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Wow.  It has been a long time since I did an written Empties post, as I've really been enjoying doing them as videos - something you guys seem to love…

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Happy sipping with Musgrave Gin

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I'm sure you've all heard of the name Musgrave when it comes to gin these days.  In fact - Musgrave Pink was one of the very first craft gins I…

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The Ultimate Birthday Wishlist

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Happy July everybody!  July is one of my favourite months of the year.  Firstly because today (1 July) is my wedding anniversary, secondly because it's in the middle of my…

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Fantastic Wine & Spirits Deals

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LAST UPDATED - 22/07/2020 I'll be updating this list weekly or as I get new info - there may not be too many promotions on offer now here, but there…

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Iced Tea Cocktail with Tetley

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So.  Lockdown has been extended by another 2 weeks, putting us right back at the start of 21 days of lockdown - even though we're 2 weeks in.  I'm trying…

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Emdoneni Lodge, Hluhluwe

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If you're a frequent watcher of my Instagram Stories, you'll know that at the beginning of the March, Hubs and I paid a visit to Emdoneni Lodge in Hluhluwe. Luckily…

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John Frieda Launch – VLOG

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It was just over a week ago that I flew to Johannesburg for the launch of some incredible new products from John Frieda. The launch was held at the gorgeous…

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Wish on Florida

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We have some seriously great restaurants in KwaZulu Natal, and there's a new kid on the block!  Wish on Florida opened up recently, a restaurant with a strong Italian influence,…

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Suncoast Real Deal 2020

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I'm sure that if you're Durban-based, you all know about the Suncoast Real Deal by now.  You know, that amazing way of enjoying some entertainment out at Suncoast, without breaking…

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Tasting Asian Snacks

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Hubs and I are back with another tasting for you guys!  We love doing this videos, and they're some of our favourite to watch, so I want to try and…

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Favourite Summer Wines

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I am a big wine drinker.  Hubby and I very often will share a bottle when out for a meal (or in for that matter).  I drink wine when I'm…

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