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I’ve seen a few of these posts around the bloggerspere, and thought ‘wow, what a great way of letting people know about the things you’re enjoying right now, both beauty and non-beauty’.  You can see the version that Pink Peonies does HERE.

I’m going to try and do a ‘Currently…’ post once every month or so, just so I can chat about all the things I’m loving at that moment in time.  Not just beauty-related goodies!

So, here goes…

Product Find:


I’ve heard so many good things about the L’Oreal False Lash Wings Sculpt mascara, yet every time I saw it in stores, I’d take a glance at the wand, shake my head and walk away.

On something of a whim, I picked one up on my last Dischem visit – I think it was boredom with the other two mascaras I have in rotation.  I’m SO glad I did though, as it really defines my lashes, leaves them thicker and very black, and it helps to slightly tight-line my upper waterline too!



Last month, on my trip to Johannesburg, I popped into the new Urban Decay store in Sandton City.  I got my little paws on a number of items, but my most favourite is the single eyeshadow in Dive Bar.

This beautiful shadow is so out of my regular range of colours – I prefer to stick with browns, golds, bronzes and, at best, plums.  Described as a medium blue with a pink-purple shift, I’ve actually given up trying to capture it’s prettiness through a photo.  It looks like a medium, periwinkle type of blue, but shifts to a lilac tone.  So so gorgeous, and I really have nothing else like it.

TV Show:


I realise that I’m probably late on the bandwagon with this one, but I’ve just started watching How To Get Away With Murder.  IT IS SO GOOD!  I watched three episodes in one hit, and even though I was so sleepy by the end of the third episode that I was basically watching through one eye, part of me was tempted to watch another.  It’s an American legal drama, starring Viola Davis, and it’s so darned good that I’m already contemplating how to get hold of season 2.

Lusting after:


I’ve been dying to get my hands on the Anastasia Beverley Hills Modern Renaissance Palette.  All over YouTube there are tutorials on it, and it just has every single colour that I’d ever love to use on myself.  So gorgeous!

Snack and/or drink:

Snack-wise, I’ve been craving donuts.  Donuts, donuts and MORE DONUTS.  I have no clue where this craving came from, or why I can’t seem to get enough of them, but donuts are constantly in my head right now…  If you’ve never grabbed a taste from Wicked Donuts in Durban, do yourself a favour – they have a store at the Pavilion shopping centre, and their donuts are out-of-this-world good.  I love the Vanilla Bean Glazed, the Chocolate Homer (filled with vanilla bean custard and topped with chocolate ganache).


YouTube crush:


I love watching YouTube beauty videos, and lately I’ve been loving watching anything from Freddy My Love – her videos are so PRETTY, all in pinks and pastels, and so well done too.  She’s got me desperately wanting to order pretty lingerie and sleep-wear from Boux Avenue, and it’s even making me miss my blonde hair, as her golden locks are just so Disney-princess-perfect.


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