The good, the bad… the Grey(hound)

The good, the bad… the Grey(hound), Sugar & Spice

Hi there – it’s Nick again, with another Nick’s Notes post for you!

Now, greyhounds are not like any other dog you’ve ever encountered in your life for several reasons, good and bad.  Possibly the biggest divas of the canine world.

As I have come to realise, greyhounds don’t live with you, you live with them.  Luna came home, and my wife and I didn’t realise that we had not become dog owners, but dog roommates.

The good, the bad… the Grey(hound), Sugar & Spice

Firstly, there is the sleeping arrangement…

Greyhounds sleep A LOT!  Ninety percent of the time you will find these hounds lying on whatever surface they deem fit to have a nap.  Napping for a grey is essential after the following activities:-

  • Additional rest is required after an extended rest period, to revitalise yourself after sleeping.
  • After eating.
  • After running around for ten minutes.
  • After any snack.
  • After briefly waking up to go do one’s business.
  • After play time, of any length of time. Fetching the ball one time is tiring, and requires nap time.
  • After greeting you at the door, the excitement is tiring and sleep is required a few moments after.
  • After Zoomies (I will explain later)

The list goes on but you get the idea.

The good, the bad… the Grey(hound), Sugar & Spice

Then there’s HOW they sleep…

The sleeping positions of greyhounds are eccentric.  It is not uncommon to walk into your room and find your hound looking like they’re auditioning for a cameo in the exorcist.

The good, the bad… the Grey(hound), Sugar & Spice

Do not be alarmed, don’t make the call to the Vatican just yet!  This is where I learned the term “Roaching”.  This is where the grey lies on their back with one front leg extended straight in the air (or all legs at random angles), normally attempting to rest their heads on their own rear end.  The internet tells me this is normal, and most greyhounds will “roach”.

The good, the bad… the Grey(hound), Sugar & Spice

They take over your life…

Bed time for my wife and I has become an audition for cirque du soleil, because the grey has beaten us to bed and there is no room. So ensues the game of canine twister for the rest of the night.  One would ask the question: “Why not move the dog?”.  This brings me to my next point.

The good, the bad… the Grey(hound), Sugar & Spice

The good, the bad… the Grey(hound), Sugar & Spice

The complaining…

Greyhounds complain a great deal.  This soft slow whine will happen for any number of reasons:-

  • You woke them up.
  • You denied them food (yours).
  • You denied them treats.
  • You refused to play IMMEDIATELY on request.
  • You are asleep and are positioned where they wish to lie down.
  • You haven’t given them attention in 5 seconds.


The good, the bad… the Grey(hound), Sugar & Spice

The complaining is usually accompanied by a deep stare, and no ordinary stare.  This is the sort of stare that looks right into your mind and soul, the kind you receive from guys on the back of bakkies in traffic.  That awkward “maybe if I look away, they’ll stop”, but they never do.

The hunger….

When they are not sleeping, they are hungry!  How they stay so thin is a mystery to me.  These hounds will eat constantly if allowed, and keeping treats around is essential.  Greyhounds love food and will often develop a taste for a particular treat – Luna loves a splash of milk for example, there is a greyhound called Blue who loves toast, and another named Salty who loves puppacinos (check out their accounts for some truly hilarious posts on greys).  They all have their own unique tastes, which is kinda cool.

The good, the bad… the Grey(hound), Sugar & Spice

The thievery…

Greyhounds will steal, particularly food given half a chance.  We have lost several roasts over the past year to the hound.  It is basically like living with a member of Oceans 11, as Luna has developed the ability to not only steal but con me.  She will, for example, hide a treat in the side of her mouth so that I cannot see it, and ask for another, and I have relented far more often than I care to admit.


Albeit for short periods of time, nothing brings your grey more joy than running at considerable speed!  These hounds will tear around at full tilt for at least 15 minutes, and then sleep almost immediately.  At times like these, you are likely to encounter a phenomenon called the ZOOMIES!!!!!!


Zoomies can strike at any time and at any location.  Your grey will lose their minds for 5 minutes and run in circles around and around like they’re on a mini Nascar track.  Over, under, upside down, over people, spinning, circling and going crazy, and just as fast as it began its over.  If you’re in their way, they WILL run over you, and you may get injured – and all the while you’ll be laughing at this insane creature.

The good, the bad… the Grey(hound), Sugar & Spice

They take over your hearts….

With all their crazy, quirky, idiosyncrasies, greyhounds are the smartest, most caring and most sensitive dogs you could wish to have.  They adore their owners roommates, and as they become a member of your family, you will love everything that comes with these crazy creatures.  The good, the bad and most especially the grey.

The good, the bad… the Grey(hound), Sugar & Spice

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