Tasting American Snacks & Candies

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There's a brand new video live on my YouTube channel - and this time it FINALLY features my wonderful Hubby - you'll know him from his Nick's Notes section right…

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Weekend Vlog – June 2019

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I spent the long weekend in June (where Father's Day and Youth Day collided as one) vlogging! This was officially my first weekend vlog, and while it's FAR from perfect,…

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TESTED: Urban Decay x Game of Thrones

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When the Urban Decay x Game of Thrones collection launched in South Africa, I was on it that same day.  I was DESPERATE for the eyeshadow palette, as it contained…

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TESTED: SL Laser Black Diamond Facial

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A few weeks ago, I was treated to the SL Laser Black Diamond Facial at Nadine Kruger Aesthetics. This facial is the equivalent of 4 chemical peels, with little to…

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Lythwood Lodge – VLOG

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I'm sure by now you saw pictures of our stay at the stunning Lythwood Lodge on my social media, or you've read the blog post I wrote HERE. I promised…

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I’m on YouTube!

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So - I've had a YouTube channel for a few years now.  However, it's only had ONE video in it.  Cam from Jane Wonder and I filmed a video for…

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Currently #9

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Do you ever experience a change in the way you're able to do tasks?  Like, something you once found easy, and were able to get done in a matter of…

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Currently # 8

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This 'Currently' post is coming to  you a bit late.  I'm so sorry!  This time of year is absolutely manic, and at this point I'm just hoping I can stick…

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First YouTube Video!

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So, I have finally gotten the courage to film a YouTube video! I sat down with Camilla from Jane Wonder a short while ago, and we filmed two videos together - one for her…

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