Cafe Vigour, Suncoast Casino

Cafe Vigour, Suncoast Casino, Sugar & Spice
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Last week, the hubster and I headed to Suncoast Casino.  It’s not a spot we usually go – we aren’t much for casinos – but we were having dinner at Cafe Vigour.

Now, after a mild bit of internet search, I discovered they made Butter Chicken Curry.  In fact, it’s their most popular dish!  I freaking LOVE Butter Chicken, so it was a given that I’d be eating that.

Cafe Vigour, Suncoast Casino, Sugar & Spice


We sat down in a table close to the passage of the casino (we both love to people-watch, such a guilty pleasure!) and browsed the cocktail menu.  Normally we’d opt for a glass of wine with dinner, but while the wine list wasn’t extensive, we were just in the mood for something fun.  I’m a huge fan of Cosmopolitans, so I thought I’d give one a bash.  It might seem like a simple drink, but it’s easy to get wrong.  I don’t want to just taste cranberry juice with a hint of alcohol, I want to be able to taste all of the components.  It was absolutely delicious, and to me, well made!

Cafe Vigour, Suncoast Casino, Sugar & Spice

The hubby decided to go against his usual Coke-based drink and have a Sex On The Beach.  We both loved that they used orange juice with the pulp in, as we knew it was real fresh juice.  It came very tropically presented too.

Cafe Vigour, Suncoast Casino, Sugar & Spice



Cafe Vigour, Suncoast Casino, Sugar & Spice

Set along the passageway of the casino at Suncoast, you can watch people walking along by the cinema or you can see into the casino itself.  It does appear more of a quick snack venue or perhaps somewhere you’d stop for coffee and cake.  The decor is nice, with big chandeliers and lots of wooden surfaces.  There is also a big sign over the entrance, so it’s easy to spot.

Cafe Vigour, Suncoast Casino, Sugar & Spice


All of the staff we encountered were incredibly friendly.  They whisked away dirty dishes from our table without them having to sit for long, and were great with checking on us to see if we needed anything.  We particularly liked how they all had smiles on their faces.  Our waitron, Khanyisile, was just lovely.  Everything arrived exactly as ordered and she was also great with recommending that the hubby tried the cappuccino with cream rather than foam, which he loved.


We didn’t have any starters here as we both were going for a heavier meal, and really wanted to try some dessert.  We both suffer from a sweet tooth!



Cafe Vigour, Suncoast Casino, Sugar & Spice

The Butter Chicken comes with either rice and poppadoms or with roti.  I opted for roti, as I figured it would be a little bit lighter than rice, and I was right! You also get fresh sambals, pickled veg and a cooling cucumber and yoghurt sauce.

Now – I make a kind of cheats Butter Chicken, but I’ve never made it hot.  This curry wasn’t hot by any standards, but it did have a bit more kick to it than mine.  However, adding the sambals (with a lot of fresh, green, thickly sliced chilli) and the pickles (more chilli here) amped up the heat considerably.  I think that if I hadn’t started eating hotter food since I met the hubby, I might have battled, as I threw a generous amount of the sambals and pickles on my first roti.  The second one, however, I only had the cooling yoghurt sauce with, and it was lovely.  This shows that anyone, with any heat preference could quite easily enjoy this dish.

I was also impressed with how much chicken I actually received.  A lot of places focus on the sauce with Butter Chicken, and you get a few small cubes of chicken in this sauce.  Here, I had a lot of large chunks of beautifully cooked, tender chicken breast.

There is no doubt in my mind why this dish is their best seller – it is absolutely divine!


Cafe Vigour, Suncoast Casino, Sugar & Spice


The hubster was in the mood for some red meat, and therefore opted for a big rump steak.  He ordered it medium rare, with mashed potatos as his side.  He also (like me) loves a good sauce with his steak, and chose the creamy pepper sauce.

The pepper sauce was very nice – creamy with just the right amount of crushed black pepper in it.  The mashed potatoes were slightly lumpy but tasted great.  They were obviously seasoned just right, and therefore neither of us hassled with the lumps.  We’re starting to think that perhaps we’re far too OCD about lumps in our mash, as very few restaurants get it perfectly smooth.  Then again, we’re the couple that owns a potato ricer at home, so we can get every last lump out!

While the rest of the meal was good, the steak was GREAT.  It is so rare to order a steak cooked a certain way, and actually receive it exactly like that.  His steak arrived exactly medium rare, and he was so happy with how it had been grilled.  Usually his steak arrives cooked medium or more.  Cafe Vigour definitely scored here!


We decided that we’d rather share one delicious sounding dessert than get our own – we just wouldn’t have space for it after our meals.  We did, however, order a hot drink to enjoy with it.  I went for a good old pot of tea, and Nick ordered a cappuccino with cream instead of foam.

Cafe Vigour, Suncoast Casino, Sugar & Spice


Cafe Vigour, Suncoast Casino, Sugar & Spice

We love waffles, so I think it was going to be a given that we’d order this.  We went for syrup rather than chocolate sauce, and cream rather than ice cream.  It actually came served with some crushed Oreos as well!  And Nick is OBSESSED with Oreos, so this went down very well with him.

Cafe Vigour, Suncoast Casino, Sugar & Spice

The waffles were not just frozen and heated up – they were freshly made, hot and so fluffy.  Some of the best waffles we’ve had actually!  In fact, the hubby even says he wants to go back soon, just for some waffles and coffee.  I managed one wedge (full main course, cocktail and two cups of tea had me filled to the brim), and Nick managed the rest.


Overall – very impressed!  We were pleasantly surprised by how good our meal was, how good the prices were and that WAFFLE.  I think we’ll most definitely be back for the waffle.  And perhaps another dose of that Butter Chicken 😉


**DISCLAIMER – while we were treated to a complimentary meal on behalf of Cafe Vigour, all opinions are honest and our own.**


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