MudMask – DIY natural masking

MudMask – DIY natural masking, Sugar & Spice

I’m sure you saw the latest video to grace both my Instagram and YouTube feeds – an unboxing of some goodies from MudMask, and a first impressions of them!

MudMask created a special set of all-natural ingredients that allow you to mix up your own face masks at home, depending on what your skin needs – anything from anti-ageing, to calming inflammation, to healing acne.  They’ve also recently launched bath salts and essential oil rollers for a variety of needs!

MudMask – DIY natural masking, Sugar & Spice

The lovely folks over at MudMask were so kind, and sent me the following products to test out: –

  • MudMask Sample Kit (along with 2 extra oils so I could get a real feeling for the brand)
  • A set of 3 gorgeous sample sizes of their bath salts
  • An essential oil roller called Anxiety Relief

They ALSO provided me with a discount code for you all!  If you use the code ‘Sugarspice‘ to get 10% off any purchases on the MudMask site for the next couple of months – just in time to grab some goodies for Christmas gifts at a discounted price!

I touch on all 3 of the products I was sent in my YouTube video which you can find below, but if you’d like me to go a little more in depth, then carry on reading!

Just carry on reading to hear my thoughts on all of the products that I’ve tried so far.

Anxiety Relief Roller R85

MudMask – DIY natural masking, Sugar & Spice

I’ve always suffered with anxiety – as long as I can remember it’s been a problem, but it going into my 20’s I started suffering with panic attacks.  They could be several times a week to once every few months, and I would often see them increase with the amount of stress I’m under.

When I went in for surgery last month, I had such a severe one coming around from the anaesthetic in recovery that I thought I was dying.  I was losing feeling in my feet, then my legs, I couldn’t open my chest up to get oxygen in, and I was freaking out!  After a few seconds of this, I knew it was a panic attack, probably as a result of being so worked up pre-op.  And anyone who suffers from these vicious attacks knows that sure, you can possibly catch it in it’s tracks BEFORE it hits, but once you’re mid attack you can’t calm down or stop it.  The doctor had to tranquilize me in order for me to calm down, and what may have felt like hours of meltdown was probably only a minute or 2 before everything went black again.

That feeling lingered for about 3 weeks after my op, I was on-edge, tearful, strung out and shaky.  So I knew this Anxiety Relief roller was a great thing to pop into my handbag.  And boy has it come in handy.  I roll it on my wrists, inner elbow and behind my ears, then rub my wrists together and breathe it in deeply.  I keep the roller out on my desk and do this several times a day, and it works like an absolute charm.

The roller is made up of sweet almond oil, with clary sage, lavender and roman chamomile, and smells absolutely heavenly.

You can also purchase the following rollers, for R85 each: –

  • Happy Vibes
  • Headache Relief
  • PMS Relief
  • Spot Treatment

Bath Salts (R210 for 3 x 240g; R85 for 1 x 240g – these are samples)

MudMask – DIY natural masking, Sugar & Spice

I don’t bath as often as I’d like – being so busy, it’s so much quicker to just shower – but I do find that taking a solid 20min out to relax in the tub with a book or a magazine really helps calm me.  I also found the warm water soothing on my body post-op.

The MudMask bath salts come in 3 fragrances: –

  1. Lemongrass & Ginger
  2. Rooibos & Vanilla
  3. Jasmine & Rose

All 3 smell absolutely divine, I love florals and I’m a sucker for anything vanilla – yet it was the lemongrass and ginger I reached for first!  It’s so far the only one I’ve used, but I really needed the pick-me-up that the zesty, spicy salts offered.  They made my bath time that much more relaxing, and I think the trio of salts would make a BEAUTIFUL Christmas gift for the bath-lover (use that discount code *wink wink*).


MudMask Sample Kit R250

MudMask – DIY natural masking, Sugar & Spice

The above image contains 2 extra oils that the regular Sample Kit doesn’t have – the Evening Primrose oil and the Geranium Rose oil.  The wonderful folks at MudMask wanted me to get a true feeling for the products they offer, and very graciously included these.  Fab, since anything Geranium and Rose is a winner for me, and I ADORE Evening Primrose oil.  I’ve used a little of the latter as a facial oil on it’s own, and it’s beautiful.

The regular Sample Kit includes the following: –

  • Lavender essential oil
  • Tea Tree essential oil
  • Facial oil (a blended oil)
  • Kaolin clay
  • Bentonite clay
  • Zeolite clay
  • Activated charcoal
  • Tea tree and activated charcoal facial soap

You can use these to mix up a mask to suit what your skin needs, but I did get a little flyer in the box that gave me 3 recipes.  I’ve since used the mask to help with spots twice, and it really does work!  It’s actually drawn out a few that were sitting under the skin and bugging me, so for that I’m grateful.

The Facial Oil is also absolutely beautiful, it smells delicious and leaves your skin glowy and soft – if you’ve used clay masks, I’m sure you know that your skin can feel tight afterwards.  The Facial Oil is a great way of putting that moisture back into your skin post-mask!

MudMask – DIY natural masking, Sugar & Spice

If you’re not 100% sure whether DIY and natural masking is for you, then definitely give the Sample Kit a bash – it would make a FANTASTIC gift for teenagers too (another great time to use that discount code)!  However, if you’re a beauty junkie (like me), or you just know that the natural life is for you, and you love a little DIY – then I’d definitely say go for the full MudMask Kit (R499), as it contains not only a wider range of ingredients, but larger containers of them (enough for 3 months worth of masking 2-3 times a week).


Would you try the MudMask kits?  What about those gorgeous bath salts?

*DISCLAIMER – these products were sent to me by MudMask for the purposes for review.  All opinions are always honest and my own.  The discount code is an affiliate code, in which I do make a very small percentage, however it does not cost you any more than the products normally would – it actually gives you a decent chunk off them!


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  1. Aisha

    The anxiety roller sounds super interesting and I definitely wanna try it out! Did you get any side effects from it? I have hyper sensitivity disorder and am very sensitive to medication – even homeopathic. I get hot flushes from them and get super sweaty and then I start panicking. Would love to know if you experienced any type of side effects. Xx

    1. Siobhan

      I didn’t get any of that from the roller, I just used a small amount on wrists, inner elbows and behind ears. Perhaps if you’re worried then just apply it to one patch to start? xxx

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