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I often talk about my love for the incredible dr.dermal products – not only are they amazing, but they are dermatologist and plastic surgeon developed, so you know that they’re really going to do the job properly.

To top off the hard working products, the brand recently launched a skin clinic – SKIN by dr.dermal – which offers a number of different treatments.  You can have a superficial peel, collagen-induction therapy, advanced skin treatments to suit your skin, as well as botox and dermal fillers done here, all by appointment.

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When I got engaged, the one thing I new I needed to start on immediately was the journey to good skin.  I was already using the dr.dermal Texture Correction Pads and The Omega Skin Oil and loving them, but I’ve been having so many issues with my skin since coming off the contraceptive pill in August last year.  I also had a Mirena placed at the same time, so the doctors kept telling me that the two things were causing my skin to go a bit crazy (a lot – not a bit!) and that things would settle down within a few months.

It’s been 10 months since and things have most certainly NOT settled down.  My skin thinks it’s gone back 13 years and is in high school again, which is not ideal for a soon-to-be-bride.  Oil, constant breakouts (and not just regular old spots, I’ve been having hormonal acne pop up on my cheeks, cheeks that haven’t seen a spot since high school), bumpy texture and terrible dehydration have been ongoing since about September last year.  My only saving grace with spots were the dr.dermal Texture Correction Pads, as they seemed to help minimise the breakouts a bit, and remove any funny bumpy texture and marks left behind by spots.

With all of this going on, the last thing I wanted to do was go and have a facial with a product I was unsure of, and I definitely didn’t want to go and have any extractions as I wasn’t sure if it would be the start of some epic breakout that I wouldn’t recover from in time for the wedding.  I needed something a little more gentle, yet something that would still help my skin look smooth and glowing for my special day.

I sent a message to the lovely Thejal Singh at Skin by dr.dermal, and what she suggested for me was the Dr Dermal’s Hyaluronic Infusion Premium Skin Treatment.  It’s designed to leave you with hydrated, youthful and rejuvenated skin with a beautiful glow – perfect for brides.  She did recommend we do a skin scan (complimentary before your first treatment) at the start, so that she could fully determine my skin problems and then keep track of any improvement.  I agreed and booked two treatments – one at the beginning of the month prior to my wedding, and one the week of my wedding.  This would ensure that any dehydration was eased up a bit beforehand, and that my skin was glowing and plumped the week of the wedding.

I received an email the morning before my treatment, to remind me of the booking and to confirm that it was still a go ahead.

When I arrived for my treatment, Thejal greeted me at the reception and led me through to the treatment room.  She then asked me what my issues were and what I was looking to achieve in time for the wedding.  After a quick glance at my face, she could already tell how dehydrated my skin was, and after cleansing my skin and doing the scan, she could tell that other than hormones and stress, the main cause of my oiliness and spots was because my skin was so dehydrated.  She said that if we could get it to a better stage of hydration, the spots would probably ease off a heck of a lot, and the oil would subside, as my skin was producing this oil to compensate for how little moisture my skin had to hold onto.  My skin was pink and red to the touch, with bumps on my cheeks and it felt so tight and uncomfortable around my nose and on my chin – the areas that were the most dehydrated.

Thejal then talked me through the treatment.  The first step was an enzymatic pumpkin fruit exfoliation that contains glycolic acid to resurface the skin, making sure there were no dead skin cells that would prevent the hyaluronic acid from penetrating.  Thanks to my use of the dr.dermal Texture Correction Pads, my skin didn’t get too tingly or sting from the glycolic acid, and all I felt was a mild warming up and tingle.  It has a spicy, yet sweet scent to it – I compared it to hot cross buns, sweet and spicy.

After this was left on for a short while, and I’d had a lovely gentle head massage, Thejal then removed the product and began the next step – a skinpen microneedling device that infuses hyaluronic acid into the deeper layers of the skin.  Hyaluronic acid is known for it’s intense hydrating abilities, and it helps to stimulate collagen production in the skin.  The microneedling device doesn’t penetrate as far as the one they use for collagen induction, but it just pushes the product further into the skin that a topic serum would that you apply after cleansing at home.  With this, you’ll get a much deeper hydration boost into your skin.

The microneedling didn’t hurt at all, due to the tool being much more gentle, and only used to really massage the hyaluronic acid into my skin.  It felt like a very soothing facial massage, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Thejal then placed one of the Total Rejuvenation silk sheet masks on my face and left it to hydrate my skin even further, all the while giving me another head massage.  I actually dozed off at one point, I felt so relaxed and pampered, and my skin felt the calmest and happiest it had felt in such a long time.  After about 10 minutes, she removed the sheet mask, and applied the Total Rejuvenation Plasma, The Repair Balm and the UV Guard 50 sunscreen, as I was leaving just after lunch time and not putting makeup back onto my fresh and glowing skin.

It’s now 10 days later, and the difference in my skin has been remarkable.  The bumps that were on my cheeks are mostly gone.  The breakouts I had starting are mostly gone.  I’ve had one pimple pop up since on my cheek, but that’s down to stress.  The redness and tight feeling were completely gone for the first week and a half, but due to the weather, my skin is a bit thirsty again now.  I’m trying to maintain this by using a hydrating serum every morning and night, and I have a couple of sheet masks (sadly not dr.dermal ones, they’re more budget friendly but work nonetheless) that I’m trying to use twice a week.  This keeps any redness at bay, and soothes my skin with a burst of hydration that it badly needs.  All in all, my skin is so much better than it was, just not quite there yet!  I’m looking forward to my treatment the week of the wedding, as I’ll badly need the downtime from stress, and it’ll really give my skin that amazing boost just before the big day.

The treatment is suitable for anyone wanting to give themselves a glowing, youthful appearance, whether it’s for a specific event or just as a monthly maintenance.  It is 80 minutes long and costs R890.  I was very lucky – while I did pay for my initial treatment at the beginning of June, dr.dermal has very kindly gifted me with the one I’ll have the week of my wedding!

Does this treatment sound like something you’d enjoy, or get good results from?  Or do you think they might have a different treatment that’s up your street?  You can pop them a message on their Facebook page, where there’s a booking form too, or email on –  they’re exceptionally helpful!



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  1. Janel Sunderlall

    Oh my word. I wish i could have this done and more
    Sounds amazing

  2. Mieke Roux

    What is the omega oils texture like? I have dry skin but I don’t want to look/feel like an deep fried vetkoek after using it 😏 does it sink in nicely and can I mix it with my moisturiser when I only want a little something extra?

    1. Siobhan

      Hi Mieke! I have combo/oily skin and I love it. I hate feeling greasy too, but I use 3 drops max, rub it between my hands and then press it into my skin. Wait 5 min and it’ll have sunk in completely! You can also mix it with your moisturiser to add an extra oomph to it 😉 xx

  3. Shalen

    Good day, Trust you are well. Would you have the contact details of Skin by Dermal or Thejal. Your assistance & help is most appreciated

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