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I first read about the idea of 'Project Pan' - using up items I have at home before buying new ones - through the blog Whimsy is Forever.  I am…

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Skoon all natural skincare

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I recently read a post on the blog In My Bag, about a new skincare brand called Skoon.  They are a proudly South African company that creates natural skin care…

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Blogs I love

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    I love reading blogs - so much so that I'm subscribed to a large number of them, and this fills my email up with all the latest posts…

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Friday Favourites

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It's been far too long since I wrote a post, and I've now sworn to making more time and effort to get weekly blog posts up - including setting up…

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Birthday month here we come!

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July is my favourite month of the year - it's cold, which I love, and it's my birthday month too! While I love birthdays just as much as the next…

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Winter is coming! Part one

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BBBBBRRRRRRR!!! Winter is on it's way, and it's definitely hit KZN with a bang.  We had beautiful hot weather one day, and the next the air was just freezing, with…

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March Favourites

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I know this is the most cliche thing to say, but I honestly can't wrap my head around the fact that March is now over.  It feels like just yesterday…

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