Happy sipping with Musgrave Gin

Happy sipping with Musgrave Gin, Sugar & Spice

I’m sure you’ve all heard of the name Musgrave when it comes to gin these days.  In fact – Musgrave Pink was one of the very first craft gins I had the pleasure of tasting.  I believe it’s truly what led me to love gin, and began the love I have for craft gins today.

Simone Musgrave, the founder of Musgrave Spirits is from a family of brave and adventurous people – her grandfather Maurice Boon Musgrave left Plymouth, England in 1949 for a life of exploring and adventure in Africa.  This has truly been captured in the spirits that Musgrave produce – both gin and brandy.

They have 2 incredible gins on offer – the Musgrave Original Gin (or Musgrave 11), and Musgrave Pink.  The packaging of both is absolutely exceptional, both the boxes and the labels on the beautiful glass bottles.  It all just screams luxury!

Happy sipping with Musgrave Gin, Sugar & Spice

Musgrave Original Gin 

This may be their original gin, but there is nothing ordinary about it at all – it contains 11 botanicals, each reflecting something from the old African Spice Route.

With top notes of cardamom, African ginger and grains of paradise, the gin has a delightful spicy finish to it – one that I think would go beautifully with spices included in the garnish.  Think dried ginger, rainbow peppercorns and even a sprig of fresh rosemary.  I actually plan on sipping this with a Fitch & Leeds Grapefruit tonic, a slice of grapefruit and a sprig of rosemary this very weekend!

I put together 2 garnish pairings that I found worked exceptionally well with the Musgrave Original Gin.

Happy sipping with Musgrave Gin, Sugar & Spice

Strawberry & Lime G & T

2 tots Musgrave Original Gin

Tonic of choice (I love how light in flavour the Chinchona tonic is)

3 Fresh strawberries, sliced

3 Slices of fresh lime (and an extra squeeze of lime juice if so desired)

Place a handful of ice cubes and your fruit in the glass of your choice.  Add your gin, and top up with tonic.  Enjoy!

Happy sipping with Musgrave Gin, Sugar & Spice

I love how the freshness of the Musgrave Original Gin, with the mix of spice and botanicals, worked so well with such fresh, sweet flavours.  Strawberry and Lime is one of my favourite fruit combinations, and this was just wonderfully delicious.

Happy sipping with Musgrave Gin, Sugar & Spice

Triple Citrus G & T

2 tots Musgrave Original gin

1 tonic of choice

2 slices each of Clemengold, lemon and lime

Add ice cubes to your glass of choice.  Arrange slices of citrus, pour in gin and top up with tonic. Enjoy!

Happy sipping with Musgrave Gin, Sugar & Spice

I really enjoyed the freshness that all 3 types of citrus brought to this drink.  You can use any citrus you have preference for, but I love how sweet and juicy the Clemengolds are right now, and along with fresh limes and juicy lemons, it was such a wonderfully clean and refreshing drink.

You can purchase Musgrave Original Gin in the following sizes: – 

Musgrave Original Gin 750ml – R399

Musgrave Original Gin gift box (750ml gin & Black Pepper & spice candle) – R410

Musgrave Original Gin Swigs 200ml – R199

Musgrave Original Gin mini 50ml – R49

I really love the array of different sizes, from a mini to test run the gin with, a bottle with 4 double shots in, and a full size bottle.  The gift pack is absolutely gorgeous for birthday or festive gifting.

Happy sipping with Musgrave Gin, Sugar & Spice

Musgrave Pink Gin 

Everything about this product, from the packaging, to the bottle, to the gin inside screams luxury and romance to me.  The beautiful floral patterns on the box and the label are just too beautiful.  I actually still remember my mom splurging on a bottle of this just because the box it came in was so beautiful!  Luckily the gin inside was just as stunning to drink, and we enjoyed a few of those together.

The Musgrave Pink Gin is distilled with the same signature 11 botanicals as the Original Gin, yet rose hips are added during the distilling process, and some of the stronger notes of cardamom and juniper are actually softened to allow the rose to come through.  Rosewater is also infused into the gin, adding that stunning floral flavour.  I always think of decadent Turkish delight when I drinnk this gin!

I adore how feminine this gin is, and so I really wanted to try and bring out that girly feeling in the drinks I made with the Musgrave Pink.

Happy sipping with Musgrave Gin, Sugar & Spice

Turkish Delight Martini

2 tots Musgrave Pink gin

1 tot Martini Extra Dry vermouth

Lots of ice

Turkish delight to garnish

Place both the gin and vermouth in a cocktail shaker, along with the ice and shake VERY well.  

Pour into a martini or cocktail glass, garnish with the Turkish delight.  Enjoy!

Happy sipping with Musgrave Gin, Sugar & Spice

My mom is a BIG fan of martinis, and while I don’t usually opt for them as my drink of choice, this was so delicious!  The floral notes in the Musgrave Pink Gin really do stand out beautifully, and there is something so indulgent about that square of gooey Turkish delight resting on the edge of the glass.

Happy sipping with Musgrave Gin, Sugar & Spice

Rose & Cucumber G & T

2 tots Musgrave Pink gin

1 Fitch & Leeds Pink rose and cucumber tonic (I had the sugar free version on hand, but the Fitch & Leeds sugar free tonics are the only sugar free ones I’ll drink – very little aftertaste)

2 slices fresh cucumber

a few pink rose petals (rinse first)

Add a handful of ice to your glass, along with the cucumber.  Pour in the gin, top with tonic and the rose petals.  Enjoy!

Happy sipping with Musgrave Gin, Sugar & Spice

I really enjoy the Fitch & Leeds pink tonic, it’s so refreshing but you get those gentle notes of rose and cucumber.  It just makes that rose water pop in the Musgrave Pink Gin.

These G & T’s would make the perfect accompaniment to a girl’s night (when we can get back to that – or you can always hold one on Zoom)!

You can purchase Musgrave Pink in the following sizes: – 

Musgrave Pink Gin 750ml – R399

Musgrave Pink Gin gift box (750ml gin & romantic rose candle) – R410

Musgrave Pink Gin Swigs 200ml – R199

Musgrave Pink Gin mini 50ml – R49

How beautiful are the bottles?  I think the fact that Musgrave have this wonderful variety in sizing is just fantastic.  I know my mom was eyeing up the gift pack herself, so it would make a fantastic Mother’s Day gift (next year), or even her birthday!

I feel like the Musgrave brand was just made for gifting.  Can you imagine – a little gift bag or box with a Musgrave mini, a single craft tonic, a sachet of that Secco infusions with the dried fruits and spices, and a beautiful glass?  What a wonderful Secret Santa gift!

Happy sipping with Musgrave Gin, Sugar & Spice

Have you tried either of the Musgrave gins? Which was your favourite? 

*DISCLAIMER – while the Musgrave gins were gifted to me in a trade exchange, all opinions are honest and my own.


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