Tasting German Candy & Snacks

Tasting German Candy & Snacks, Sugar & Spice

You all loved my first video with the Hubs – we did a taste test of American candy and snacks, and it’s one of my most popular videos on my YouTube channel!  So, we hit up Tasko Sweets again, this time hunting for German goodies.

Tasting German Candy & Snacks, Sugar & Spice

We did nab one item from our local Super Spar (I saw it and couldn’t resisit), but everything else was purchased from Tasko Sweets in the LinkHills Centre in Waterfall.

Head on over to the video to see what we ate and what we thought of it – plus, we did our tasting at a picnic site at Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Game Reserve, and there’s some fun with a monkey in there (fear actually… not fun).

I also have to say how happy we are to have found Tasko Sweets – great quality, an INCREDIBLE selection and pretty good prices considering how pricey it is importing things.  If you haven’t been to one, make it your mission this holiday!

Have you tried any of these goodies before?

Watch our first video HERE – Tasting American Snacks & Candy


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