Nick’s Notes: I WANT IT ALL AND I WANT IT NOW!, Sugar & Spice
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Right!!!! It’s that time of year again, it’s my birthday one year older and a few grey hairs to add to the pile.  HOWEVER, as a small consolation for edging one step closer to taking up residence in Geriatric-Ville, I get to ask for a few presents! (Within reason unfortunately).



Nick’s Notes: I WANT IT ALL AND I WANT IT NOW!, Sugar & Spice


1.Kaliber Damascus Collectors Edition large (R2999) – I am CRAZY about knives! I am a collector and so anytime I get a chance to acquire a new addition I jump at the opportunity.  This Kaliber Damascus collector’s addition ticks all the boxes!  The Damascus pattern on the blade is OUTSTANDING!

2.Grey Goose vodka (R499) – When I cannot get my hands on a bit of bourbon, the next stop is vodka and this grey goose is the way forward!  This goes down like a home sick mole mixed with a little coke and ice.  I know there are a few vodka connoisseurs out there who will turn up there nose to that statement but whatever, it’s my birthday!  Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

3.Lindt Fruit Sensation Dark Chocolate Cranberry & Raspberry (R64.99) – Lindt Fruit sensations are just awesome! Cranberry, Raspberry and dark chocolate are best mates!  ANYTIME, ANYWHERE GET IN MY BELLY!

4.Campmaster 45L Safari Cooler Box (R999) – Let’s leave warm beer to the English shall we, with all due respect to my forefathers. In Africa, we like and need it COLD!  This Camp master cooler will fit the bill, 45 Litre space is ample for keeping whatever your poison is, icy cold.

5.Meerlust Rubicon (R429.99) – I am by no means a wine fundi, but you don’t need to be with this one!  Meerlust Rubicon is an absolute gem, CRAZY GOOD!  If this happens to pop up on my birthday I won’t be sharing!

6.Dutch Caramel Stroopwafels from Woolworths (R56.99) – Stroopwaffels!  This little Dutch sensation makes me want to slap on some clogs and move to Holland.  A hot cuppa and one or six of these puppies would be a neat way to start anyone’s day!

7.Fossil Townsman watch (R4999) – Time pieces are a man’s best friend, Fossil produce some BEAUTIES!  This is my favourite!

8.Jekyll & Hide Montana Wash Bag in Colt (R1699) – A gentleman should smell of rich mahogany and leather bound books, which is why this leather wash bag is perfect for me.

9.Whiskey Bullets (R349 for 6 reusable bullets – These are just a neat thing to have!  As a bonus if you’re a whiskey drinker and don’t wish to water down your expensive libation theses will cool your drink without adding all the water from melting ice.

10.Ecozoom Versa Wood & Charcoal Stove (R699) – Man make fire!

11.Fossil Flynn watch (R4599) – As you have read I love my time pieces and so I threw another one in because it’s just good looking!  And one can never own too many well-made watches.

12.Srixon Tour Dry Gold Cap (R259) – Having being recently bitten by the golf bug, I have been on the lookout for accessories and this Srixon Cap is practical and sure to make me look the part even if I’m not one hundred percent sure what I am doing yet.

13.Wusthof Classic Nakiri Knife 17cm (R1549) – Wustof produce some of the best blades around in my opinion, this knife is brilliant and any foodie worth their salt needs a good set of knives, oh and again it’s a knife so yeah I want it!



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