Beverly Hills Hotel, Umhlanga

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Do you keep a list of hotels that you'd like to visit one day?  Hubs and I do, and to be honest, with us being such travel-lovers, ours is pretty…

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Springholm Cottages, Brahman Hills

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I'm sure you've seen by now, via my social media and my YouTube, that Hubs and I were lucky enough to stay at the new Springholm Cottages at Brahman Hills. …

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Brahman Hills Sunday Carvery

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If you recall, a few weeks ago, the Hubs and I headed to the KZN Midlands, for a beautiful stay at the new Brahman Hills Springholm cottages.  Well, while we…

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Springholm VLOG

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If you were watching my social media early last week (particularly my Instagram Stories), you'll know that Hubs and I spent a couple of wonderful nights at Springholm cottages -…

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Antbear Lodge – VLOG

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Finally - it took me a little while, but I have my vlog on our stay at Antbear Lodge live on my YouTube channel! I had promised you all a…

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Lythwood Lodge – VLOG

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I'm sure by now you saw pictures of our stay at the stunning Lythwood Lodge on my social media, or you've read the blog post I wrote HERE. I promised…

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Antbear Lodge, Drakensberg
The beautiful antbear at the entrance

Antbear Lodge, Drakensberg

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(note - we took so many beautiful photos at Antbear that I couldn't make a small enough selection for this post.  Please take some time to go through the mini…

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Lythwood Lodge, KwaZulu Natal Midlands

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Last week was a beautiful travel-filled week for the Hubs and I.  On the Wednesday public holiday, we headed off to the stunning KwaZulu Natal midlands (aka heaven on earth)…

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A day in Ballito with The Entertainer

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During February, a few bloggers, influencers and media peeps were invited on a day out with The Entertainer.  The plan of action was to explore the Cheers add-on - an…

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Afternoon Tea at the Beverly Hills Hotel

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I was lucky enough to be invited to sample the Beverly Hills Hotel afternoon tea recently.  Yes - afternoon tea, not high tea. Knowledge is power, and this month  I learned something…

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Glorious Cape Town

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Last year at the end of September, Hubs and I took a trip to Cape Town.  Our main reason was my gorgeous sister-in-law's wedding, but we took a little extra…

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