Lush Christmas Haul


So, the Lush Christmas collection for 2016 has been released.  It has run out of stock and been restocked, and run out again online.

Lush are just the ultimate Christmas gift – their amazingly delicious bath and shower goodies, and face products are just so tied into my idea of Christmas goodies now, that I keep a memo in my diary for when the collection will be available online, so I can try my best to get my greedy little paws on as many of the incredible limited-edition items as possible.  And this year, I did exceptionally well at this!

I’ll give a brief run through here of what I bought, what I thought of it, and what I wish I had bought.

Bath Bombs and Bubble Bars

The Magic of Christmas Bubble Bar R95




I admit, I bought this for both the gorgeous cinnamon scent, and the utterly Christmas-sy look of it.  I can’t show you a picture of mine that I bought, as I’ve already used this one up (on an unusually cold, rainy Durban evening, complete with a big glass of red wine).  My reckoning was that the lovely essential oils that the bubble bar contain were oozing out all over the paper packaging, so I had to use it up!

I’ll definitely be buying this bubble bar again, it smells absolutely delicious and gave me a gorgeous orange bubble bath.

Golden Wonder Bath Ballistic R69.50


My all-time favourite Lush Bomb.  This golden gift is filled with a sparkly surprise, and leaves my bath smelling sweet, fruity and a gorgeous blue-green colour.

The golden shimmer on the outside doesn’t leave your bath coated in a layer of glitter, so don’t be afraid of this if you’re not a big glitter fan.

I was a little afraid to order this bath bomb online, as the last time I did, it broke in transit.  My lovely friend Camilla from Jane Wonder picked one up for me at the Lush store in Gateway, so I don’t have it juuuuuusssssssssstt yet.  Fingers crossed Cam doesn’t use it up before I see her! 😉

Luxury Lush Pud Bath Bomb R69.50


Wow, I sound terrible, but I also don’t have a photo of my Luxury Lush Pud – It arrived a bit smashed up, so I popped it in the bath on the night my package arrived.  I consoled myself that a photo of it wouldn’t have been too pretty, as it just looked pink from the dust covering it.

I enjoyed this bath bomb, and it was pretty and smelled lovely.  It also left me feeling all calm and relaxed for bed, thanks to the lavender oil it contains!

Stardust R52.50

I’ve been trying to save this bath bomb, as I think it’ll be perfect for either the night before or the morning of Christmas.  It looks seriously underwhelming, but it’s filled with pretty silver and gold stars that’ll melt slowly in my bath water.  Plus, it’s scented subtly with bergamot, rosewood and fair-trade vanilla, so it won’t be a heavy scent that’ll clash with any perfume I decide to put on or leave my bedding smelling strongly of it.

Shower Gels

Rose Jam shower gel 100g R95

I’d never tried this shower gel before, but it sounded like the scent would be right up my alley – and I wasn’t disappointed.

It smells just like delicious rose turkish delight, and I just so wish I’d bought the 250g bottle.  My thought was to buy the smallest bottle, so that if I wasn’t that big a fan of the scent, then I’d be able to finish it up relatively quickly.  Of course I was going to like a rose-vanilla scent!

I have sensitive skin, and this shower gel left my skin soft, smooth and not irritated in the slightest.  Definite repurchase for next year (I’d say this year if I can find it, but I have 4 shower gels on the go in my shower right now!?)

Snow Fairy shower gel 250g R155

My all-time favourite Lush shower gel.  I love how girly and pink this is, with the hint of sparkle and the scent of candy floss.  It’s absolutely freaking delicious.  It’s very sweet, so if  you don’t like sweet scents, then perhaps give it a skip, but I love it!

I’m very glad I got the 250g bottle, as I can make this last me for a fair amount of time, if I don’t get over-excited and use it with every single shower!


Body conditioners

Snow Fair Body Conditioner 215g R245

As much as I love the scent of my Snow Fairy shower gel, it doesn’t linger on the skin long if you apply a body lotion.  So that’s where this body conditioner comes in!

You apply it as you would a hair conditioner – rub it in and rinse it off.  You can then give the regular body lotion a skip, as you’re all lotioned-up already!

This smells like a fruitier version of the shower gel, thanks to the cherry infusion, and is absolutely delicious!

Christingle Body Conditioner 100g R175

I liked the idea of a minty body conditioner – to give me that extra freshness and kick on days when I’m battling to get up and get going.

This body conditioner leaves your skin feeling cool and tingly, and incredibly well-moisturised.  I can see this being fantastic on super hot days.

Lip goodies

Santa’s Lip Scrub R105

I’ve heard about this cola-flavoured lip scrub before, and I’d just been thinking about buying a new lip scrub, as my lips have been battling a bit.

This smells delicious, tastes delicious (you can lick off the excess when you’ve finished scrubbing), and the gorgeous bright red, with edible hearts scattered through makes for a really festive thrill.

So there you have it – my Lush Christmas 2016 haul!  
Have you bought any of the Christmas goodies, and if so which ones?


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  1. Awesome post, Shiv! I love my mention, and I would never use it up 😉 this just confirms that we need to see each other soon! The Magic of Christmas Bubble Bar sounds right up my alley, cinnamon during Christmas time? YES!!

  2. Siobhan Hughes

    We do!

    Cinnamon is good for me anytime, and I'm particularly obsessed with it in general at the moment. Keep an eye out for my next 'Currently' post and you'll see!


  3. Marné

    I'm sad already that all these goodies are not available anymore. I also got a few goodies, but for a change, nothing the same as you, lol. I got the Snowman Shower Jelly, my favourite Lush product by far. I would pay big bucks to get hold of this again, I really hope they bring it back next year. Then I also got Bubbly shower gel, Sleepy body lotion, Angel something bath melt, Salt & Peppermint Bark body scrub and Fairy something lip scrub and the lip tint. How I wish they were all part of the permanent collection!

  4. Siobhan Hughes

    I've never been a big fan of the shower jellies. I'm so clumsy that I end up dropping bits of them everywhere and wasting it 🙁 Please give me tips on how not to do this because I love the scent of their purple and blue ones that are permanent!
    I just wish I'd gotten a few other things on your list like the body scrub and the Sleepy body lotion – I got sent the body lotion as a sample from my online order and it was heavenly!

  5. Marné

    Snowman is the first shower jelly I've ever bought, I just fell in love with the scent. I broke it in half and either use it on its own or I rub it into a loofah and it hasn't broken up. I don't squish it between my fingers and that seems to help? xx

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