Dove 100 Colours of Africa

Dove 100 Colours of Africa, Sugar & Spice

I was recently sent the Dove Invisible Dry alcohol-free anti-perspirant by Rubybox to try out, and I couldn’t have been more excited.  Not only am I already a user of Dove deodorants, I already love and use this one!

Now, I’m a bit of a stickler when it comes to a deo – it must keep me feeling (and smelling) fresh all day long, but I cannot stand it when it leaves marks on my clothes.  I wear a lot of black, much to the chagrin of my husband who likes nothing better than seeing me in colourful clothing.  Black leggings, jeans, shirts, jerseys and a range of different dresses make my life so much easier, as I can then accessorise with brightly coloured tassel earrings or a pop of pink lipstick.


Dove 100 Colours of Africa, Sugar & Spice
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Now, whether you wear a lot of black like me, or you wear bright colours, you’ll know that the worst part of deodorant is the white marks it leaves.  Nothing is worse than jumping up to greet your friends in a restaurant, and exposing the white pits on your LBD.  So not classy.

What I love most about the Dove Invisible Dry is that it’s been tested on 100 colours for this very issue.  With the improved ingredients, you’ll get the nourishing care of 1/4 moisturising cream just like the OG Dove deodorants, but it won’t leave white marks on any of your clothing, whether your choice of apparel is a classic LBD or a bright and breezy summer sundress.

The Dove Invisible Dry keeps me smelling fresh and clean all day long, regardless of temperature, and I can wear whatever colour I like without worrying about white marks.

Dove 100 Colours of Africa, Sugar & Spice


Have you tried out the Dove Invisible Dry?  


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