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One of my resolutions this year was to get back into reading.  I don’t mean picking up the Cosmo at Spar, and reading it while I cook dinner – I mean an actual book. (You can read all about these goals and resolutions here.)

I used to be a bookworm of note, and I’d devour books so quickly that I couldn’t quite keep up with my reading habit.  In Matric, when we had to read a certain number of books for an oral, I went above and beyond the 5 or so books, and I read over 30!

There’s just something so magical about reading, you can be taken to an entirely different place and time, and you can really get your imagination going.  You don’t get this kind of experience from switching on the TV and watching a film, or the latest episode of whatever series you’re into.  I’ve become incredibly lazy, just binge-watching series, instead of picking up a good book and using my brain.

I have so many lovely books that I have yet to read, sitting on my book shelf, and I couldn’t just pick one – all three of these books are very different, but I’ve been kind of alternating whichever one I feel in the mood for.  They’re all just so vastly different, so these three are currently sitting on my bedside table, ready to read in the evenings.

Spitfire Girl – My Life in the Sky by Jackie Moggridge is an autobiography on her life as a female pilot during World War Two, and her time spent transporting aircraft from the factory to the frontline.  It’s very well written, and so inspiring to read about a South African born woman conquering so many challenges.

I’m only a quarter in to this book, but I’m really enjoying the slightly more challenging reading it provides.

Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert is hardly a new story, and it’s incredibly well known.  In fact, according to the cover of the book, over 8 million copies have been sold worldwide, as well as it being made into a film, staring Julia Roberts as Liz Gilbert.  This is memoir of her time spent travelling.

For those of you that haven’t seen the film (where have you been, under a rock??), it’s about Elizabeth Gilbert’s quest to find out what it is that is missing in her life – ultimately to find herself, and to find balance in her life, and to finally be happy.  She spends a year travelling, in order to pursue pleasure (eating in Italy), devotion (prayer in India) and a way to balance the two (in Bali).

The film was beautiful, yet I always prefer the book to any film adaptation, and this is exactly why.  The book provides so much more of an insight into Liz’s character, and her struggles with depression and anxiety, which provide that much more light on why she took that year to travel.

Elizabeth Gilbert is an exceptional writer, and I look forward to reading her other works.

The Glam Guide by Fleur de Force – and just like that, my nerdy serious reading collection get’s a little more casual and a little more fun.

Fleur de Force was one of the first YouTube channels that I began watching religiously.  She’s just so down to earth and lovely, and she makes beautiful videos.  She also has her own blog – where she does written posts on beauty, fashion and lifestyle.  She’s actually coming out with her second book soon, so I really wanted to get my hands on the first one.

She covers a range of topics – there are sections in the book on Beauty, Hair, Fashion, Travel, Health and Fitness, Life Love and everything in between, as well as YouTube and Blogging.

I prefer to pick up this book when I’m more in the mood for something light and fun – it’s best that I don’t pick up something really intense or involved when I’m already pretty tired, and have had an exceptionally long day, as I’ll probably fall asleep before I’ve finished reading one page.

So there you have it!  I plan to have finished all three of these books by the end of April, and move onto a couple more.

If you have any suggestions for me, please let me know!



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