lip liner formula, with a cashmere finish lipstick and a super pigmented and shiny gloss.

BRAND SPOTLIGHT – Pierre Rene, Sugar & Spice

The gloss isn’t sticky or tacky, but more of a buttery formula similar to that of the NYX Butter glosses – a formula I adore.  Pigmented but hydrating and smooth.  The lipstick gives a satin matte finish and is also hydrating, yet leaves a stain to the lips all day long.

So – these are my absolute favourites from the brand, however I have many others I’ve tried and thoroughly enjoyed.  They also have a few gorgeous looking skincare items I’m very keen to sink my teeth into after our Lockdown is over.

You can shop Pierre Rene on the Glamore Cosmetics website HERE – and don’t forget, SugarAndSpice gets you 10% off on checkout!

Have you tried any Pierre Rene products?  If so, which ones?


*DISCLAIMER – this post was sponsored by Glamore Cosmetics, but all opinions are honest and my own.


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