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Colourpop – an international cosmetics brand that has the internet going completely bonkers. 

After watching countless YouTube videos mentioning the products from Colourpop – namely their Super Shock Eyeshadows and their Lippie Stix – I knew I had to get my hands on some of their goodies.  

I’ve placed 3 separate orders via Aramex Global Shopper – a service that allows you to buy products from overseas, and have them delivered (even if they don’t ship internationally).  My last order was after Colourpop went international, and after calculating the costs, it still worked out cheaper to let Colourpop ship to my Aramex address in New York, and from there ship to South Africa!  Twice I haven’t ordered more than 6 products and haven’t had a customs charge.  The one order was about twice that – my mom and I ordered together, and because it was bigger, heavier and obviously worth more, we had to pay customs of around R200.


Aaaahhh all of my lovelies.. except Kathleen Lights *sob*.

I was lucky enough to get my very first Colourpop eyeshadow in the International Box Swop I did last year.  The lovely Hayley sent me the shade Kathleen Lights, from the Kathleen Lights collaboration ‘Where the Light is’.  For some reason or other, this little pot of joy has decided to play hide and seek with me.  When I DO find it, I’ll insert the photos of it into this post.  I know it’s somewhere, and I spent literally about 45 minutes searching for it the other day, but perhaps it was overlooked somewhere.  Either way, it’s described as a bright, golden copper with a pearlized finish.  Now, I’ve found that all of their ‘pearlized’ shadows are gorgeous and shiny and metallic, more than pearlized, but this is only a POSITIVE in my opinion.  This colour really makes green or blue eyes pop, and I swear I’m going to turn my room upside-down until I find it!

The other eyeshadows I own are as follows:

Stereo -a blackened burgundy with copper and pink duo chrome glitter in a metallic finish
Hustlematte burgundy-violet  (on last call sale at the moment, after which it is discontinued)
Driftpearlized cranberry
Weenie – another Kathleen Lights collab from her ‘Where the Night is’ quad, this is my favourite shade, a pinky-rose gold pearlized shadow.  *heart eye emoji’s for days*
Friskie – a rich black shadow, filled with lots of silver glitter, and a little pink glitter, in a metallic finish
Central Perk – a dirty matte maroon (I won’t lie, I bought this purely because I love chocolate and maroon eyeshadows, and also because of the Friends reference)
Girl Crush – mid-tone matte grey (this shade has now been discontinued)

From left to right: Stereo, Hustle, Drift and Weenie.
From left to right: Friskie, Central Perk and Girl Crush.

I love all of my eyeshadows, but as you can see from the swatches, each finish has a different blendability.  The pearlized shadows seem to be the easiest to apply and blend out, the metallic are perfect to apply with a finger, but you’ll have an issue with a brush, even if it is a synthetic bristle brush, and the matte are the most difficult to blend – they even seem a little patchy in the swatches.  Of my three matte shadows, I find that Hustle is the easiest to apply and blend, and Girl Crush isn’t bad either, but I do have a bit of a problem with Central Perk – I have to build it up a few times to get the payoff that I want.  Despite all of these pros and cons, I love all of my shadows and want to add more to my collection!

*Please note that the camera doesn’t quite show how gorgeous the metallic and pearlized shadows are, you really need to see these swatches in person*

I have one cheek product, as I wasn’t too sure on how the cheek products would apply and wear (my mom actually has a blush and it’s lovely, so I’ll be getting some blushers and bronzers next I think!).  I own the highlighter in the shade Lunch Money, which I bought after watching the video from All Dolled Up, on Jules’s Colourpop Unboxing.  I had originally been going for Wisp, but this looks just gorgeous and I like that I got to see a South African swatch and opinion on it before ordering.  Described as a soft light gold with a golden duo chrome finish, this baby gives mega glow.  I just pat it gently on with a finger – a brush doesn’t really pick up or place much product, and if I gently pat, it doesn’t disturb my other makeup underneath.

Lunch Money highlighter – in reality it looks warmer than in this swatch.

I also only own one eye product – I wasn’t quite ready to commit to eyeliners or gel pots, as my love for the eyeshadows is so great.  I’ve been looking for a nude eyeliner for ages (Rimmel, why don’t you have the nude Scandaleyes here?!?!), and this liner in Honeydude looked perfect.  It’s soft, it’s blendable and it lays down a lot of creamy warm nude pigment.  It’s perfect for those days I need to brighten up my eyes after a late night.

From left to right: Lumiere 2 Ultra Matte liquid lipstick, Oh Snap Lippie Stix and Honeydude gel liner.

I have 5 of the lip products and I love them all so much.  The quality of the product is great, even though the packaging isn’t – the pretty holographic writing rubs off really quickly.  I own a Lippie Stix, an Ultra Matte and 3 Ultra Satin lipsticks.

The Ultra Matte in Lumiere 2 is (yet another Kathleen Lights collab).  There is no shade description of this on the site, yet the original Lumiere Lippie Stix is described as a dusty mauve pink.  This colour is a lot more purpley-mauve, and as with all liquid lipsticks, it darkens after it’s dried down.  Really really pretty.  The Ultra Matte formula is exceptionally drying, so make sure to apply lip balm, but thanks to this, this product really stays put for most of the day.

The Lippie Stix in Oh Snap is a pale dirty nude-pink and is the most perfect everyday nude lipstick.  It’s incredibly soft and creamy and lasts pretty well on the lips.  The only negative I have with this formula is that it smells soapy.  Has anyone else had this?  I’m not complaining, because at least it has a clean smell, but I’d prefer something more neutral or even sweeter.

From left to right: Littlestitious, November and Spritz.

Finally, onto my 3 Ultra Satin Lips.  I have Littlestitious – a beautiful pastel dusty pink, that I saw swatches of on Shaaanxo’s YouTube channel, and when I don’t feel like using this on it’s own, it’s great for toning down the darkness of the other 3 liquid lipsticks from the brand.  My newest to the collection are Spritz – a bubblegum pink that will be perfect for Spring (this is sadly on last call, after which it will be discontinued), and November – my final Kathleen Lights collab product, this warm peachy pink dries down a little darker than I like, but Littlestitious saves the day by lightening it up a little.  The Ultra Satin formula dries down to a semi-matte finish, yet it isn’t drying on the lips at all, it’s a very comfortable formula.  However, it won’t last as long on your lips as the Ultra Matte.

I adore all of these products, and I have such a huge wishlist of more – I might as well just make a note to buy every single product that Colourpop makes!

Do you own any Colourpop products, and if so, which ones?



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  1. Nice Shiv! I ordered Wisp, wore it today actually. I am a little on the fence with it… I'll try apply with my finger as you suggested, but perhaps I should have gotten Lunch Money :/

    My love for my Ultra Satin lips; Echo, Frick n' Frack and Magic Wand, is just soooo great ♡♡

    – Jane Wonder –

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