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I found this tag on the blog Me, Cupcakes and Tea, and was really keen to do one of my own.  I’ve used her questions, but some have been modified ever so slightly!

A whole lot of my beauty favourites and ideas...

1. Do you remember your first makeup item?

Yes! I owned one of those Kangol roll-on lipgloss tubes that had the strongest, sweetest smell ever, and I’d drench my lips in it constantly throughout the day.  I thought I was AWESOME!

2. Describe your perfect mascara.  Have you found one that fits this?

I love a mascara that is dark dark black, and gives my lashes the volume and length, without getting clumpy or smearing.
I’ve found two that fit this, and they have SUCH different wands!  The Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara, and the L’oreal False Lash Wings Sculpt mascara are both amazing, and I get such compliments when I use the.

3. What kind of coverage do you prefer from your foundation?

I like my foundation to have a medium to full coverage, but not look like a mask on my face.  I just love my skin to look flawless (but then again, who doesn’t?).

4. What is your favourite high-end brand?

I love MAC and Too Faced.  We just can’t get Too Faced here in South Africa – although this doesn’t stop me doing everything possible to get it!

5. What cosmetic brands are you keen to try, but haven’t?

I am SO interested in trying brands like Hourglass (Ambient Lighting powders), Becca (Champagne Pop highlighter), Kat Von D (pretty much everything from her), Charlotte Tilbury (lipsticks), Tarte (the Shape Tape concealer and their eyeshadows), Morphe (eyeshadows and brushes), NARS (blushers and lipsticks), Makeup Geek (eyeshadows), Anastasia Beverley Hills (brow products and eyeshadows), Gerard cosmetics (liquid lipsticks), as well as a ton of skincare brands such as Pixi, Skincreamery and Tony Moly!  There are SO many other brands but I can’t list them all, or you’ll never reach the end of this post

6. Favourite drugstore brand?

I’m so torn.  I love brands like Essence and Catrice as they’re so darn affordable, but in all honesty I’d have to say L’Oreal.  I like more of their range of products, from foundation to powder to blush to mascara.

7. How often do you shop for makeup?  

I try to stick to shopping when I need something specific, like a new powder or a new mascara, but I’ll generally end up picking up something every time I’m in Dischem or Clicks.  I try to take advantage of sales and promotions, so I can pick up some new goodies on a 3 for 2 promo.

8. Do you have a beauty budget or do you spend freely?

I try to not spend more than a certain amount each month, but let’s be completely honest – I have a problem! Hahaha!  If I spend a crazy amount one month (with new promos or products or limited edition goodies), I’ll try my very best to rein it in the following month or two, and only shop for products I’ve run out of.

9. Do you make use of coupons, sales and rewards cards?

YES! I have a rewards card for pretty much everything, and I love it when Dischem or Clicks have their Beauty promotions (you can see by the posts I’ve done on the Dischem Beauty Fair, and the Clicks Spring Beauty Promo).

10. What type of product do you buy the most?

Most probably eye products – I have SO many eyeshadows, in singles and palettes and quads.  It’s actually madness.

11. Do you have a favourite place to shop for makeup?

I have a favourite group of places?  Dischem, Clicks and Red Square are probably my most shopped places though.

12. If you could only use makeup products from one brand, what would it be?

I’d probably have to say MAC.  I’d at least know that there are so many shades, product variations, and they’re all amazing quality.

13. What brand do you think has the best packaging?

Most definitely Too Faced – everything is super cute and so beautiful!

14. What celebrity always has great makeup?

There are so many celebs who clearly have amazing makeup artists, or do their makeup beautifully themselves.  But I think that Taylor Swift and Kristen Stewart rock some really great looks – they do natural and more outgoing makeup looks and just really make it look so easy!

15. Do you use primers (face, eye, lip etc)?

Yes – I use a face primer and an eye primer, but I just use a good lip balm to prep my lips before applying a liquid lipstick or matte lipstick.


I tag anyone who is keen on doing the Beauty Tag and please – let me know if you do it or have done it, I’d love to read your answers!


Do you have any favourites like mine, or ones that I haven’t tried?

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  1. kirsty-rose

    I loved this! Too Faced is at the top of my to try list haha! Everything is gorgeous!

  2. Siobhan Hughes

    Thank you so much! Too Faced is just the bee's knees… I love it! xx

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