Tasting American Snacks & Candies

Tasting American Snacks & Candies, Sugar & Spice

There’s a brand new video live on my YouTube channel – and this time it FINALLY features my wonderful Hubby – you’ll know him from his Nick’s Notes section right here on the blog!

We decided to buy some different snacks and candies from Tasko Sweets in the Linkhills Centre in Waterfall, KZN.  There’s another store in Hillcrest, and a few in Johannesburg as far as I know.




Dots (tropical flavour)


Air Heads (grape flavour)

Tootsie Roll

Red Hots

Milk Duds

Mike & Ike Sour-licious

Jelly Belly Draft Beer flavoured beans

M & M Mexican Jalapeno Peanut

Trader Joes Berry & Chocolate cookies

Tasting American Snacks & Candies, Sugar & Spice

DISCLAIMER – all goods in this video were bought by me. This video is not sponsored by or in collaboration with Tasko Sweets.

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  1. candice

    These look delicious

    Candice x


  2. Jackie

    I have never heard of putting a Wilson’s toffee into the microwave.

    1. Siobhan

      I know!!! I was all ‘mind blown’!

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