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I must admit – the lack of a true winter in Durban has me a little sad.  I love the cold, I love winter clothing and I adore winter food.  And nothing speaks winter to me like a warming curry!  Hubs and I tried out the curry night at Royal Palm Hotel Thyme Restaurant last week.

Each Wednesday, you can indulge in a curry buffet at the restaurant for R189pp.  Delectable curries and all the fixings – something that sounded utterly perfect for Hubby and I.  Admittedly, I’ve not always been a huge curry fan.  I only truly started eating spicier food after meeting my other half – and since then it’s been like a monster inside me.  I CRAVE spicy food, and now curry is one of those foods!


We’ve previously enjoyed a night and meals at the Royal Palm (you can read about that HERE), and their dinner service didn’t disappoint.  The staff were friendly and helpful (yet again), and the venue is so tastefully decorated.  The lighting is fabulous – not too bright, not too dim – and they had some relaxed jazz music playing at the perfect level.  I have a pet peeve for restaurants with music that is too loud – who wants to shout over their starter at their dining companion?

We ordered drinks, and could help ourselves from the buffet.  Hubs was driving and stuck with a sparkling water, but I chose from the fantastic selection of gins, and went for a G n T.


The four curry offerings were definitely varied enough.  Mutton, chicken and prawn, vegetable and butter chicken.  Something for everyone, whatever their spice palate!  To be fair, neither Hubs nor I tasted the veggie curry, as we’re solid carnivores, however it did look delicious.  I just wish I’d tasted it to get a feel for the heat-level, as veggie curries are often hotter than the meat ones.


The mutton curry was super tasty and very tender, although I did expect it to be a little hotter.  However, it was tasty enough to warrant me wanting more!


The chicken and prawn curry was superb – big, plump and juicy prawns with decent chunks of chicken.  Also very tasty and slightly hotter than the mutton.


The butter chicken was far my favourite!  Rich, creamy, buttery and super tender.  I actually went back for seconds of this, and just wanted a spoon to slurp up the last bits of sauce.  It was addictive, and worth this curry night alone.

I tried a little of the rice with my first helping, as well as one of the delicious, warm and fresh rotis on hand, however I did wish there were some poppadoms on hand too.  That roti though, with the butter chicken!  Oh my word, what a killer combo!


There was also a lovely and cooling yoghurt raita (not that it was needed – I genuinely love hot food, but even I have my limits and I didn’t find the curries crazy hot enough to need cooling) that added a lovely depth of flavour, especially over the mutton curry.  The sambals too were super fresh and finely diced, and with nice big chunks of fresh green chilli – so if you require an additional hit of heat then this is your guy!  I actually went in with seconds of the sambals too, as the freshness was just irresistable with the richness of the curries.

As you can see – I really loved that roti with the butter chicken.


While I personally wished the curries were a little on the hotter side (or at least just one of them, for a bit more variety with heat), I did enjoy that they were all very tasty, and that I had the sambals to add that extra punch of spice where needed.

The location is fantastic and central in Umhlanga, the food was well done and the service was fabulous.  I can highly recommend trying out the weekly Wednesday curry nights at Thyme at the Royal Palm – in fact, I have a sneaky feeling that we’ll be back ourselves!

*DISCLAIMER – while we were hosted at curry night at the Royal Palm Hotel, all opinions are honest and my own.*


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