Valentine’s Makeup Look

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It's that time of year guys.  Red is the only colour you'll see, hearts are everywhere and everyone is getting groomed and ready to look their best.  It's VALENTINE'S! I…

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Tasting Asian Snacks

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Hubs and I are back with another tasting for you guys!  We love doing this videos, and they're some of our favourite to watch, so I want to try and…

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Tasting German Candy & Snacks

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You all loved my first video with the Hubs - we did a taste test of American candy and snacks, and it's one of my most popular videos on my…

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Springholm VLOG

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If you were watching my social media early last week (particularly my Instagram Stories), you'll know that Hubs and I spent a couple of wonderful nights at Springholm cottages -…

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Tasting American Snacks & Candies

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There's a brand new video live on my YouTube channel - and this time it FINALLY features my wonderful Hubby - you'll know him from his Nick's Notes section right…

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TESTED: Urban Decay x Game of Thrones

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When the Urban Decay x Game of Thrones collection launched in South Africa, I was on it that same day.  I was DESPERATE for the eyeshadow palette, as it contained…

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I’m on YouTube!

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So - I've had a YouTube channel for a few years now.  However, it's only had ONE video in it.  Cam from Jane Wonder and I filmed a video for…

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Currently # 8

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This 'Currently' post is coming to  you a bit late.  I'm so sorry!  This time of year is absolutely manic, and at this point I'm just hoping I can stick…

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Best Halloween tutorials on YouTube

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So I love Halloween.  Granted, I love any theme.  I think I just love dressing up, or doing weird and wonderful makeup?! I've been browsing a lot of great Halloween…

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First YouTube Video!

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So, I have finally gotten the courage to film a YouTube video! I sat down with Camilla from Jane Wonder a short while ago, and we filmed two videos together - one for her…

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