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Christmas Wishlist

I feel like it was just yesterday that I created my last Christmas Wishlist.

As much as I wish I didn’t have to do this, one always must have a disclaimer on posts such as these.  I do not EXPECT these as gifts for Christmas or at any other time.  These posts are a way of showing readers the kinds of things one has been lusting after or yearning for, nothing more.  I love reading wishlist posts, as it’s a way into seeing the kinds of things that people love and wish for.  They’re also a great way of bringing attention to brands or products that some people might not have even heard of before.  It’s essentially another way of window shopping!


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Canon EOS M10 camera

I have been desperate to get into the world of YouTube and vlogging for some time now.  I asked a few friends who are big into cameras what would be the best bet for starting out, as I didn’t want to lay a lot of money down if it wasn’t going to end up being for me.

The lovely Megan from Perilously Pale helped me research it, and found this gem.  I like that this exact one comes just with the body – no additional lenses – but it has the option of me adding to it with different lenses.

I really ESPECIALLY like that it has a screen that can be flipped down and around as a view finder, so that I can ensure it’s focusing on me and not the scenery or the weird guy behind me when I start vlogging.

As this site says, this camera is ‘small and compact, ideal for everyday use, yet carries the imaging power of a much larger DSLR’.  In a nutshell, it’s everything I’m looking for in a tiny, compact size and at a great price.

The sooner I can get my hands on this baby, the sooner I can truly enter the world of YouTube and start filming tutorials and vlogs for you all!




1.Dermalogica Multivitamin Thermafoliant (R969) – I have already finished up one of these tubes of exfoliator, and it even landed in my Best of Skincare 2017 post.  It’s both a physical and chemical exfoliator, it doesn’t irritate my skin at all, and it leaves it so soft I can’t even believe it.  Definitely need a new tube!

2.Clinique Moisture Surge Overnight Mask (R520) – I bought a mini kit from Clinique over the Halloween period that had a travel size of this mask in, and I’m legitimately only using it sparingly and when necessary.  I use it as a night cream of sorts on the nights when my skin is super parched, or I’ve used too many aggressive acids on it.  It’s soothing, hydrating and all-round beautiful and I need to get my hands on a full size product.

3.Kiehl’s Limited Edition Midnight Recovery Concentrate (R999 for 50ml -20ml more than their regular bottle) – I have gone through 2 bottles of this beautiful facial oil, and trust me when I say it’s a good one.  It is on the pricier side though, which is why it usually makes it onto wishlists.  It leaves skin glowing, plumped and nourished, and I swear it helped spots heal faster too.

4.Clarins Double Serum (R935 for 30ml) – I have already used the infamous Double Serum many years ago, and while I haven’t tried out this newer generation, I have no reason to doubt it would be anything less than incredible.  I am KICKING myself for not picking it up for almost R200 less at Duty Free though, on my way to Zim!

5.Filorga Otpim-Eyes (R691.20 on special on Absolute Skin) – I’m always on the hunt for an exceptional eye cream, and this offering from Filorga sounds amazing.

6.Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant (R295) – I have been through 2 tubes of this incredible cult classic, and it is the bomb.  It can be used on your lips, dry cuticles, elbows, insect bites or burns.  Absolutely marvellous product and I need a new tube.

7.Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater (R275) – This beautiful facial spray is a treat to use and has the most gorgeous, Instagram-worthy packaging.  I relished every spritz of this product and finished up an entire bottle already!

8.dr.dermal Total Rejuvenation Eye Cream (R875) – The dr.dermal skincare products are all of the highest quality and super effective.  This is another eye cream I’ve had my eye on for a while.

9.Clinique Fresh Pressed 7-Day System (R480) – Ever since this launched on the market I’ve wanted to try it.  I love a good vitamin C skincare product, and I have it on good authority that this one from Clinique is one of the best!  They designed the packaging so that you’d get the freshest vitamin C in the product, so there is no exposure to oxygen at all.

10.Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm (R325) – My all time favourite cleansing balm and makeup remover, I’m always happy to have a back up!

11.Filorga Hydra-Hyal Intensive Hydrating Plumping Concentrate (R860) – I’m always on the hunt for good hydrating products, and everything I’ve tried from Filorga so far has been amazing.  I therefore have full faith that I’d really like this concentrate!  It’s jam packed with 4 types of hyaluronic acid and their infamous NCTF complex.

12.Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Hydrating Miracle Mist (R360) – I am a huge facial spray addict, and I’ve heard about this darned mist so many times from Simone from An Ordinary Gal, to the point where I’m OBSESSED and NEED it.  It sounds right up my alley.




1.Smashbox Holidaze Artist Brush Set (R1500) – I’ve heard amazing things about the Smashbox brushes.  These are so gorgeous, I love the limited edition holiday look.  You also get to try a nice number of different brushes and get a real feel for them.

2.Benefit Brow Contour Pro 4-in-1 Defining & Highlighting pencil (R495) – This new offering from the Benefit brow range seems to be the ideal all in one brow product.  You have 2 shades to create your brows (lighter for the front and darker for the tail) and a definer to carve them out and a highlighter to make them really pop.  All in one, fun pencil.

3.Lancôme Monsieur Big mascara (R360) – Very rarely do higher end mascaras interest me, as there are SO many affordable options these days that do an amazing job.  However, the hype around this one has been huge, and I love big lashes, so I’d really like to give it a bash!

4.Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel (R705) – I have lusted after this cream bronzer for longer than I can remember.  I never actually splurged on it, as I wasn’t very used to using cream products for bronzing or blush.  The more I get into cream face products, the more I long for this.

5.Urban Decay All Nighter setting spray (R460) – I’ve used the Chill setting spray a lot (I’ve been through almost 2) and love it, but I’d love to try the more popular spray to see if it’s any better.

6.Urban Decay Afterglow 8-hour Blush in Fetish (R410) – I have yet to try one of the UD blushes, and this one is my absolute best kind of blush – a pinky nude.  It’s gorgeous!

7.Elizabeth Arden High Performance Blurring Loose Powder in Translucent (R560) – I have become a big lover of loose powders over the course of this year.  I love the ‘blurring’ aspect of this and I’d love to try it out, not only for myself, but if it’s as good as the reviews claim it to be, I’d love to include all the shades in my pro kit too.  It sounds like the perfect setting powder for brides.

8.MAC Cremesheen lipstick ‘Crème in your Coffee’ (R250) – I was actually very naughty, and a couple of days after I created these images, I jumped on the Black Friday weekend specials. I nabbed this AND the other lippie from MAC on this post.  Whoops, but I treated myself and no regrets!

9.Stila Perfect Me, Perfect Hue Eye & Cheek Palette Light/Medium (R420) – I love these kind of multi-use palettes as they’re amazing for travel.  Stila has always been a great brand that I’ve enjoyed using, and their products are amazing quality, so I’d really like to try something like this from them.

10.MAC Mineralize Skinfinish ‘Soft & Gentle’ (R485) – This is said to be the most gorgeous highlighter that MAC makes.  And I’m obsessed with highlighter, so it’s obvious that I need to have it in my collection!

11.Smashbox Holidaze Photo Finish Travel Primer Trio (R560) – I’m already a big fan of Smashbox Primers, after using their Hydrating one and loving the Pore Minimising one.  With this trio, you can try the Original Photo Finish primer, the Primerizer and the Primer Water, all in decent travel sizes.

12.Chick Cosmetics Pro Sculpt 10-piece brush set (R400) – I’ve been hearing how soft and fluffy the Chick Cosmetics brushes are, and for the price, they seem amazing!  That works out to R40 a brush, an absolute steal.  Nothing like quality that’s affordable, plus they’re so pretty.

13.MAC Retro Matte lipstick ‘Ruby Woo’ (R250) – Probably the most infamous of MAC’s lippies, I’ve wanted this for ages.  So as I mentioned above, I spoilt myself over Black Friday with this lippie.




1.Chanel Coco Mademoiselle (R1500 for 50ml) – I know that some stores stock a 30ml bottle too, yet for the life of me I could only find the link for the 50ml.  This is probably the fragrance I want the most for my collection.  It’s absolutely gorgeous and the first Chanel fragrance I’ve truly loved.

2.The Body Shop Peppermint Candy Cane shower gel (R100) – You should know by now how obsessed I am with this fragrance.  I really want to add the shower gel to my collection.

3.Lush Rosy Christmas gift (R245) – The Lush Rose Jam shower gel is so delicious you might even want to eat it.  It smells like Turkish delight and if you’re a rose-lover, a definite must to try.  This gift set contains a Rose Jam shower gel and the infamous Ro’s Argan body conditioner too.

4.Jo Malone London Wood Sage & Sea Salt cologne (R915 for 30ml) – The price of the Jo Malone products is scary, but if you spend some time at one of their counters, you’ll become as obsessed as I am.  This is probably my favourite fragrance of the lot – it’s fresh and clean and gorgeous.





1.Country Road Large Spot Logo Tote (R699) – I love this tote bag for weekends away.  Country Road really does some fabulous travel goodies.

2.Forever New Jada Caged Block Heel (R799) – I really need to get a good pair of block heels into my wardrobe, ones that will go with a lot of different outfits.  This nude pair is stunning!

3.Floral satin and lace gown – I originally saw this on the Woolworths website, but can’t seem to find it there now.  It is still available in stores though.  I just want a lovely feminine gown.

4.Superga 2950 White Leather sneakers (R1299) – I have such a Superga obsession, and I’m dying for a pair of the white leather sneakers. Much easier to keep clean than the canvas ones haha.

5.Forever New Jasmin 15″ Laptop Bag (R899) – I have a great small laptop that I have no case for, and I’m on the lookout for something that will double as a handbag, so I can head out to a coffee shop and work, and then meet friends for drinks afterwards. This one is a great option.

6.Forever New Missie Resin & Tassel earrings (R169) – I’m crazy for tassel earrings, and this pair is just so pretty.

7.Forever New Ava Front Pocket Laptop Tote (R799) –  Once again, I need a laptop bag.  This blush coloured one is beautiful.

8.Cotton On Christmas pudding pj bottoms (R249) – I am so Christmas crazy, and these would be so cute to wear for December and for Christmas morning.

9.Nike Pre-Love O.X. Sneakers (R1299) – I am obsessed with these.  The soft grey and blue sneaker with the holographic tick?  Right up my unicorn-loving alley.




1.Cape Island Clifton Beach candle (R320) – All us beauty loving girls love nice candles in our homes.  I’ve been hearing about All Dolled Up talk about this, and how it’s a super luxurious candle at a much lower price than the bigger names.  Plus, both of the ladies say it smells incredible.

2.Diptyque Roses candle (R875) – The most exorbitant-priced candle ever, but if you’ve heard of Diptyque then you’ll know that the brand is very high end.  The packaging is exquisite and the fragrance is apparently second to none.

3.Poetry Oudh Candle (R199) – Poetry has SO many beautiful things, but Megan from Perilously Pale has me yearning for this particular candle.  I went in store, took a sniff, and have been in love ever since!

4.Le Creuset Metallic Ramekins (R489) – I have always loved Le Creuset, in fact, my Mom has given me mugs and their heart-shaped ramekins as gifts in the past.  These metallic ones are SO cute.

5.Santa Baby mug (R79.95) – Mug crazy and this is one of my favourite Christmas songs too.

6.Le Creuset Whistling Stovetop 1.6l Kettle (R1649) – I have always loved the idea of a whistling kettle, and once we move into our new home, we’ll be running the house mostly on solar power.  Our stove will be gas, so this is something we’ll really need, and obviously the fancy part of me loves the Le Creuset ones.  I’m also OBSESSED with this colour Rosemary – isn’t it beautiful?




1.Six Dogs Karoo Gin (R510) – The Six Dogs gins are all about packaging.  So exceptionally beautiful that you might not want to drink it.  I said ‘might’, because I’ve tasted this too, and it’s so good that you could never just keep the bottle for it’s looks.

2.Inverroche Amber Gin (R385) – I have to admit, I love all of the Inverroche gins.  But I have only tasted this Amber one once, and was blown away at the richness and flavour of it.  I’d definitely like to pick up a whole bottle.

3.Silverthorn The Green Man (R275) – I first tried this sparkling wine at an event at the Big Easy, and it was so good that we gifted my sister-in-law and her fiance a bottle for their engagement.  I’d love a bottle to crack open on NYE.

4.Blind Tiger Gin (R400) – I love the name, I love the packaging, but mostly I love the fact that it’s locally produced – it’s made in KwaZulu Natal where I’m from!

5.Hendricks Gin (R359) – Hendricks Gin is well-known for a reason.  It’s one of the smoothest gins I’ve tasted!  I’ve already purchased this gin myself at home and it truly is delicious.

6.Pongracz Noble Nectar (R149) – I’ve already mentioned my love for this bubbly on both my Instagram feed and Stories.  It’s light and fresh and the packaging is really something special.

7.Woodstock High Tea Gin (R299) – I tasted this in Cape Town and have been crazed for it ever since.  I’m determined that I get a bottle and create delectable gin cocktails around the pool with it.





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