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I had briefly toyed with completely forgoing my own festive wishlist this year.  It unfortunately seems to be a bit of a hollow idea for me, as I had some bad news a few days after I’d gathered links, photos, made collages etc.

If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know I suffer from Endometriosis.  I’ve written a lengthy blog post on it, the treatments and surgeries I’ve been through – you can read this post HERE.  Unfortunately this chronic condition has no cure, and can cause untold complications, and it has resulted in a final (and difficult) decision being made, and 3 days before Christmas I’ll be having a laparoscopic hysterectomy.

With such bad news this close to my favourite time of year, I felt like going ahead with posting this list was nothing but an empty gesture.  HOWEVER, I love this tradition, and I’m trying to also keep as much routine and normalcy in my life right now as possible.  This may seem ridiculous to you, but this list detailing all of the beautiful things I’ve had my eye on (whether it be this month, or during the whole course of the year) is a lovely distraction for me.



MacBook Air R17999 – Much earlier this year my laptop died.  Unfortunately my work laptop isn’t equipped to handle video editing software so my YouTube channel has taken a knock, and my blog was quieter for some time too due to this.  I really need to actually just bite the bullet and get myself a new laptop, and I’ve decided it’s now time to go Mac.  Santa, baby, please pop one under the tree!

Le Creuset x Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Spoon rest R579 – This collaboration is (unfortunately) very pricey, as is always the case with this gorgeous home and kitchen brand.  HOWEVER, I am obsessed with this spoon rest!

Glass House Party On Candle R1299 – I spotted these in the Gateway Woolworths before I even saw them launch online, and just fell in love.  Not only is this candle Birthday Cake & Sprinkles scented (YUM), the candle also burns up to 65 hours, and comes housed in this gorgeous glass container with a matching lid THAT IS HOLOGRAPHIC.  All of my candle dreams in one beautiful item.

Copper 24pc Cutlery Set R999 – This copper set of cutlery is just absolutely exquisite, and I could totally imagine serving dinner to friends and family with this laid on the table.

Poetry Hendrix Mug R160 – I collect pretty mugs, and this green ribbed one is just so cute!

Green Marble Serving Board – I saw this on the Poetry site, yet they don’t seem to have it online anymore.  It is, however, available in store (I saw it at the Watercrest branch definitely).  Here are some other offerings from them though, all that are just as gorgeous.

Amanda Jayne Ginger Cake Glass Candle R369 – I 100% blame Jean Harkett for this item being on my wish list, as she often burns these beautiful candles on her Instagram Stories.  How divine does Ginger Cake sound? I’m a huge fan of ginger biscuits and ginger loaf cake, so this sounds perfect.

Poetry Olive Tea Towel R130 – Our kitchen is white and green, so this tea towel would be a beautiful decor addition, hung over our oven handle.  I prefer to keep pretty items like this for show, and use the more plain for the hard work.

Omada Serving Platter R499 – I am crazy for dark-coloured serveware, and this irregular shaped platter is just such a beaut.

Pearl Cheese Knives R329 – This rose gold and mother of pearl cheese knife set is so dreamy, perfect for the festive season and all year round.

Typo Friends Mug Set R299 – I’ve been itching for a Friends mug from Typo since I first saw the Central Perk one a few years back.  This set though – it’s even better!

Wick 5 Star Spice Glass Candle R250 – My mom spoilt me on her return from a recent trip to Cape Town with one of the Wick car air fresheners (that you can buy refills for) in the Seamint.  Obsessed!  So when I saw they do a spiced scent, I knew I had to add it to my list too.

Oil Burner – I am in dire need of a new oil burner, as my previous one got broken, and the one I’m currently using is a bit grotty now.  I saw this on the Woolworths site, and while it’s no longer online, I’m sure it’ll still be available in stores.




Hugo Boss The Scent For Her R1124 for 50ml – I lucked out on Black Friday! I spotted the 100ml bottle on Superbalist for under R1000 and my darling Hubby was so sweet and bought it for me for Christmas.  It’s hidden away, and I’ll pretend I had no idea about it!  He first bought me this in 2017 and I’d never even smelled it before, and it fast became a favourite.

Chanel Ombre Première Liquid Eyeshadow in Vastness R655 – I can only find another shade of this liquid eyeshadow available now on the Woolies site, but this is the most PERFECT shade, one that I’d use on the daily, and one that I’m dying to try!

Moroccanoil Platinum Colour Depositing Mask R620 – I am so keen to try a bit of colour in my hair, but I’m too nervous too, so this Platinum mask will not only treat my hair, but offer a cooler tone to my blonde locks!

Elizabeth Arden Visible Brightening CicaGlow Concentrate R719 – This is a super gentle, triple action peel that brightens, smoothes and soothes skin.  I’m a big fan of Elizabeth Arden skincare, and this sounds right up my alley.

By Terry Hyaluronic Hydra-Powder R970 – As I get older, I’m finding I’m using powder to set my face less and less often.  The ultra-matte look of my past isn’t something I enjoy.  However, in summer I do need a little to make sure my makeup lasts, and this By Terry one has been on my wishlist for years.

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette R1650 – I have long lusted after the Hourglass Ambient Lighting products, and while they do launch an annual holiday edition, this is still the one I’ve had my eye on.  One I’d use daily.

GHD Rise Volumising Hot Brush R2900 – Ever since I saw the Rise launch, I’ve been yearning for one.  I have a lot of hair but it’s very fine, so I need that lift at the root – and this would be the most perfect tool to achieve that perfectly professional blow dried look.

Too Faced Melted Matte Cinnamon Bun Liquid Lipstick R640 – If you’ve followed me for a while, you’ll know I love Too Faced, and ESPECIALLY love their holiday products.  I’ve yet to try their Melted Mattes, and this is not only the most gorgeous shade, it smells like Baked Cinnamon Rolls.

MAC Dazzleshadow in Beam Time R340 – Since I love the Stila version of liquid eyeshadow, I’ve been longing to try the MAC ones.  This is also a shade I’d wear really often!

Stila Shimmer & Glow Set R425 – I’ve had the Shimmer & Glow, and the Glitter & Glow eyeshadows from Stila, and can vouch for just how gorgeous they are.  Perfect festive beauty products – so this set of travel sizes is an amazing gift, as they full sizes can tend to dry out if you don’t use them up quickly enough.

Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask in Choc Mint R385 – I have been DYING to try the Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask for years now, and this is definitely my scent of choice.

Optiphi Refine Foliant R820 – Legit the best exfoliant in the world, that leaves you with more even-toned skin that is soft, bright and radiant.  I’ve got probably one more use, and while I am running low on most of my Optiphi products (proof that I adore and use them all), this is my ride or die.

Goldwell Dualsenses Blonde & Highlights Gift Set R460 – I am already a firm fan of the Goldwell Dualsenses products.  This shampoo and conditioner are great at looking after blonde and highlighted hair, and very gently toning (more of an everyday use type of purple shampoo than an intense toning one).  They’re both full sizes, and come with a Diamond Gloss styling product and a travel bag too!  P.s. Goldwell is the only colour I have put in my hair, as it’s strictly the only product my hair stylist uses.




Chambord Liqueur R259 – I’ve been lovingly looking at this bottle on the shelves for years, as it’s a beautiful ingredient for cocktail making (both the black raspberry flavoured liquid inside and that stunning bottle).

Lakrids by Bülow Salt & Caramel Chocolate Coated Liquorice R330 – These beautiful containers of liquorice are the most luxurious candy you’ll ever try.  I’ve been eyeballing them for years, and received a little sample pack in a press drop with some wine this year.  These are SUBLIME.

Woodford Reserve Distiller’s Select Bourbon R379 – My ULTIMATE bourbon, I love sipping this on ice, but it makes the best Old Fashioned’s ever.  We always try to keep a bottle in stock in our bar at home, as it’s a favourite of both mine and hubby’s.

The Counter Bourbon & Vanilla Salted Caramel Sauce R186 – I often look at these beautiful jars of sauce and think to myself… I wouldn’t even need to use that in/on something, I’d just eat that straight out the jar!  But wow this would be superb on vanilla ice cream.

The Bitter Truth Cocktail Bitters Set R311 – As I get more into making cocktails at home (an indulgence brought on by lockdown, but something I absolutely love now), sets like these would make my drinks SO much more exciting!

Jameson Caskmates Stout Edition R369 – My mom bought herself a bottle of this a while back (we share a love for all things whiskey), and WOW this Stout edition is just beautiful.  Rich, deep and delicious.

Rose Gold Cocktail Picks R233 – I’m sick to death of using toothpicks for my cocktails, and these are GORGEOUS!

Disaronno Amaretto R325 – I’ve always loved Amaretto (and boy, you must know how good an Amaretto Eggnog is), but I recently found a Nigella Lawson recipe for an Amaretto Sours and I’m DYING to try it!




Superga 2790 Napa in White Leather R1600 – I own the Superga platforms in the beautiful olive green shade.  I thought I’d find them clumpy and ‘too much’ but I’ve worn them so much as they’re incredibly comfortable AND while thick platforms, they’re still quite narrow and chic.  I’d love a plain white pair to wear with dresses, and I need the leather, as the canvas I just battle to keep clean.

Nike Dunk Low SE DD7099-001 Patchwork Pack XWSX R1679 – I’ve been looking for good black and white sneakers, and I love how these just add that extra flair with the animal print on the tick.

Zemp Carlene Waxy Tan Purse R950 – I’m on the lookout for a new purse, as my beautiful cream Polo one has officially died.  I really would love a great quality leather one in this tan shade, and my first place to look was the Zemp site!

Havaianas Flash Sweet Black Slops R219 – I already own these in the rose gold shade, and while I’m sure you all know just how comfy Havaianas are, this style is just so much prettier!

Poetry Danica Brown Leather Belt – I can’t seem to find this online again (a trend it seems on this post, even though I only put these links together in the last 2 weeks), but I’m sure it’s in stores.  I’d love a beautiful, simple, proper leather belt for my jeans.

Rayban Lady Burbank Sunglasses R2459 – I love this shape of sunnie (I’m sure you’d have noticed on my Instagram feed), and would love a really great quality brand now that I’m a little more responsible with my sunglasses.

Poetry Amara Minimilast Black Belt R299 – I’ve recently got back into wearing belts, and my current one is a little on the sad side.  This is so chic, so simple and so gorgeous.

Bellabeat Leaf Urban Rose Gold R1899 – I saw a review on this little fitness tracker years ago, and it’s always been in my mind.  I’m not a big watch-wearer, so while I did have a fitness watch, I found it got irritating to wear.  This can be worn as a bracelet, a necklace or clipped onto your clothing, and it tracks it all!  They also provide meditation exercises on the app.

Woolworths Tan Purse R329 – Not a real leather purse, but Woolies quality is always fantastic, and this purse is so pretty.

Poetry Astra Sneakers R699 – I love green, and I love my sneakers.  I tried these on in my local Poetry, in the white, and they looked SO good!

Superga 2790 Candy R1399 – These look like those multi coloured striped marshmallows, and I’m so here for that!


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