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Is it lame to say I’ve only just discovered how good Nando’s Perinaise is?  It’s one of the many new things I’ve been trying out since I met my fiancé, and I just love it.  I’ve been getting more into hot sauces and things with a bit of a kick in the last few years, and now I can’t live without this spicy mayonnaise.  It’s amazing on burgers, on braai meat and even on a bland ol’ tuna salad!




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The Ren Resurfacing Aha concentrate has been around for a while, and despite being part of their Radiance range, I can’t find it on their website anymore.  I fear it may have been discontinued, and if this is the case I will outright sob.  It’s amazing stuff!

I bought a bottle on sale on a Runway Sale event late last year, and if I see it pop up again, you can bet your sweet ass that I’ll be popping it into my basket again.  Perhaps I’ll grab more than one bottle?  It was decently discounted, and if it has been discontinued, then momma had better stock up!

It lightly resurfaces your skin overnight, with aha acids, and leaves it radiant, clear and more even in tone.  And it really does all of these things!  I’ve found that my skin is smoother, softer and any marks have faded.  My skin is quite sensitive and I’ve had no reactions or irritation at all.  You only need a few drops for your entire face, and you apply it on before other serums and moisturisers, at night.  Just ensure that you use a good sunscreen the following morning, as the acids leave your skin more prone to sunburn.



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I’ve recently gotten back into watching 2 Broke Girls – I’ve never kept 100% up to date with the show, but I’ve started watching it all over again, from season 1, and I’m loving it.  Max’s filthy humour and Caroline’s determination to make their business succeed is funny and heart-warming at the same time.


Have you seen the new Colourpop pressed eyeshadows?  I’ve long been a fan of Colourpop as a brand in general (you’ll soon be seeing a brand review), but they recently launched pressed eyeshadows.  At $5 a pan, they’re super affordable, and seem to be really gorgeous and pigmented.

So far I have my eyes on Silver Lining (matte dusty purple), Come and Get It (duo-chrome rose and gold)  and Backseat (metallic deepened aquamarine) – so pretty!


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I’ve never been one to order Buffalo wings from anywhere before, but the Buffalo Wing Basket from the Keg and Trout in Hillcrest is just too darn delicious.

We’ve been on somewhat of a Buffalo wing binge in the last few months, and between us we’ve managed to sample all of the flavours that the Keg has to offer.  You have the option of an 8 (R90) or 16 piece (R155) basket, together with onion rings and fries, and get the following choices with it:

Basting: Lime Jalapeno; Coca Cola; Sriracha Honey; Smoky BBQ and Buffalo Hot Sauce
Dipping sauce: Blue Cheese; BBQ; Smoky BBQ; Honey Mustard and Sweet Chilli

Our favourites are the Coca Cola and Buffalo Hot Sauce basting sauces, with either the Smoky BBQ or Honey Mustard dipping sauce.

Also – I’d intended taking a photo of my wings last night when we ate there – but they’re so good, and I was so hungry that it never happened!


I can’t be the only one thinking of Valentine’s Day already, can I?  I’m obsessed with themes in all things, and I love Valentine’s Day, as corny and commercialised as it is.  I’ve already got plans to make Raspberry Cheesecake Brownies for my work colleagues, and I had planned out a gourmet dinner to cook my other half for the night, but he wants to go out for dinner somewhere instead – which I can hardly complain about can I!

Check out some gorgeous Valentine’s themed Pins here.



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I’m sure most of you South Africans (and folks from around the world too) know Kandy Kane Makeup – she’s a South African YouTuber and she’s not only gorgeous, but an incredible makeup artist.

Check out her channel for amazing makeup finds, tutorials and more!


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