Vitalge Nutraceuticals Age Defying Combo

Vitalge Nutraceuticals Age Defying Combo, Sugar & Spice

At the beginning of last month, I was sent an incredible combo of supplements from the lovely folks at Vitalge Nutraceuticals to try and review.

The Age Defying Combo is made up of three products – the Glow Regeneration Hand Serum, the Magnificent Mind supplement and the Powerful Performance supplement.  I have spent the last month putting these to the test on a daily basis, and now feel fully justified in sharing my thoughts with you.  I did a 2 week check in and shared my initial impressions (which were good), but now I can fully say that these products are GREAT!

Vitalge Nutraceuticals Age Defying Combo, Sugar & Spice

Taken on their own, the oral supplements are bound to work wonders, but taken together they pack a real punch!  I genuinely didn’t expect to feel a difference so quickly, nor did I expect to see such a wonderful difference from them.  The hand serum was another product I thought would feel nice and leave my hands soft and nourished, yet it genuinely made a bigger difference to the skin on the back of my hands.

Each product can be purchased separately (and you can buy bundles of 3 of that one product for a discounted price), however you can purchase this combo for a lower price than buying individually as well.  The Age Defying Combo retails for R815 HERE.

There’s a DISCOUNT CODE too!

The lovely folks at Vitalge have given me a DISCOUNT CODE for you!  It is valid until 1 February 2021, so you have almost a full year to take advantage of it.  Just enter the code SUGARSPICE15 on check out for 15% off your purchase, and if your order comes to over R600 your shipping will be free too!

Glow Regeneration Hand Serum

Vitalge Nutraceuticals Age Defying Combo, Sugar & Spice

The Glow Regeneration Hand Serum is a glass bottle with a dropper, packed with gorgeous nourishing oils and essential oils.  I adore the scent of it, it smells spa-like to me, but it is quite strong.  Hubs isn’t the biggest fan (this man can’t walk past a Lush store without complaining the smell gives him a headache), as the second I apply it when I get into bed, he knows!

HOWEVER, I love the smell at night, it puts my mind into a restful state and I can nod off feeling pampered.  It sinks into the skin beautifully and then the scent does fade off.  I’ve even been applying a bit to my feet on nights when they need a moisture boost, and it’s helped a lot.

The hand serum claims to: –

Smooth wrinkles and fine lines

Lighten sun spots, scars and bruises

Hydrate and replenish

Provides youthful suppleness and elasticity

Vitalge Nutraceuticals Age Defying Combo, Sugar & Spice

Of these, I have definitely felt my skin on my hands is hydrated, nourished and so smooth.  But to top it all off, the little keloid scar I have on my right hand (washing glass is dangerous guys!) has faded!  I’ve had it well over a year and the skin has been risen and red, however after 2 weeks of using this serum, I saw it level out and fade to a light pink.  It’s now the same colour as the rest of the skin on my hands!  I’m pretty sure that the freckles on my hands have faded too.

You can purchase the Glow Regeneration Hand Serum on it’s own for R325 HERE.

You can purchase the Glow Regeneration Hand Serum in a bundle of 3 for R805 HERE (a saving of around R57 per bottle).

Magnificent Mind

Vitalge Nutraceuticals Age Defying Combo, Sugar & Spice

When you work more than one job as I do, you need your brain sharp and focused.  I work a full day job (at a computer, where I do a lot of admin and accounts work, as well as HR and other figures), and then before and after work I spend (once again at a computer) blogging, editing photos and video.

The Vitalge Magnificent Mind supplement claims to: –

Improve brain health and mood

Improve cognition, mental acuity, attention, focus and memory

Combat the negative effects of stress

Improves mood relating to anxiety and depression

Helps to reduce inflammation and oxidation

Improves cell health and promote healthy longevity

Builds immunity and stamina

Vitalge Nutraceuticals Age Defying Combo, Sugar & Spice

The supplement is also 100% plant based and contains a unique combination of natural adaptogenic herbs. 

What are adaptogens you may ask?

They do what the name suggests – they help our body ADAPT to certain situations.  When we are stressed, they help to calm us.  When we are tired, they provide us with energy.  When we lie awake at night with a mind that won’t rest, they bring a sense of peace.  When our body is run down and at risk of getting sick, they help build up our immunity.

There is a very interesting article on the Time magazine website here on what adaptogens are, and why so many people are taking them.

I 100% found an improvement in my mental state while taking this!  I found I wasn’t as stressed as I usually become with deadlines looming in both jobs.  My anxiety was not worrying me as much as it usually does, and my mood was consistently good.  On top of this I was waking up early, getting work done before I headed to my day job, and then coming home and working until at least 9pm without the usual fatigue and feeling that my brain had become a puddle in my head.

And sleep!  I have had a problem with sleep for many years.  I either battle to fall asleep, I wake constantly, or when I do manage to fall (and stay) asleep, it hasn’t been QUALITY sleep.  Not the case with the Magnificent Mind supplement from Vitalge.  I was falling asleep easily, staying asleep the whole night and waking up so refreshed I felt like I’d been on holiday.

Of the 3 products, this was my favourite, the one I felt the biggest difference from, and the one I’d wholeheartedly repurchase.  My parents are both looking at buying them too.

You can purchase a bottle of the Magnificent Mind for R315 HERE.

You can purchase the Magnificent Mind in a bundle of 3 bottles for R775 HERE (around R57 discount per bottle).

Vitalge Nutraceuticals Age Defying Combo, Sugar & Spice

Powerful Performance 

Vitalge Nutraceuticals Age Defying Combo, Sugar & Spice

I battle with my energy levels throughout the day, and even on days where I start from a good night’s sleep with a burst of energy in the morning, by late afternoon I am absolutely shattered.  Often this results in too much caffeine during the day, which affects my sleep that night, resulting in a vicious cycle of bad sleep, tired day, bad sleep etc.

The Vitalge Powerful Performance claims to: –

Boost energy

Enhance vitality, reflexes and agility

Build stamina

Improve endurance

Boost physical and mental performance

Improve male and female sexual health

Helps you to cope with daily stress of balancing work, family, life etc


Once again, this is a 100% natural and plant based supplement that contains a mixture of adaptogenic herbs – one of which I actually recognised this time, Maca!

Honestly, the improvement in my energy levels wasn’t instantaneous.  I had kind of expected a lift after an hour or so of taking it, the way I would if I’d taken a vitamin B supplement.  I didn’t feel a significant difference the first day, nor the second day.  After the first week I wondered what was going on?  Where was that surge of energy?

It had happened without me even knowing it.  It isn’t that instant kick you get from drinking a Red Bull, however it doesn’t bring with it that crash you get after the energy wears off.

I found myself waking earlier without that grumpy, dozy feeling.  I was working later each day without even realising I’d powered through the full day without the desperate need for my afternoon coffee.  And I’d done this after a few days of starting on the Powerful Performance.  Gradually each day I found I wasn’t fading as the day wore on, I was able to get through my work load without burning out.

On the plus side, the Maca and Ginseng in the supplement had also helped improve my sexual health.  Over the last few years I’ve been on aggressive rounds of hormonal treatments for my endometriosis, and with each change in my hormones, and each bashing my body has taken from the treatments and surgeries, my libido had kind of faded off.  Without even realising what it was or that it was happening, it had woken up and worked it’s way back in.

For anyone with a very busy lifestyle, I highly recommend this, and I think it would do wonders for any ladies going through hormonal changes, be it chronic illnesses such as endometriosis, or menopause.

You can purchase a bottle of the Powerful Performance for R345 HERE.

You can purchase a bundle of 3 bottles of the Powerful Performance for R865 HERE (a saving of around R57 per bottle).

Vitalge Nutraceuticals Age Defying Combo, Sugar & Spice

I honestly think that I reaped the full benefits of each of these oral supplements because I took them together.  And for this reason I’d recommend you purchase the Age Defying Combo and try out each of the products TOGETHER before purchasing individually or in bundles of 3 of each product.  This way you can discover how life changing and life improving the combination of the products is.

The Age Defying Combo retails for R815, which works out to roughly R272 a product, and with the discount code that Vitalge very kindly has provided (SUGARSPICE15 for 15% off on checkout), you’ll be able to get this combo for just R693 (along with free shipping).  You can use the discount code for anything on the website.  I cannot recommend it enough, and I’ll definitely be repurchasing myself!



Will you be trying any of the Vitalge Nutraceuticals products?  They have a range of other products available too if you’d like to browse their site!


*DISCLAIMER – while these products were sent to me from Vitalge for trial and review, all opinions are honest and my own.  This is not an affiliate code and I earn nothing from any sales generated using the code.


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