Project Pan #7 – the final one!

So… I have FINALLY gotten through all of the semi-full/nearly empty products I had that were taking up room in my drawers/cupboards/shelves.  I’m now using products that are newer and fuller, and this feels pretty darn fantastic!  Granted, I do have a few different cleansers/day creams/night creams etc on the go, but they all serve different purposes, so this is ok (I think…).

Anyway, let me get on with introducing you to the final Project Pan.  After this, I’ll just get to regular Empties posts when I finish products up, and if there is anything really remarkable about a product that I want to mention.


Project Pan #7 – the final one!, Sugar & Spice

Garnier Pure Active Micellar Cleansing Water R79.95 from Clicks or Dischem

This particular bottle was for Combination to Oily sensitive skin.  I usually use the regular pink bottle, but neither the Clicks nor the Dischem near me had stock of it, and I had finished my previous bottle.  This one left my skin feeling quite dry, so I won’t be repurchasing this one.

Project Pan #7 – the final one!, Sugar & Spice

Avene Eau Thermale Thermal Spring Water spray R149.95 from Clicks

This will always be a repurchase, as I have dehydrated, sensitive skin.

Project Pan #7 – the final one!, Sugar & Spice

Clarins Double Serum Complete Age Control Concentrate R995 for 50ml from Redsquare

This is probably my favourite serum of all time.  It’s pricey, and usually on my wishlist for birthdays/Christmas.  It is both an oil and water based serum, and leaves my skin glowing, soft and hydrated.  I managed to make this last almost a year, due to only using it when my skin needed it most.  I’m so sad it’s all gone now!


Project Pan #7 – the final one!, Sugar & Spice

Vaseline Intensive Care Aloe Soothe lotion R37.95 for 400ml from Dischem

This is my favourite summer body lotion, as it’s light and absorbs really quickly, yet it does a fantastic job of leaving my skin hydrated.  It’s also great for after you’ve spent time in the sun, as it contains aloe.  Plus it’s cheap as anything!

Project Pan #7 – the final one!, Sugar & Spice

Environ Derma-lac lotion around R215 from Sorbet or other Environ stockists

I’ve already repurchased this, even though it’s pricey for what is ultimately a body lotion.  But it’s not just that!  This baby leaves your skin the softest it’ll ever be, as it contains all of the goodies in it to nourish, hydrate, moisturise and even lightly exfoliate your skin, due to the AHAs in it.  I have so many uses for this – I rub it into my feet, then top it off with a super rich lotion, and pop socks on overnight (leaving my feet baby-soft), I use it all over when my skin is feeling dry or dull, use a lotion or butter over that and sleep in it, and wake up to crazy-soft skin, OR I’ve even used it to get the last bit of self tan off, and help to even out uneven/streaky/patchy self tan.  It’s amazing!

Project Pan #7 – the final one!, Sugar & Spice

Woolworths Fresh Delights Coconut & Lime Shower Gel R25 at Woolworths

I don’t think this is even being sold any longer, as all of the remaining Coconut & Lime products were placed on the Woolies Beauty Sale a while back.  I grabbed this as well as the body butter in the same scent, as it’s so tropical and zesty, that it’s fab for when your spirits need a pick-me-up.  It was also nearly half the price that it usually is.

Project Pan #7 – the final one!, Sugar & Spice

Oh So Heavenly Butter Me Up Naturally Nourishing Hand Cream R24.95 from Clicks

These OSH hand creams are crazy cheap at Clicks, and I loved the nutty/vanilla scent of this one, as well as it’s very rich texture.  I kept this on my night-stand, and used it every night until I’d literally squeezed the last drop out (look at that poor man-handled tube!).  I have so many other hand creams to work through right now, but I’ll probably end up coming back to this one, as the quality you get for the price is great.


Project Pan #7 – the final one!, Sugar & Spice

L’Oreal Elvive Nutri-Gloss Light shine conditioner R49.95 for 200ml from Clicks

This sat in my drawer for pretty much a year, if not longer.  It wasn’t that it was a bad product, it just wasn’t GREAT.  It just didn’t seem to do much to my hair, and yet it still left my hair feeling weighed down and greasy, even though it was the ‘light’ version.  I ended up finishing it up, by using it as a shaving gel for my legs!


Project Pan #7 – the final one!, Sugar & Spice

Clarins Everlasting Foundaton + in 108 Sand R415 from Redsquare

I am an Estee Lauder Double Wear fan, and I heard that this foundation was quite similar in coverage and longevity, and it was also quite hydrating.  This paired with the price difference (Double Wear is now R495), made me give this one a bash.  It was a fantastic foundation, but I still prefer the Double Wear as a bottle of that lasts me longer.  Because this was a thicker liquid foundation, I found that it was difficult to get the last bits of foundation out, as the pump doesn’t go all the way to the bottom, and I battled to shake it out after unscrewing the pump.

Project Pan #7 – the final one!, Sugar & Spice

Catrice Camouflage Cream in 020 Light Beige R52.95 from Redsquare/Dischem

This is such a full-coverage concealer, that stays put all day long.  I’ve already repurchased this, and you can see I made such an attempt at scraping out as much as I could.

Project Pan #7 – the final one!, Sugar & Spice

Maybelline Master Drama Khol Liner in Dark Brown R109.95 from Dischem

I usually go for waterproof liner formulas, just to make sure there’s no smudging, but this khol liner was fabulous – super soft, super creamy and it applied like a dream.  It was so good, that I tried THREE different sharpeners to try and get one final use out of it.  But alas, no!  I’ve since purchased an LA Girl Glide on Gel liner, so I’ll give that a bash, but if it doesn’t work for me, I’ll have to go and find this one again.

Project Pan #7 – the final one!, Sugar & Spice

Rimmel Stay Matte Long Lasting Pressed Powder in 001 Transparent R59.95 from Dischem

I’ve long been on the lookout for a good pressed powder, and I’ve finally found it, with the added plus that it’s SUPER affordable.  This one looks a bit grubby and scratched, but bear in mind it went everywhere with me.  I am almost finished my second one, AND I’ve already bought a third one as a backup.

Project Pan #7 – the final one!, Sugar & Spice

Catrice Liquid Camouflage High Coverage Concealer in 020 Light Beige R60 at Dischem

This is the liquid version of the Camouflage Cream, and it always works like a charm.  Plus it’s waterproof!!!  Fab stuff, and I’ll definitely repurchase.


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  1. Marné

    You have two products on here that is on my current wish-list, how good for me to be in your company!
    I want to try the Clarins Double serum as well as their Everlasting Foundation+. And for both of them, my alternatives are Estee Lauder (Advanced Night Repair and Double Wear).
    I currently use double wear and have only tried testers of Everlasting Foundation and I LOVED it, so i wanted to give it a try. How long did it last you? I know it's difficult to say because we rarely stick to just using one foundation until it's finished.
    And I can't decide between ANR or Double Serum, so i'll just eeny-meeny-miny-moe and get the one I didn't choose now, next time.
    And i'm with you on derma lac, it's just deliciously awesome. I don't think it's expensive for how long it lasts, and since you have told me about putting it on my feet before i put socks on at night before bed, I love it even more 🙂 xx

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