TOP 5 TUESDAY: Online Beauty Stores

TOP 5 TUESDAY: Online Beauty Stores, Sugar & Spice
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TOP 5 TUESDAY: Online Beauty Stores, Sugar & Spice

So, I’m back with another Top 5 Tuesday post, and I promise to keep them a lot more regular now.

Today, I want to talk about my favourite places to shop beauty online.  Online shopping has become such a staple these days – you often get places that don’t charge shipping, or don’t charge shipping if you spend over a certain amount.  This makes shopping CHEAPER than driving out and using fuel, AND you don’t need to even change out of your pjs!

So, here we go with my top 5 places to find amazing beauty products online: –


Although they only opened up an online store recently, Muse Beauty used to use their Instagram to sell imported makeup and skincare products.

I’ve made several purchases with them, including a black pro Beauty Blender and a Too Faced eyeshadow palette, and the products are legit – no fakes here!

Chances are, you’ll spend more on a product than if you ordered it online from the original store overseas, but you then have to factor in shipping it out here, and possible customs charges.  This is a much quicker way of getting your hands on those desired goodies.

A South African institution, Red Square’s online store is great.  You have pretty much every product you can find in store in Red Square or Edgars, and order them from the comfort of your chair at home or work.

I placed an order a few months back, for the Clarins special gift – you bought two Clarins products, one being a moisturiser or serum, and you received toiletry bag with a mini Instant Light lip balm, a mini mascara, and 4 deluxe travel size goodies that you could choose, from about 12 options.  PLUS, they had a special on that specific day, that you received a discount on all online purchases of around 20% (I think).  I saved money on the Hydraquench cream and Energising gel cleanser, AND I got the free gift.

Sign up to the Red Square newsletter, and you’ll get emails when they have deals like this!

I’ve done a post all about this amazing store over HERE.  These ladies sell amazing skincare and are one of the first places to bring in Asian sheet masks – such a hit all over the beauty world.  I’ve placed three orders for masks now, and will be definitely buying more, and possibly trying out some of the skincare, once I’ve worked my way through the stash I currently have.

There is also a link to the Shades of Mink blog on their site, where you can learn all sorts of useful information on skincare, and find tips on how to make the products sold there work the best for you.

The one thing I have to really mention is the customer service – Yasmin, the founder of Shades of Mink is SO UNBELIEVABLY friendly and helpful.  She and her team reply to queries fast and efficiently, and she’s so kind in her efforts to do so.

We all like to support South African stores, so even though this one sells international products, please give them a try – you won’t be disappointed in the slightest!

Biovea sells all sorts of skincare and makeup products, from international ones that we can’t find here in SA, to ones that we can get here, but at much better prices.

I’ve bought several products from them, including the Crest 3D whitening strips, and I usually find my Real Tecniques Miracle Complexion Sponges here, even when I can’t find them in Foschini stores.

Just click on over to the Beauty tab on the site, and shop away to your heart’s content!

Zando is more known as an online fashion store, but they also sell beauty products!  You can buy anything here, from makeup, to skincare, to fragrances.

I’ve bought makeup items that I’ve battled finding in store here, as well as Nature’s Carnival body care products.  All lovely stuff!

*special mention goes out to Foschini, who have just launched their online beauty store!  Go and check it out, there are some FABULOUS finds on there.


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  1. Siobhan Hughes

    Thanks so much lovely! I don't mind telling you each time 😉


  2. Melanie Sillifant

    Great post. Red Square online takes up all my money. My employer might as well just give them my pay check LOL!!

  3. Siobhan Hughes

    Thanks so much! I won't lie.. after this post, I went and placed an order on the MAC online store – I didn't include it, as I like to go in and swatch and play, but it's also a great one. But Red Square is SO dangerous! xx

  4. yolandi

    Lovely post. Have you tried SkinMiles?

  5. Siobhan Hughes

    Hi Yolandi

    I haven't as yet tried SkinMiles, but it's been on my list for a while! Any feedback from you? xxx

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