Care & Repair with SBR Creams – GIVEAWAY

Care & Repair with SBR Creams – GIVEAWAY, Sugar & Spice

As summer draws to a close (although with the current and and off again heat, you could have fooled me), we reach the time of year when our skincare needs to be mixed up.  Richer textures, nourishing ingredients and something to ensure our skin’s barrier stays happy.

Care & Repair with SBR Creams – GIVEAWAY, Sugar & Spice

I know that when winter (and the resultant dry weather) begins, the skin around my nose gets red, sensitive and SUPER dehydrated.  I have to be careful when using strong actives.  This happens to me with each seasonal change of climate, and often when I travel too.  One top tip is sticking to a strict skincare regime – not always easy when you’re a beauty blogger, and test new products out constantly.  So, I have to have a secret weapon – which I’ve found in SBR Repair Cream or LipoCream.

Care & Repair with SBR Creams – GIVEAWAY, Sugar & Spice

Both products are designed to help maintain and repair the skin’s barrier.  The SBR Repair Cream (my personal favourite of the two) is formulated specially for very dry skin, and helps to replace lost moisture as well as repairs the skin.  It’s a very thick, white cream that soothes and moisturises my skin instantly , and it helps repair the problem area as it does this.  It also helps stop additional moisture loss, and my skin doesn’t feel as tight and irritated after application.

Care & Repair with SBR Creams – GIVEAWAY, Sugar & Spice

This product is FABULOUS for winter, for those with sensitive skin or for dry-skinned folks who travel via plane a lot.  I always keep a tube in stock myself.  As soon as my skin becomes irritated or tight around my nose and chin, I apply a small amount of this cream to the area – it doesn’t break me out at all, yet it soothes immediately.  Within two or so days, my skin is back to normal!

Care & Repair with SBR Creams – GIVEAWAY, Sugar & Spice

The SBR LipoCream is specifically for fortifying the barrier of the skin, containing 70% lipids that help to prevent the barrier being compromised. This cream is ideal for chronic skin conditions such as eczema and should be applied three to four times daily.1,8i  I found this was even better for irritation (it’s godsend if you suffer from shaving rash!) and is apparently good for eczema-prone skin. It’s kind of like a baby-bum cream, but for grown-ups!

Care & Repair with SBR Creams – GIVEAWAY, Sugar & Spice

  1. SBR-Lipocream® package leaflet
  2. SBR-Repair® package leaflet


If you’re anything like me, and really need a hardy product that will see you through all the irritation, dryness, chapped and cracked skin that the colder weather brings – trust me, give one of the SBR creams a try!

Want to win a hamper of these incredible products for yourself?

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  • 1 x SBR LipoCream 100g (R144)
  • 2 x SBR Repair Creams 30g (2 x R129 = R258)
  • 2 x SBR LipoCreams 30g (2 x R63 = R126)

Total value = R828


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  1. Robyn Cronje

    SBR creams can assist with the problem of sensitive and dehydrated skin.

    1. Kubashnie Moodley

      Wonderfully helping my baby with eczema

  2. Anusha Naidoo

    Love to try the SBR LipoCream it will be perfect for my eczema.
    Thank you for the interesting and enlightening products review a pleasure to read and share.

  3. Candice Vincent

    The SBR Repair Cream would be perfect to treat my very dry skin… I winter it’s even worse and becomes so tight so this would really help.

  4. Nicole Naicker

    Love to try the SBR Repair Cream , Love to win celebrating 25years anniversary need a spoil


    SBR LipoCream i Would love as in winter my skin gets dry patches on my chin , and between my eyebrows , skin always looks flaky in winter and all my foundations don’t sit well because the skin isn’t moisturized enough with a good moisturizer cream

  6. Belinda

    SBR Lipocream would be perfect for my eczema prone skin

  7. Megan H

    I have such sensitive and dry skin so the SBR Repair Cream will be perfect for me to try.

  8. Karla

    L9ve this SBR cream ! I even put it on my lips when they are super chapped and it works wonders!

  9. Bushraa

    Love this post

  10. Shannon Brown

    Shaving rash and redness around the nose – I feel you. Can’t wait to try these products. ❤️

  11. Kate

    I’m a big fan of barrier creams. My skin is super sensitive, and I really battle in winter. Definitely keen to give SBR repair cream a try, to reduce my skin sensitivity.
    Thanks for a great post!

  12. Saira Obaray

    Awesome post I love SBR products!

    1. Saira Obaray

      I love SBR repair for the rashes on the sides of my nose. They’re extremely dry red and itchy and peel but completely disappear overnight with SBR repair!

  13. Henriette

    The Repair Cream sounds like it would be amazing for my very dry skin!

  14. Lamantha

    SBR Lipocream is safe in all age groups. It works well for all types of dry skin conditions, especially during the winter season. Every household should have one!

  15. rene govender

    The SBR Repair cream would really help with the dryness around my cheeks and nose area that I’m prone to in winter.

  16. Lauren

    I suffer from cracked dry skin on my hands in winter and it becomes very painful. I rub the repair on at night every night and what a difference! Provides relief the very next day and it is brilliant for dry elbows and feet! Also, helps my kids when they suffer from “winter burn” due to the extreme change in weather.. with SBR a little goes a very long way!

  17. James Donlin

    Use the SBR repair cream specifically on my hands to repair cuticle damage and split skin, as well as help repair calluses and prevent blisters caused by physical Labour . The Lipo cream is great as an all over body dryness remedy cream.

  18. Bushraa Kamaldien

    Sbr repair cream will be perfect for my excema

  19. Lizna

    I’m hoping that the hydration and barrier will help keep my eczema under control. I get it in my eyebrows and next to my nose when the seasons change and extra moisture helps

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