The Entertainer – Eating Out Made Affordable

The Entertainer – Eating Out Made Affordable, Sugar & Spice

I have long been a fan of The Entertainer app.  On the app you can score some SERIOUSLY good deals on food and drinks, getaways, beauty treatments and more!

Hubby and I love eating out – something that is pricey in this day and age.  However, with The Entertainer, it can be made so much more affordable.  And better than all of this, the 2020 version of the app is out and on Early Bird promotion with all sorts of extras thrown in!

So, without further ado, let me take you through some of the food and drink spots I’ve loved in 2019, that have been on the app this year: –

Mythos Hillcrest

The Entertainer – Eating Out Made Affordable, Sugar & Spice

We’ve been lucky enough to eat at the Hillcrest branch (which is on The Entertainer) and the Suncoast branch this year.  They offer amazing monthly traditional Greek nights too, which are an absolute party and so much fun.

Having previously visited Greece myself, their food is delicious and authentic, and something you’ll go back for again and again.

The Entertainer – Eating Out Made Affordable, Sugar & Spice

Their Santorini Halloumi R65 and the Baklava Cheesecake R65 are both must try dishes!

You can read my review of the Hillcrest branch (where they offer Entertainer specials) HERE.


Steak & Grill Co, Florida Road

The Entertainer – Eating Out Made Affordable, Sugar & Spice

The restaurant with the most incredible steaks, the deep fried olives that are melt-in-your-mouth good, and that introduced me to D’Urban Scarlet Gin (love!).

Steak & Grill Co is a pretty new restaurant that offers exceptional quality meat dishes, and the fact that they’re on The Entertainer is such a bonus!  If you’re a red meat lover, or enjoy game or more exotic meats (they often have meal pairings with these), then definitely give them a visit.

The Entertainer – Eating Out Made Affordable, Sugar & Spice

If you like olives, try their Olives Ripieni R65, and their Fillet Flambé R245/300g is sublime (they flambé it with Cointreau).  Other dishes to try are the Ultimate Surf & Turf R295 (300g fillet topped with a chargrilled crayfish) and the Tomahawk Steak R295/700g.

You can read my full review on Steak & Grill Co HERE.


Bierfassl, Nottingham Road

One of our top spots in the KZN Midlands, Bierfassl was on The Entertainer for a while, and then seemed to disappear.  It recently came back, which excited Hubs and I – we visit them whenever we’re in the area, and we even filmed part of our recent Mukbang there.  You can watch the full Mukbang here: –

They make incredible Eisbeins (in a variety of sizes), their schnitzels are sublime, and their burgers are the biggest I’ve ever seen.

The Entertainer – Eating Out Made Affordable, Sugar & Spice

We recently tried their Welsch Rare-Bit Chips (half portion R40, full R55) and OMG!  The best cheese sauce I’ve tasted, bacon bits and MORE cheese on top.  Decadent and so delicious.

Sugarlicious, Florida Road & Palm Boulevard Umhlanga

Ice cream macaron sandwiches?  Sound good?  NO. They sound AMAZING, and taste even better than they look!

The Entertainer – Eating Out Made Affordable, Sugar & Spice

We’ve tasted these gems at a few different events, and everytime I see the Sugarlicious logo, it’s all Hubs can do to hold onto my hand without being lost in the crowd.

Sugarlicious are on The Entertainer in two different spots in KZN, making it easier for you to indulge AND save.


The Entertainer Cheers Add On

In February, The Entertainer took a few of us out on a road trip around Umhlanga and Ballito.  Why?  To showcase the amazing Cheers add on to the app.  You can read my full post on our day out HERE, or watch my full vlog of the day here: –


We had an absolute ball, but 3 of the spots that stood out to me were The Great Railroad Brewing Company (also known as the Ballito Brewing Company, where you can do brewery tours and tastings with The Entertainer – they also sell G n T kegs guys!!!), Alchemy (a Black Strap Distillery gin tasting board where you can customise your garnishes) and Lucky Shaker (The Entertainer features both the Umhlanga and Ballito branches, and where we sipped on their superb cocktails).

The Entertainer – Eating Out Made Affordable, Sugar & Spice

The Entertainer – Eating Out Made Affordable, Sugar & Spice

The Entertainer – Eating Out Made Affordable, Sugar & Spice

There were so many other places I could mention, or I want to try, but with my schedule I haven’t been able to.  Some of these include: –


The app for 2020 is officially ON SALE and it’s currently on an Early Bird special!  Instead of paying R595 for the Durban app for the year (the app is free to download, and then you pay for your city), you pay R395.  This will also include the Cheers add on and Beauty And Fitness Durban – which looks to be a NEW add on!

Buy the Durban 2020 app HERE.

If you travel around the country a lot, and are often in Durban, Cape Town and Johannesburg/Pretoria, then it may be worthwhile to purchase the bundle app – you’ll get all deals for these 3 provinces plus the add ons for them too, at a price of R595 (what you’d pay for the Durban app full price), instead of R995.  Totally worthwhile if you’re in these cities frequently during the year.

Buy the Bundle 2020 app HERE.



*DISCLAIMER – this post is in no way sponsored or affiliated with The Entertainer, all done on my own steam!


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