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Currently #5, Sugar & Spice

Currently #5, Sugar & Spice


Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief gel cream

Currently #5, Sugar & Spice
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Yes I’m late to the party on this one.  I’ve been suffering super dehydrated skin that had been very red and irritated as the dehydration was compromising my skin’s barrier.  With my wedding planning in full force, and just over a month to go until the big day, my budget was MINUSCULE to say least.  I’d bought my beloved Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel-Cream and even that wasn’t cutting it, as it had gone a bit too far.

That’s where my amazing friend Camilla from Jane Wonder came in – in a bid to spoil me for my wedding, she met me for coffee with a little gift bag and a handmade card.  In it was a jar of this magical hydration cream, and a Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil.  I have such incredible friends!

After only two days of using this product my skin was dramatically improved.  I use it at night to really lock in all of the goodness I apply after cleansing my skin, and I use the Neutrogena during the day with a very light hydrating serum before it.  I find that even though they’re both gel-cream products, the Clinique is a bit richer and thicker than the Neutrogena, which is quite a lot more like a water gel even though it’s the richer variant in the Hydro Boost range.


Your Weekly Edit: Blush + Marble Geometric Planner

Currently #5, Sugar & Spice
Image courtesy of Instagram @alexalilyshop

I bought this gorgeous planner from the Blush Paper Company (now known as Alexa Lily) last year as a Christmas gift to myself.  I love being organised and having to do lists.  Little did I know I’d be getting engaged on Christmas Day and having to suddenly plan my wedding for the beginning of July this year!

This planner has my entire life in it, and is absolutely everything to me.  It keeps me on track and on time, and I really treasure it.  I’ve already had to wipe it down several times as it’s always being handled and gets dirty.  But it’s the best planner/diary I have ever owned, and I will most definitely be buying another one for 2018.  Well done Anel and Jen!


The Handmaid’s Tale

Currently #5, Sugar & Spice

The series is new, even in the States.  Based on the book by Margaret Atwood, it’s the very intense and gripping story of Offred, a handmaid in the house of Gileadan Commander Fred Waterford.  This is the description off of Wikipedia is the following: –

“In a dystopian near-future, the totalitarian and Christian fundamentalist government of Gilead rules the former United States amidst an ongoing civil war. Society is organized along a new, militarized, hierarchical regime of Bible-inspired social and religious fanaticism and newly-created social classes, in which women are brutally subjugated, and by law are not allowed to work, own property, control money, or read. Widespread infertility due to warfare-induced environmental contamination has resulted in the conscription of the few remaining fertile women — called Handmaids, according to Biblical precedent — who are assigned to the homes of the ruling elite, where they must submit to ritualized rape with their male masters in order to become pregnant and bear children for those men and their wives.

The main character, Offred (Elisabeth Moss), is the Handmaid assigned to the home of Gileadan Commander Fred Waterford (Joseph Fiennes) and his religious wife Serena Joy (Yvonne Strahovski), and as such is subject to the strictest rules and constant scrutiny; an improper word or deed on her part can lead to her execution. Offred, who is named after her male master like all Handmaids, can remember the “time before”, when she was married with a daughter and had her own name and identity, but all she can safely do now is follow the rules of Gilead in the hope that she can someday live free and reunite with her daughter.”

Whew!  Like I said, intense, but it’ll grip you and get your inner feminist passionately involved in how unfair the situation is.


I’m greedy as I’ve been lusting after two products.

Too Faced Natural Love Eye palette

Currently #5, Sugar & Spice
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All of the natural, nude and bronzey eye shadows I could ever want in one single palette.  I mean, I could actually get rid of my other palettes and only have this one, and worst case use it for bronzer, blush, contour and highlight as well if I needed to.  Of course I’d never get rid of my other children (my palettes are my children right now, mkay!), but I’m just making a point as to how great this palette is.

Urban Decay Naked Heat palette

Currently #5, Sugar & Spice
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I don’t personally own any of the UD Naked palettes (a problem I shall hopefully rectify soon), but wowzers this one is gorgeous!  I love warm shades for my eyes as they really make my green eyes pop, and this palette would just be the ultimate in that.  I know, I know, so many brands have their signature warm-toned eyeshadow palettes, but this one is just so PRETTY!


De Villiers Thins Toasted Coconut Dark Snacking Chocolate

Currently #5, Sugar & Spice
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I’ve only ever seen these yummy chocolates at Woolworths.  It’s basically wafer thin shards of 55% dark chocolate, and you get different fillings.  It’s GMO free, gluten free, dairy free, soya free and COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY DELICIOUS.

By far my favourite flavour is the Toasted Coconut – it tastes like a Bounty Bar, but more expensive and it’s healthier too!  You can also get Chilli Corn Chip, Almond and Sea Salt and Salted Caramel as far as I know



It seems like a bit of an old-lady thing to do, but I was looking for something to do in the evenings, that could be a sort of mindless distraction for my fingers – I often feel like TV isn’t enough to relax me and calm my mind from all of the wedding and work stress.

My mom taught me how to crochet a short while ago, and since then I’ve started making my own snood from this super gorgeous sunset-coloured wool.  It has a metallic blue thread running through it, but the wool works up into stripes and is just so pretty.  I can’t wait until it’s done!



Currently #5, Sugar & Spice
Image courtesy of Instagram @sssmithster

This gal is beyond gorgeous – all of her Instagram pictures are just perfection and some are crazy funny too.  I actually met her in real life at a friend’s wedding a while back and trust me – she’s just as flawless and bubbly in real life!  If you aren’t already – give her a follow!


What have you been currently loving? 


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    I can’t watch the handmaids tale too often because I end up just screaming at random men on the street ” WE”RE PEOPLE!” and then they look confused and I feel embarrassed…

  2. An Ordinary Gal

    Thank you so much for the link for the Blush Paper company. Somebody asked me where I got mine and when I went onto Instagram they were just missing in action. I thought they closed down.

    1. Such a pleasure! I’m not sure why they switched names to Alexa Lily, but their planners are so darned amazing. Mine is so battered already despite trying to keep it in pristine condition. I’ll definitely be buying another for 2018, plus they just launched a whole lot of pretty notebooks too!

  3. Ah my Shivvy, I am so glad you love the Clinique and Clarins goodies!
    Ovs those two palettes are amazing but what really caught my eye is that De Villiers Thins Toasted Coconut Dark Snacking Chocolate! Can’t wait to grab it xxx

    ♡ Cam | • Jane Wonder •

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