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Over the festive season, my sister and her boyfriend were here from Cape Town.  Obviously, we had to take them on a bit of a Midlands Meander.  It’s hubby and my favourite form of entertainment and great for a good meal out.

We firmly decided before we left home, that while we’d do the usual exploring, we were FINALLY going to try out La Lampara Italian Restaurant.  I’ve heard many great reviews, and they were a nominee in the Gourmet Awards with House & Garden magazine online.  And – in the category ‘Hidden Gem’!

After some pottering around at Piggly Wiggly and a stop off at a couple of other small places, our grumbling tummies suggested that maybe it was time for lunch.  La Lampara is well sign-posted along the main road, so it’s pretty easy to find.



The grounds at La Lampara are just beautiful and so large – we weren’t entirely sure where the restaurant was exactly, but we eventually found it!


Inside, the restaurant is all checkered table cloths and little glasses of flowers.  There are a couple of different sections, one further inside, and more tucked away, while the area where we sat is almost like a covered patio.


I’d imagine the dinner sitting at La Lampara would be very romantic – ideal for date nights or anniversaries.  So if you’re in the Midlands over a weekend, try and make a booking!

You can either order wine by the glass (although I think that this is only limited to one brand of wine then) or you can go and peruse their shelf of different wines and choose a bottle.


I found all of the staff at La Lampara to be helpful, friendly and very efficient!  Service with a big smile too.


None of us were really in the mood to try a full 3-course meal each.  The way we experience the Midlands is to stop and taste little things here and there.  We elected to go for a main course and, if we had space, we’d splurge on a dessert too.

Now, my husband is very well trained when it comes to eating out now.  If we go somewhere new, or if the food arrives looking gorgeous, I want to take photos before we start eating.  He now waits, helps me to find a good angle for the photo, and only then starts eating.

My sister and her other half are not so well trained.  So unfortunately I only managed to snap mine and hubby’s meals!


There were a great many specials on the board, and one of the waitresses came around and explained them all to us.  None of us can remember them all, but I know hubby chose his meal off the specials board.  I, on the other hand, opted for pizza.  I’d been craving it for days, so by this point I was having nothing else!




Hubs was torn between this and a dish that involved pork belly, but eventually this won out.  I don’t know if it was the delicious little gnocchi pasta dumplings, the strips of gammon (he’s a sucker for gammon!) or the deliciously creamy sauce.

Regardless, this dish was absolutely decadent.  Very rich, but if you like your creamy pasta sauces – this one’s definitely for you!




I won’t lie.  This was one of the best pizzas I’ve eaten.  The crust was super thin and crisp, it was beautifully cheesy and they did NOT skimp on the amount of prosciutto and rocket that was draped all over the pizza.

I’ve had this type of pizza at many places, and often you’ll find that they tear up 2-3 slices of prosciutto and scatter it around.  This was generously draped in the meat, and a mountain of fresh rocket topped it off.

I just drizzled some balsamic over this and tucked in.

I was surprised I even had two pieces to take home.  Perhaps I mentally just wanted to continue enjoying the experience later.




I honestly can’t remember exactly how this dish was described.  I was a terrible, terrible blogger and did not take notes.  However, we weren’t there on an official review, and I just wanted to throw together a little something to show you how incredible the food is at La Lampara.

This was a very smooth, rich and creamy cheesecake – just how I like it!  The hint of berry sauce and fresh whipped cream were a superb addition, and not a speck of cheesecake remained on this plate.

I know a lot of people rave about the Blueberry Cheesecake at Blueberry Cafe, and while that was nice, this one is far better in my opinion!


While La Lampara isn’t just your regular lunch venue (the prices are a little steeper than most places on the Midlands route), this is great for a special occasion such as an anniversary or a birthday.  I’d imagine it would be ideal to take visitors to for lunch too.  Or if you just thoroughly enjoy a well prepared meal in a lovely setting, and have no issue paying a bit more for good food – I know that hubby and I fall under that category!


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