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The Harvest Table, Sugar & Spice

The Harvest Table is definitely doing the rounds as a trendy health and wellness brand – and with good reason!  In my opinion, the hype around the brand is 100% well deserved.  I bought a few of their products during the initial phase of lockdown, and was also very generously gifted some more shortly after that.  So – I’m going to talk you through the brand, the benefits of collagen, and my thoughts on the products I’ve been using.

The Harvest Table, Sugar & Spice


The Harvest Table is actually a family run company, based right here in my home province of KwaZulu Natal.  The owner and founder Cath studied the importance of a good diet and a healthy lifestyle after being diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma at the tender age of 20.

Cath’s biggest concern was the fact that most products that supplemented a healthy lifestyle were packed with additives, and often contained gluten and/or sugar too – which kind of cancelled out the positives of what she was trying to put into her body.

The Harvest Table strives to provide us with supplements of the highest possible quality, free from preservatives, and packaged in a sustainable way.  You can either order  your product in glass jars, or a refill in a paper bag.

The Harvest Table, Sugar & Spice

The collagen sold on The Harvest Table comes in a few different forms:

Pure Collagen Powder (grass fed, halal)

Pure Collagen Granules (grass fed, halal)

Pure Collagen Powder (marine, halal)

Pure Collagen.X (contains age defying Astaxanthin – six thousand times stronger than Vitamin C, that helps to plump out wrinkles, smooth pores and nourishes from deep within)

Vegan Protein Powder (a vegan form of collagen)

As you can see – something for everyone!  The Harvest Table also stocks Bone Broth Powder, an assortment of divine hot drinks containing collagen (I’ll fill you in on this further down the page), and other supplements that are geared to helping you live a healthier life.

The Harvest Table, Sugar & Spice


Collagen is one of those incredible products that is beneficial for SO MANY reasons.  It’s actually the most plentiful protein found in our bodies, making up around a third of our protein composition.  That’s A LOT!

Collagen is really important, as it’s one of the major building blocks of our muscles, skin, tendons, ligaments and even bones, and it can be found in other parts of our bodies, such as our teeth, our corneas and even in our blood vessels.  So it goes without saying – collagen is really important to who we are as living beings.

A fun way to think of it, is that collagen is the glue that holds us together – the word collagen comes from the Greek word ‘kólla’ which means glue.

Some of the MANY benefits of taking collagen supplements are: –

♥ Promotes muscle mass

♥ Joint support and eases joint pain

♥ Cartilage support

♥ Alleviates symptoms of arthritis

♥ Great anti-inflammatory

♥ Promotes organ health

♥ Improves digestion and overall gut health

♥ Anti-ageing for your skin – reduces wrinkles and promotes skin elasticity

♥ Will help give you dewy, healthy skin

♥ Promotes healthy hair (and hair growth) and stronger nails (and nail growth)

♥ Strenghtens arteries

♥ Promotes better sleep

The Harvest Table, Sugar & Spice


First off, I’d like to mention that The Harvest Table does a Mini’s Combo – you can choose 6 mini 100ml bottles from a wide selection of different products.  The mini’s usually sell at R80 each, but you get all 6 for R400 (so basically it’s buy 5, get 1 free).  This is what I did on my first purchase, as it’s a fantastic way to see if you like the products before buying the full size.  I love that they come in reusable glass containers with plastic lids – I’ve used these all up, and love to use the containers to make individual desserts in, to make chia pudding I can transport to work, AND I even decanted some of my Pure Collagen Granules and took it away with me in one!

In my Mini’s Combo, I chose 2 of the Pure Collagen Powder, 2 of the Collagen Creamer and 2 of the Collagen Hot Chocolate.  I felt that while I would have loved trying 6 different products, I’d get a better feel for the 3 I really wanted to try this way.

The Harvest Table, Sugar & Spice

Pure Collagen Powder

This was my first foray into The Harvest Table products, and one I really enjoyed.  I know a couple of people have said they can taste something from it, but I honestly didn’t.  I drank it in my coffee, and while I could definitely get a very subtle hint of something that wasn’t quite my coffee, it wasn’t obvious what it was, nor was it off putting.  I’m incredibly sensitive to taste and smell, and have very often bought products that I’ve either put to the side, or passed on to friends or family who aren’t as fussy as me, just because I didn’t like how they tasted or smelled.

It is recommended to use this in baking, and I can understand why, as it did require a bit of extra stirring to get it to dissolve fully in coffee, but I was happy with it, and if I’d purchased a full size I wouldn’t have been disheartened at all.

You can add the collagens to your hot drink of choice, to your smoothie, some juice or even a glass of water.  I’ve also mixed mine into yoghurt, sprinkled it on cereal, and added it to a hearty chicken soup.

The Harvest Table, Sugar & Spice

Collagen Creamer

This is basically an instant bulletproof coffee (to read more about this, click HERE).  It’s a blend of the Pure Collagen Powder and MCT Oil Powder that has a coffee creamer result to it – you don’t need to add milk/milk alternatives to your coffee, and it leaves a lovely creamy finish to the taste of your coffee.

Bulletproof coffee gives you energy and helps keep you feeling satisfied, so this was such an perfect addition for me, as I’m not really an early morning person.  During the week I battle to eat breakfast, as I only really start feeling hungry at around 10am.

As this is only half Collagen Powder, you will need to use double (the recommended serving of collagen is 2 tablespoons a day) to get in enough – but I like to do 1 spoon of this and 1 spoon of the full Collagen Powder in my coffee.

I was very kindly sent a 220g jar of the Collagen Creamer by The Harvest Table with my pack of goodies, and it was the first thing I finished.  LOVE LOVE LOVE!

The Harvest Table, Sugar & Spice

Collagen Hot Chocolate

Who doesn’t love a great cup of hot chocolate, especially with the chilly weather we’ve been having??  And if that can give you added health benefits, why not!?

Dark Chocolate powder is blended with Pure Collagen Powder and MCT Oil Powder – so it’s kind of like a bulletproof hot chocolate.  Mix with either all hot milk/milk alternative, or (as I do) use hot water and milk.  I like to add a sweetener of some kind (usually honey), but hubby likes his chocolate rich and bitter, so he doesn’t add anything, and he loves it.

The chocolate powder is also packed with antioxidants, making this a fabulous alternative to the sugar and palm oil-laden hot chocolates on supermarket shelves.  Great for kiddos and adults alike!

The Harvest Table, Sugar & Spice

Pure Collagen Granules

I was told that the Pure Collagen Granules dissolve much easier in liquids, so was thrilled when part of my beautiful gift from The Harvest Table included a 350g jar of the granules.

It’s also 100% true – they dissolve almost instantly in hot drinks and smoothies, and have even less of a taste/smell than the Collagen Powder.  If you’re starting out with your first Collagen product from the brand, I’d recommend trying the Granules if you plan on adding it to your morning cuppa.  I’ve even added this to tea, and can’t taste a thing!

I’m now finished my granules and I’m just waiting for pay day to roll around, so I can place my next order!

The Harvest Table, Sugar & Spice

Collagen Turmeric Latte

This one surprised me.  I’ve always been scared to drink Turmeric Latte’s as they strike me as odd – it’s basically a savoury spice that you’re using in a non-savoury drink haha!

I mentioned a mini review of this product HERE on my Instagram page.

To combat the more savoury feel to this drink, I add a nice dollop of honey.  It ends up in a deliciously warming, sweet and spicy drink – perfect to not only warm you up in the chilly weather, but set you off for a night of peaceful sleep.

With the addition of turmeric (amazing anti inflammatory), ginger (also an anti inflammatory and great for digestion) and MCT oil powder, this is a fabulous drink with many wonderful benefits.

The Harvest Table, Sugar & Spice
YEP – I’ve even been known to add both Collagen Granules and Creamer to a few spoons of Milo Powder… seriously delicious


Honestly, I’m now a HUGE fan of The Harvest Table brand.

Since adding the collagen products to my daily life, I’ve found that my knee (that causes me lots of hassles) feels less stiff and sore on a daily basis.  I found the collagen seemed to sort that out before anything else (but I was told that the collagen will fix the biggest problem first).  My gut is also a lot less stressed (I suffer with stress-related IBS and I have endometriosis which affects it as well), and my digestion has definitely been improved.  My skin breaks out less and I usually suffer with serious dehydration and irritation during winter – I’ve barely had an issue this year!  My hair dresser told me I had plenty of new hairs popping out, and my lash technician told me the same – she said she can’t believe how thick my lashes are, and how many new lashes are coming through.

I would seriously like to try out the Collagen Loading Kit some time.  I obviously battle with joint problems, gut issues and I’d really like to see how it would affect my overall skin health too.  As I mentioned, the collagen will head to fix the biggest concern first, so often taking a regular daily dose will do the bare minimum on everything else while it works on that.  The point of the Loading Kit is that you feed your body a much higher dosage (3 servings a day of 2 tablespoons, so ultimately a triple serving each day).  I can only imagine the benefits of this would be sensational.

If you guys are interested to see how the Collagen Loading Kit works, then let me know and I’ll get the kit and put it to the test, making notes of any and all changes I see and feel, followed up with a full post.

I can 100% recommend The Harvest Table brand if you’re on the hunt for a fantastic quality collagen supplement, and they have so many other exciting supplements to check out too.



*DISCLAIMER – while some of the items were gifted to me by The Harvest Table, all opinions are honest and my own.


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