Vigour & Verve, Suncoast

Vigour & Verve, Suncoast, Sugar & Spice

My Hubs and I recently went on a date night at Suncoast, as they have such a lovely selection of restaurants to choose from, especially after their recent (and very impressive) revamp.  We headed to Vigour & Verve, what I think is the former Cafe Vigour that’s been rebranded.  If you recall from my previous REVIEW HERE, their infamous dish is the Butter Chicken Curry, which I thoroughly enjoyed.  I also wanted to potentially try another meal of theirs, and see whether the new restaurant was as good as before.

Vigour & Verve, Suncoast, Sugar & Spice

Winter has suddenly hit Durban in full force.  For a few weeks there, Hubs and I wondered if winter would ever come, and then all of a sudden it was like someone flipped a switch and turned on the air con!  With the chill in the air, we were looking for a spicy, comforting meal and a delicious red wine.

Vigour & Verve, Suncoast, Sugar & Spice

After briefly going through the wine list (it’s not extensive, but I don’t think Vigour & Verve are known for their impressive wine list – it’s all about that Butter Chicken R95), we settled on the Durbanville Hills Pinotage (R169).  It was deliciously easy-drinking, filled with rich dark fruits and spice.  The perfect way to warm us up, right from our bones!

Vigour & Verve, Suncoast, Sugar & Spice

While I was desperately craving their Butter Chicken (can you tell it got to me????), I knew I needed to test the waters on some of the other items the menu carried.  And so, it led me to request The Phoenix pizza (R125), Natal lamb curry and cucumber raita.  What excited me is that Vigour & Verve offer a wholewheat pizza base!  Being on a healthier eating train lately, this enticed me, as I’d feel a little less guilty eating a pizza.

Sadly, they didn’t have the wholewheat pizza base in stock at the time, but I was already on board the pizza-train, and so I went ahead with the regular base.  I mean – it was date night, a night off, a cheat if you will!  I might as well do it properly.  And?  NO REGRETS!

Vigour & Verve, Suncoast, Sugar & Spice

The base is a little thick – not a deep pan pizza and not a thin one, it does appear to be a pre-made base as opposed to freshly made dough, however this didn’t worry me at all.  The flavours on top are so phenomenal, and not something I’d ever really have tried on a pizza – and I’m so glad I did.  The lamb curry is tender, flavourful and spicy, and generously spread over the pizza, along with a standard tomato base, loads of mozzarella, and the delectable cucumber raita, with loads of fresh coriander sprinkled over the top.  Delicious, and so something I’d order again.

Vigour & Verve, Suncoast, Sugar & Spice
Here I am, trying not to shovel the tasty pizza into my mouth, opting for a ladylike bite instead.

Hubs on the other hand went with the Chops Chutney (R150) – 300g lamb loin chops in a spicy chutney served with roti and rice.  He opted out of the rice and asked for some healthy roast veg on the side instead.

One thing I’d like to note is that Hubby had a certain expectation for the meal – he assumed it would be a sweet fruit chutney of sorts, with a kick of heat to it.  He didn’t once think of the spicy, tomato based chutney sauce, so he was a little disappointed.  However the meal was still very tasty and the lamb chops were cooked superbly and lovely and pink inside.  The roti were also lovely and soft.

Vigour & Verve, Suncoast, Sugar & Spice

Overall, we thoroughly enjoyed the meal.  The food was beautifully cooked and presented, the flavours were delicious and so was the wine.  We sat a little further inside the restaurant in a little corner booth this time, which we loved – we were tucked away in our own private little corner, yet we could still people watch everyone entering the casino (we LOVE watching people going about their business, it’s fascinating).

I’ll most definitely be back, for either (or both) the Butter Chicken Curry or The Phoenix pizza.  Both were delicious and so memorable.

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**DISCLAIMER – while we were hosted by Vigour & Verve, all opinions are honest and my own.**


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