TESTED: SL Laser Black Diamond Facial

TESTED: SL Laser Black Diamond Facial, Sugar & Spice

A few weeks ago, I was treated to the SL Laser Black Diamond Facial at Nadine Kruger Aesthetics.

This facial is the equivalent of 4 chemical peels, with little to no downtime.  It can help improve pigmentation, acne, fine lines, pores and collagen production.

Sound like something you’d be interested in? 

Head on over to my latest video, where I explain my skin concerns, vlog the whole process for you, and then check back in the day after and a week after, to show you the changes in my skin.


I’ll be heading back to Nadine Kruger Aesthetics for a second facial paired with the add on of a targeted pigmentation treatment.  Are you interested in seeing more on the extra treatments, and my results?

*DISCLAIMER – while I was treated to a complimentary Black Diamond Facial by Nadine Kruger Aesthetics, all opinions are honest and my own.*


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