Snap a selfie with the Pedigree Dentastix Selfie-STIX

Snap a selfie with the Pedigree Dentastix Selfie-STIX

By now, you’ve heard me mention Pedigree Dentastix many times.  They’re Luna’s treat of choice, and I’m happy to oblige, as they keep her teeth clean and her breath fresh, as well as ensuring her gums are healthy.  If you read all the way to the end, you’ll find out how you can win yourself some amazing Dentastix for your own hounds!



However, Pedigree has launched the most fabulous little tool – a phone accessory to aid you in getting the perfect selfie with your pooch!  The Dentastix Selfie-STIX is a little yellow clip that attaches to the top of your phone, and holds that delicious Dentastix in place to keep your pup focused on the camera – this way, you can get their full attention and a head-on photo!  Genius, as Hubs and I had only just worked out the trick of holding a treat above the camera – but this isn’t always easy because you need two hands!


The Dentastix Selfie-STIX holds any of the three sizes of treat – so no matter the size of your hound, you’ll be able to get that Insta-worthy snap.


The fun doesn’t stop there though – the clever folks at Pedigree have developed an app that is free to download, where you can apply filters to your pup as you snap that photo.  Anything from flower crowns, halos, a police getup, and even cat ears and nose (imagine this on your doggie!) are available to use, you just line up the cross on the app with your pet’s face and bingo – the cutest photo ever.


I loved the idea of this, and Luna is usually such a good model, so I grabbed my Selfie-STIX and a treat and decided to get snapping.  However, the little madam wasn’t having any of it, as she’d just had breakfast (a rookie error on my part to be honest).  You can see in the slideshow of snaps below that she actually just wanted to be left alone to nap, and was actually getting quite irritated with her mamma.  Hilarious!

I even used the Pedigree SelfieSTIX app to get one snap of her (and she kind of looks like Snoop Dogg with a halo lol).


Now, being a beauty blogger, I do have some tips and tricks for getting a good selfie (although I’m by no means an expert).  Also, in my desperate attempt to get Luna to cooperate, I was by no means following most of these myself hahaha : –

  • Know your angles! You should always try to take a selfie from slightly above the level of you and your pet’s faces.  Not only does this prevent the dreaded human double-chin, but you’ll ensure you get your pet’s loving eyes head on.
  • Make sure your pooch is clean!  Nobody wants to see a selfie of a dirty, straggly-haired hound.  Unless you’ve just done a Muddy Puppy event with Pedigree 😉
  • No distractions!  Familiar territory is best, or Fido will be too distracted to pay attention (even with that delicious Dentastix treat).
  • Good lighting!  If you take photos at night, chances are the beautiful sheen to your fur-baby’s coat won’t show up as well, nor will that adorable little gleam to their eyes as they gaze at you/their treat.


I gave it a break and around lunchtime tried again – managing to snap this adorable picture of us two: –

FINALLY – even though the light was in the wrong spot!

I am so excited to finally have a tool to get those gorgeous photos with my precious fur-baby – and you can too!

From the 15 May, you’ll be able to get a Selfie-STIX with every pack of Dentastix at select Pick n Pay stores.  The gadget is limited edition, so head down to your nearest Pick n Pay store and grab yours before they’re gone!



Head on over to my Facebook page HERE and you can win yourself and your precious pets a Pedigree Selfie-STIX hamper!


*This post was in collaboration with Pedigree


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  1. Nadia

    Just found your blog via IG add…loving it so far!* Tnx for sharing, so cute!! Good for those bedtime selfies 😉

    1. Siobhan

      Ah that’s amazing, thank you! xx

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