Currently # 8

Currently # 8, Sugar & Spice

This ‘Currently’ post is coming to  you a bit late.  I’m so sorry!  This time of year is absolutely manic, and at this point I’m just hoping I can stick to my schedule for December.  I have SO much in store for you for the month of Christmas, so fingers crossed!

In the meantime, here are all the things I’m currently loving.


Currently # 8, Sugar & Spice

Yungskin Sun Care SPF 40

I heard about this amazing facial sunscreen on Prettiful Blog.

I’ve been looking for a more affordable alternative to my favourite facial sunscreen – the Bioderma Photoderm Aquafluid SPF 50+.  I mean, it’s not going to break the budget exactly at R228 for 40ml.  However, I use it every single day, and more than once a day if I’m out in the sun.  I do like to find alternatives that are more affordable if I can, that still do as good a job, and I’m pleased to say I’ve finally found ‘the one’.

This is a 100ml (and R140 plus a small shipping fee) bottle of sunscreen that does the same job as the 40ml tube from Bioderma.  So it’s not only cheaper but you get more product too!

The product comes out like a white moisturiser.  It doesn’t leave a white caste on my face, it sinks in super fast and is very lightweight.  I feel like I’m applying a hydrating moisturiser as opposed to a thick sunscreen.  It doesn’t make my skin feel sticky or greasy at all, and my makeup applies fabulously on top of it.

Definitely a product I’ll repurchase!  They have some other gorgeous sounding skincare on offer on their site too, so check it out HERE.


Currently # 8, Sugar & Spice

Alexa Lily Your Weekly Edit 2018 Special Edition – The Jungle

I raved about my amazing planner from Alexa Lily (previously Blush Paper Company) already.  You can read about how it helped me plan my whole wedding and keep on top of important details, in my post on Things I Learned When Planning My Wedding HERE.

I knew without a doubt I’d be placing an order for the 2018 copy, and stalked their page religiously to find out when they’d release it, as they only make a set number of planners.  This year they actually decided to do one better as well – they collaborated with Nicole Levenberg from Aureum Designs to create this beautiful blue jungle-themed cover.  They did have two other designs, but I opted for the special edition one.  It’s just so eye-catching!


Currently # 8, Sugar & Spice
Image courtesy of IMDb

New Girl

I watched the first 2 seasons of New Girl absolute yonks ago.  Recently, I was looking for something good to watch, and started watching this again from the beginning and absolutely loving it!  I got bored the last time, but now I’m hooked!  Hubby and I love watching a couple of episodes before bed every other night or so.

I haven’t been too enthralled with any books or movies lately, but I’m hoping that I’ll have more free time over Christmas to actually pick up a book and binge-read.


Currently # 8, Sugar & Spice Currently # 8, Sugar & Spice Currently # 8, Sugar & Spice

All things Glossier

This brand is super hyped up right now.  I have so many things on my wishlist to try out from them, but these three probably top the list.

Wowder – a loose setting powder that WON’T fly all over you when you open it, or leave you flat, cakey and dry.  It sets your makeup, makes it last and blurs your pores.

Balm Dotcom – multipurpose balm for skin and lips.  BUT I want the birthday flavour, as it’s untinted but with a subtle shimmer to it.

Milky Jelly Cleanser – a thick gel cleanser that is super conditioning for your skin, and cleanses without drying.



Currently # 8, Sugar & Spice
Image courtesy of Woolworths


I’m a big tea lover!  Lately I’ve been getting more into Chai, the spiced, aromatic version of regular black tea.  This one from Woolworths is the best I’ve tried so far!

I make this as I would my normal tea – with hot water and milk, and then either some brown sugar or honey.  Warm, comforting and delicious.

I have big plans to make a spicy iced tea for summer, with these, some honey to sweeten, and some coconut milk.


Currently # 8, Sugar & Spice Currently # 8, Sugar & Spice Currently # 8, Sugar & Spice

Body Lotions and Butters

I’m so terrified of dry skin.  I swear, it’s my biggest pet peeve, the sound of people with super dry skin scratching their arm or leg.

I go through so much damned body lotion or butter.  I did an empties on my Instagram stories a few weeks ago, and I think I counted 5 or 6 empty tubs or bottles of moisturiser.

I’m yearning for The Body Shops latest Christmas collection in Frosted Berries.  The Softening Body Gel-Lotion and the Body Butter are on my wishlist for Christmas this year for sure.

I’ve already finished this tub of Spalicious Summer Limited Edition Litchi and Rose Splash body butter – litchi scented butter with swirls of rose scented gel running through it.  Stunning rich and it sinks in so quickly, leaving you smelling delicious.

I’ve also finished up this bottle of Johnson’s Vita Rich Firming Body Oil with red berries.  My first body oil I’ve used and I absolutely loved it.  My skin definitely felt tighter and firmer, and very soft and smooth.  I want to try out the green tea variant next.


Currently # 8, Sugar & Spice
Image courtesy of Shaaanxo


Shaaanxo does vlogs and tutorial videos on YouTube and I absolutely love her!  She’s from New Zealand, and is amazing at makeup, plus she’s so brutally honest about everything, so if she recommends something, you now it’s a goodie.  She’s fun and bubbly, and great to watch.





Currently # 8, Sugar & Spice
Image courtesy of @thatstotallyfetch_sa

That’s Totally Fetch

I started following Dee a while ago.  She is absolutely gorgeous!  Her Instagram feed is just sheer perfection, and her makeup skills are the same.  Her eyes though – absolutely mesmerising!  Give the girl a follow, and you won’t regret it! 😉


What have you been loving currently?  Anything exciting? 


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  1. Mariska Goussard

    I am so keen to try the Yungskin Sun Care – it sounds amazing and I am nearing the end of my beloved Nimue SPF stash! Definitely going to order this product! How beautiful is your 2018 diary?! Major envy!
    I am also a massive New Girl fan! Binged watched it for the second time a few months ago! So sad it ended 🙁
    Hahaha, had to laugh at your ‘cannot stand the sound of people scratching their dry skin’ Totally with you on this one!
    I really enjoyed your post and you have inspired me to also take up my ‘currently’ posts again xx

    1. Siobhan

      Ah your comment is so sweet, so glad I’ve inspired you! It’s just a nice way to round up EVERYTHING you’ve been loving, not just beauty goodies 🙂 xxxx

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