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4APET – The Store Your Pets will LOVE!, Sugar & Spice

Have you heard of 4APET  yet?  They’re a fabulous online store that specialises in pet products for both dogs and cats, and who pride themselves on wonderful customer service and great value products.  They have a lovely selection available, with food and treats, grooming items, accessories, toys and natural remedies.

I was lucky enough to be sent 3 items by 4APET to try out on my fur babies Luna and Havana, and I also purchased an item.  I’ve now used all of them and am going to do a mini review of each!

They have been SUPER kind and actually given me a 10% off discount code for you guys too!  Just use the code SIOBHANYEATMAN when checking out to get 10% off your purchase on their website.

4APET – The Store Your Pets will LOVE!, Sugar & Spice

One thing I have to say – the product I purchased myself arrived in record time.  With courier delays due to covid, I honestly expected to wait about 3-4 days for it, and was happy to do so.  Yet in less than 48 hours the product landed on my desk!

Another nice part of the 4APET site, is that they have pages that share pet news and articles on pet health.  It’s always great to have that kind of resource, particularly if you’re a new pet owner.

I’ll start with the 3 products I was gifted from the store.

4APET – The Store Your Pets will LOVE!, Sugar & Spice

Natura Pets Dog Breath Freshener R65

I’m sure we all wish our doggo’s breath would smell a little fresher – I know our pups love to shower us with smelly kisses every day!  But with them eating a diet of biscuits, meat and treats, as well as the occasional bit of sand or poop (they all do it guys!), it’s a little hard not to cringe and shy away.

This breath freshener is all natural and made with a range of plant extracts designed to not only keep your fur-baby’s breath smelling sweet, but also clean and deodorize gums and teeth, as well as soothe irritated gums.  It’s free from chemicals and is eco-friendly.  It smells minty fresh actually – in fact it even states on the bottle that it can be used on husbands too (watch out Nick)!

I’ve used this on both Luna and Havana with great success.  When it comes to any kind of dental product, we like to wait until they’re lying down at night and relaxed (best tip ever), and Luna just rolls her head back and allows me to open her mouth and do a good few spritzes in her mouth.

Havana is a little nervous of the spraying sound to be honest, but we did only rescue her off the street in February, and her trust has grown enormously.  I can do 2 big sprays in her mouth before she gets nervous.  She gets nervous over the sound of me putting deodorant on though – so I think she may have a bit of PTSD from life on the streets and something may have happened with a spray bottle.  For pooches like this who are a little nervous, you can just add a tablespoon or 2 to their water bowl, which does help a lot.

Both dogs really have no issue at all with the taste, which is a bonus too!

4APET – The Store Your Pets will LOVE!, Sugar & Spice

Raw Love Health Treats R45

These cute heart-shaped treats are all natural and organic.  Even the packaging is apparently environmentally friendly! They contain no spices, salt, sugar, xylitol (I would hope so though, as this is toxic to dogs), preservatives or colourants.

These treats are made from lentil flour, free-range eggs, raw honey, organic rosehip, organic rooibos, organic sutherlandia (has amazing anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties), organic coconut oil and baking soda.

Clearly these treats are also utterly delicious, as you have no idea how quickly the box emptied.  Both doggos would get all excited when I’d show them the box, tails wagging, licking their chops and (in Luna’s case) drooling all over the floor.

4APET – The Store Your Pets will LOVE!, Sugar & Spice
Luna saw the box and RAN to me she was so excited.


4APET – The Store Your Pets will LOVE!, Sugar & Spice
Havana is a lady of leisure, and only takes her treats from the comfort of her bed.


Raw Love designed these treats as a health-boost for your pups that will also help soothe any itchiness they may have (always a case with Luna in winter).  They also have a variety of other treats for your pets, such as Peanut Butter Biscuits, Venison Droewors and Bedtime Treats (designed to relax nerves, decrease stress and promote sleep).  All of their products are also grain-free.

4APET – The Store Your Pets will LOVE!, Sugar & Spice

Vondi’s Beef Chew Liver Biltong Bites

Vondi’s products are produced using only the best ingredients with no preservatives.

These little bites were quite small – something I’d use as a treat for small dogs, or as a reward when doing puppy training or teaching your dog to sit/stay (i.e. when you’re going to be giving them a lot of small rewards).

I gave my pups each 3 or 4 little biltong bites at once and they just gobbled them up!  I think next time I’d rather get the Vondi’s Beef Droewors for them or the Vondi’s Beef Liver Biltong, as the pieces are a bit bigger, and therefore more suited to bigger dogs.

4APET – The Store Your Pets will LOVE!, Sugar & Spice

Herbal Pet Serenity Formula R230

This was a product I’d had my eye on for some time, as my folks had great success with the Herbal Pet Allergy Formula for their older dog who suffers with sensitive and very itchy skin.

Having tried Calmeze (both tablets and pump bottle) on my dogs, with no success, I really wanted to find an all-natural remedy that would be effective at calming them down.

Luna especially can get very highly strung.  She doesn’t like not being at our side 24h a day (very co-dependent dog this one), and is petrified of loud noises like storms or fireworks.  Havana on the other hand is like the Energizer Bunny drank a case of Red Bull, mixed with Berocca.  She has excessive energy and it just does not die down!  I think that she just missed out so much of her puppy life on the streets, that (she is still definitely a puppy, just an older one now) she’s really making the most of it now.  She’s the happiest little dog, but we only found her in February, and she took a while to really relax – and by then we were in stage 5 of lockdown.  She then had us at her beck and call for 5 full weeks, and she really bonded with us.  Now that we go to work each day, she takes a bit of strain – even though we’ve both been back at work full time since May.

I’m pleased to say that this powder is a huge success!  I like that it’s all natural and very palatable for fur-babies too – I usually add it to their food, but both have happily had it mixed into a little water or even a splash of milk.  They don’t look drugged or zonked out (which is why I’ve stayed away from CBD products thus far), but they’re much more relaxed and not so highly strung.

I don’t give this to them every day – mostly on days if I know we’ll be working a bit later or when I know that a storm is coming in.  I also like to give it to them when they get super highly strung over the monkeys, as we have huge troops of these running over our property, and they taunt the dogs (I think only Durbanites will be able to understand this).


Honestly, I have been so impressed with the variety of products that 4APET sells, the quality of the products, the natural health products AND the prices.  Their customer service is fantastic too, and they also have an online chat at the bottom right of their page – so if you have any queries or need some advice, they’ll help you out!

Don’t forget about the 10% off discount code for you guys too!  Just use the code SIOBHANYEATMAN when checking out to get 10% off your purchase on their site. I know the spelling of my name can be a bit tricky (lol) so feel free to copy and paste that code into the coupon block when checking out.

I’m actually looking at making a couple of other purchases soon: –

Cookie Cutter Set –  Doggie Paw & House R40

I’d love to try my hand at homemade doggie treats, and these cookie cutters are super cute.

Raw Love Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth R95

This is a fab detox for pets, and it helps to eliminate worms and parasites.  I know with finding Havana on the streets we’ve really had to up our game of deworming her more frequently, and with her and Luna playing so hard and constantly slobbering all over each other (and us), we’ve had to deworm Luna and ourselves more frequently too.  I like the idea of adding this to their food.  It also helps to kill ticks and fleas!  You know what they say – prevention is better than a cure.


Will you be checking out 4APET for some goodies for your fur-babies?


*DISCLAIMER – while 3 of the 4 products I’ve reviewed were gifts, all of my opinions are honest and my own.  This post contains affiliate links, but I am truly passionate about the company and the products they sell.


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