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In all honesty, I’d never heard of the Liebster Award before the lovely Marné from Koekeloeks nominated me.  Thank you so much girlie! xxx
The breakdown is that the Liebster Award is internet ONLY.  There is no physical trophy and there isn’t a prize-giving.  Basically, you are nominated by a fellow blogger, and you then go on to nominate other bloggers too.  The trick is to go for those small, just-beginning or not quite fully recognised bloggers – the ones who don’t have these massive followings just yet! It’s similar to a chain letter, and once you accept the nomination, you then go on to answer a few questions (chosen by the blogger who nominated you) about yourself.  You then have to choose your own questions and nominate 5-11 other bloggers, as well as linking back to the lovely blogger who chose to nominate you!  If you’d like to read more about the Liebster Award, click HERE.
So here are my answers to Marné’s questions: –
❀ Why did you start blogging?
I have always loved to write, and I’ve always loved all things beauty.  Initially I decided, after following a few beauty bloggers for quite some time, that I would love to be able to contribute my opinions and reviews on products.  It’s so helpful when you’re considering purchasing something pricey, to be able to read real reviews on it.  So many times before I’d bought a face wash or makeup product, only to have wasted my money, and if I’d read a review on it prior to forking out the cash, then I could have spent that money on something that would work better.
However, I love to read lifestyle blogs and food blogs and fashion blogs as well, so I have included several lifestyle aspects to my blog as well.
I like how it makes the blog more about me and all the things I love, as opposed to just one aspect of  myself.
❀ What is the worst advice you have ever received (blogging or otherwise)?
The worst advice?  Well, I have always tried to take other people’s advice as just that – advice, not something I have to do because I’m told to.  In blogging, I always ask for a lot of advice from fellow bloggers, as it can only help me grow, and if I really don’t agree with it, I’ll just do what I think is best anyway.  However, in my personal life I’ve received a heck of a lot of ‘advice’ on guys that hasn’t always been great.  So many people I know just want to see me settled and happy with a great guy, yet constantly try and push me to settle on someone who just isn’t right for me.  This has led to many, many lonely third/fifth/seventh wheel outings and holidays, but why should a girl settle for less than she deserves???
❀ Mention one of your guilty pleasures
I have so many guilty pleasures, how could I possibly just choose one?!  My favourite is most probably going onto my subscriptions list on YouTube, downloading any videos from my favourite YouTubers, and then popping them onto a usb stick to watch on my big screen at home.  While tucked in with a comfy blanket, and some wine.  And possibly some very unhealthy snacks.
❀ If you could time-travel, would you go back to the past or would you travel to the future?
I’d definitely go back to the past!  I’m a huge history buff, and I love so many different eras, that I’d go back to see what they were like in the flesh.
❀ Describe yourself with a movie and/or song title
A Series of Unfortunate Events – if something ridiculous or funny can happen to someone, it’ll inevitably happen to me! I’m clumsy all the darn time.
❀ If money and time was not the issue, what career would you choose for yourself?
I’d be a professional YouTube video watcher!
❀ Where did you last go on holiday?
Cape Town!  I went down for a long weekend to spend some time with my younger sister, who’s in her final year at the Waterfront Theatre College.  We’re only 3 years apart, and exceptionally close, so it really sucks to have her living so far away from me.
❀ Flats or stilettos?
I wish I could say stilettos, as I have a huge shoe addiction, and have some totally gorgeous pairs of heels sitting in my cupboard.  But I’m just so darn clumsy at the best of times, that I don’t often wear stilettos.  I fall ALL. THE. TIME.  There comes a time in life where you realise that no matter how pretty the shoes, that they’re just not worth the bruises, scrapes and pulled muscles!
❀ What makes you laugh?
I won’t lie, I laugh at a heck of a lot.  But I love sarcasm, so anyone who’s sarcastic can get a good giggle out of me.  Also, I laugh at one of my sister’s strange little fears – she gets freaked out by fat animals.  So I google pictures of them and send them to her every now and then!
❀ Name any 3 fails, whether beauty products, embarrassing moments or subjects failed somewhere in your life
I’ll give you one of each!
1. Beauty product fail: I once bought a Neutrogena face wash (it was years ago, before I knew what was good/bad for my skin), and it was CLEARLY not right for my sensitive skin – it resulted in the worst allergic reaction I’ve ever had to any product.  My entire face was covered in teensy red bumps, it was sore and itchy and my face SWELLED UP!  My eyes were little slits, and I was in agony.  I had to go to the doctor and get super strong antihistamines and a cortisone cream to take down the swelling and clear up the rash.  I now know what I can or can’t put on my skin.
2. Embarrassing moment: I don’t know how I can just choose one – I suffer from chronic clumsiness, a huge lack of tact and terrible foot-in-mouth disease.  It lends to me often being the butt of a lot of jokes amongst my family and friends.  My worst though – I was wondering into work one day, daydreaming and stumbling along, and I walked into a huge, heavy, metal pole that was hanging off the back of a bakkie.  Thank the Pope I’m as short as I am, or I’d have taken out my left eyeball!  Instead, I cut open my forehead, and was so embarrassed and so sore and bleeding, so I just ran and hid in our ladies bathroom and cried until someone came to find me.  Luckily I didn’t need stitches.  I do have a teensy scar from it too!
3. Subject Failed: When I first matriculated, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life.  I ended up studying an LLB degree, but it really just wasn’t for me.  It was so insanely boring to me, and so into my second year, I just couldn’t focus on it at all.  I was taking extra English and Classical Civilisation classes just so I didn’t drown in my boredom.  Luckily, my friend Steve seemed to be having the same problem, and we figured we’d study together to try and work through the notes for our Law of Delict exam.  After several hours of using different coloured highlighters and pretending they were people/cars/etc in the different cases we were ‘studying’ and laughing most of the time at the silly names and characters we gave them (yes, very mature), I eventually ended up failing my exam.  But it was a turning point, and I dropped my LLB degree the following semester.
❀ 3 things you don’t want to live without

My family (this means people AND dogs – they’re family too!), a good cup of tea and my Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation.

I nominate the following ladies (some of them might be bigger bloggers, yet I have only just discovered them) : –

Camilla from Jane Wonder
Karley from Karleytime
Nisa from Belle BluSHH
Hayleigh from Hayls World

And here are your questions: –

1. When and why did you start blogging?
2. What advice would you give your 16 year old self?
3. Name your top 5 YouTubers.
4. Sweet or Savoury?
5. Dark Eyes or Dark Lips?
6. What is your favourite ‘drugstore’ brand?
7. What overseas beauty brand would you most like to try?
8. Use 3 words to describe your personality.
9. In an ideal world, which YouTuber and/or blogger would you love to do a collab with?
10. Other than blogging, what are your interests/hobbies?
11. If your house caught on fire, what are the 3 most important things you’d grab as you were escaping?

The rules are as follows: –

Give a link back to the blogger who nominated you.
Answer the set of 11 questions she has given you.
Nominate between 5 and 11 other bloggers.
Come up with 11 questions for them to answer.
Give your nominated bloggers a shout out, so they know you nominated them!



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    You are SO much fun and I loved reading your answers Siobhan!! Thanks for taking part, I enjoyed it too.
    And don't feel bad about your Law of Delict exam, I took 5 years to complete a 3 year degree in accounting so thank heavens me I didn't get that question, I would still be typing out all my fails, hahahaha!

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