Project Pan #5

Here is a list of all the products I’ve finished up, or just can’t continue using.  It is a heck of a lot, but keep in mind that a lot of them were semi used, or almost empty, and I was just getting the last few uses out of them, before I moved on to fuller or newer products.
Caribbean Tan Tanning Spritzer Self Tan in C (Brown or Tanned) R92.95
I’ve been using a lot more self-tan lately, and this is probably one of my favourites.  I’ve been trying out a few different products, as I had quite a few in my drawer, but I prefer the spritzer version as it lasts longer, applies more evenly, and blends out better.  I actually think that B is a better, more natural colour for me, so I’ll be purchasing that in future.
Nivea Men Sensitive Post Shave Balm R64.95
This has so many uses – you can apply it after shaving your legs, as it helps with irritation and hydration, it’s great for post bikini waxing/shaving as it also helps with irritation and hydration, but also helps to prevent ingrown hairs, and you can use it as a face primer!  I will repurchase this.
Johnson’s Baby Shampoo R34.99 for 200ml
I use this to clean my makeup brushes, as it works the best, and if there is possibly any residue left on the brush/sponge, I know it won’t irritate my sensitive skin.
Avene Eau Thermale Thermal spring water spray R139.95
This is a must in my skincare routine, and I have purchased another.  You can use any thermal water spray, Vichy and Uriage also do them, but Avene is my favourite brand.  It soothes and hydrates your skin, and has definitely helped to calm any redness or irritation.
The Body Shop Vitamin E moisture serum R170
This was a nice facial serum, but it wasn’t anything particularly amazing.  I finished it up as it did the job, but I’m using my Nivea Anti-Ageing Energizing serum again, as I much prefer the result, and it’s cheaper.  I will be trying a different serum after that though.
Good Life organic rose water – 100% organic rose water from India) R89
I bought this on Faithful to Nature, as I was looking for a rose water based toner.  I used it up but it was VERY strong smelling, and to be honest I prefer the Lush Eau Roma toner, as it’s just a mixture of rose water and lavender water, and smells a lot more gentle.
Labello Repair and Beauty lip balm R25.75
This was a very nourishing lip balm, but I didn’t like how light the colour was on my lips, so I only used it at night before bed.  I won’t repurchase it though, as I find my Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream and my Nuxe Reve de Miel do a far better job.
Lush Bubblegum lip scrub R95 from Lush
This tiny pot lasted for ages, and was such a great lip scrub as it had just the right amount of ‘scrub’ to it.  I’m trying out a Beauty Treats one right now that is around a third of the price, but I can say right now that I’ll be going back to Lush after it.  It’s a far better product, and while I could in all honesty just make a lip scrub with kitchen ingredients at home, I love the smell and taste of the Lush ones!
Luke Total Skin Solution Charcoal Nose Cleansing strips
I got these in my international box swop that you can read about HERE.  They are FAR better than any pore strips I’ve tried here in SA, so now I just have to see how I can get hold of them, and if it will be worth it.
Freeman’s Diamond Mineral Rinse Mask Sachet R22.95 from Dischem stores
One of my favourite masks, this is a scrubby, clay-based mask, and it helps to pull any dirt or oil out of your skin, and when you add water and massage it in, it exfoliates your skin too, leaving it soft and glowy.
Hask Coconut Monoi Oil nourishing deep conditioner sachet R49.95 from Clicks stores
I bought this after reading about it on Pink Peonies blog, and it didn’t disappoint!  I use it once a week, and one sachet lasts me about 4-5 uses.  It smells like a tropical island holiday, and leaves my hair so soft and nourished.
L’Occitane Almond shower oil from L’Occitane stores R115 for this 75ml bottle
I got this in a little travel kit as a gift with purchase.  It is the BEST shower oil I’ve tried, but I just can’t bring myself to buy the full size version, as it’s so pricey.
Nivea Happy Time Shower Cream R27.95
This smells amazing, and leaves skin feeling very soft, but it doesn’t really lather up as much as other shower gels/creams I’ve tried.  It does the job though, you just need to use a bit more product.
Revlon Photoready 2-in1 Powder Foundation compact – around R260
These are my favourite powders, as they set your makeup so beautifully, while providing a bit more coverage.  They are really fine and have a very slight bit of shimmer in them, so they don’t leave your face looking flat or cakey and too matte.
Malie sheet mask in Snake
Another goodie from my international box swop, I really like these sheet masks.  I have to admit, I tried this because ‘snake’?????????  It hydrated and left my skin feeling very firm, while plumping out any fine lines.
Gillette Satin Care sensitive shave gel R64.95
I can’t use normal soap to shave with, as my skin gets very irritated.  This is a great shaving gel, as you only need a small amount and it foams up so nicely.  I’m using up some conditioners and shower oils now that I have in my drawers, as they work really well to shave with too.
Macadamia Oil Extract hair treatment R93.50
I bought this at the Peels Honey Shop on my way up to the Drakensberg Gardens, and it was lovely.  It lasted quite a while, as I was using it instead of conditioner for a while, as I really wanted to treat my highlighted hair and help to repair damage.  It smells lovely and left my hair very soft.
Beauty Blender liquid Blendercleanser sample
I got given this when I bought a Beauty Blender from Muse.SA.  It does clean your sponges and brushes, but to be honest I find that my baby shampoo does a better job, and is FAR cheaper.  I have heard that the solid cleanser is much better though.
Catrice Prime + Fine mattifying waterproof powder R89.95
I’ve had this for absolute ages (as you can see by the very beat-up packaging), and that’s because I didn’t really enjoy using it.  I prefer powder with a bit of coverage to it, and this left my skin looking quite chalky.  On a positive note, it definitely did leave my skin matte, and I didn’t need to touch up as often.
Essence Sun Club matt bronzer for brunettes R62.95
I bought the bronzer for brunettes, as the one for blondes was much more orangey, yet this also looked quite orange on the skin if I was too heavy-handed.  This is why it also lasted for ages, and the packaging looks dreadful.  I won’t be repurchasing this, as I have quite a few other bronzers to get through.
Eos lip balms around R100 each
There has been some terrible hype on the EOS lip balms lately, and while I’ve never had any extreme reactions to them, I don’t enjoy using them.  I have a few more, and they all seem to be of different consistencies, as these too are terribly waxy, and leave a coating on your lips without absorbing in.  The Sweet Mint and Strawberry Sorbet ones seem to sink in and nourish your lips a bit more, while these two (the Blueberry-Acai and Passionfruit) are just unbearable to use.
Clarins Bright Plus HP Brightening Hydrating Day lotion (with SPF20) and Brightening Repairing Night cream
I received these from Rubybox to review, along with the serum (which I finished almost in the same week I got them).  They were nice to use, didn’t irritate my skin (as a lot of brightening formulas seem to do), and are very hydrating.  My skin did seem to be not quite brightened, but more even, and some of the darker pigmentation spots I have seemed to fade while consistently using these.  However they were just a little too rich for my skin.  Nice sized samples though, as these were the deluxe travel size products.  It took me a while to finish them, as I would just use them when I spent the night out, or went away, as they were easier to pack.
Malie sheet mask in Seaweed
Another Malie sheet mask, this was so soothing, and helped calm any redness on my skin.  I’m so addicted to sheet masks, and have another 4 of these left, yet I find myself browsing different ones in every store I see them.
Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado
This is something of a cult product, with MANY bloggers, and celebrities like Kylie Jenner using it religiously.  It lasts a long time, and is really gentle and creamy, and a little goes a long way.  However, despite using it EVERY SINGLE NIGHT, I don’t find it made THAT big a difference on my under-eye area, as the fine lines (from dehydration and too much laughter) and slight darkness haven’t really improved that much.  I’d like to try another eye cream that will really help to brighten, reduce darkness and help fine lines, so if there are any you can suggest, PLEASE DO.  I’m just finishing up one that was sent for review purposes for now, but am on the lookout!



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  1. Something we finally disagree on 😉

    I love my Labello Repair and Beauty lip balm. I have one in my handbag, on my desk AND in my car. I always have at least 3-4 on hand. However, I haaaate the Nuxe Reve de Miel as it's way too thick on my lips! I wake up with gooey lips in the morning 🙁 I like using my 8 hour cream or my Labello Vanilla & Macadamia lip butter

    – Jane Wonder –

  2. Siobhan Hughes

    Hahahaha true!
    The Labello is just not a flattering shade of pink on me – I know a few other people who love it, but I don't. The formula is lovely though. I have the Labello Rose Raspberry lip butter, which is also next to my bed (I honestly think I need to see someone about my lip balm addiction – it's like I'm convinced that somehow all lip-balm producers will be killed, so I have to stock pile the stuff!).
    I found the Nuxe very thick at first, as it was just so different in consistency to any of the lip balms I'd tried before, but it sinks into my lips nicely overnight, so I don't have that whole gooey-lip issue. I find it's been either a love or hate product though.
    I love the 8 hour cream though, as a tube lasts FOREVER, but I have to say, I don't like the smell?! I've tried the unscented one, which is even worse. Yet it's effective enough that I keep repurchasing it.

  3. Marné

    Hi there! Where do you buy the Malie sheet masks from? I'm also a big fan of sheetmasks but somehow I've completely missed these, haven't noticed them anywhere before.
    I completely agree with you on the L'Occitane almond shower oil. It's an amazing product and I love it, but I don't love it enough to pay R295 for 250ml again. It's good but not thát good 🙂
    And I'm also with you on the Lush lip scrub, I also have bubblegum. But after I'll eventually finish it, I want to try the popcorn one.
    Thanx for a great post xx

  4. Siobhan Hughes

    I got them in my International Box Swop, and she sent me around 10 of them! They're really nice, but not available here in SA. I'd try Amazon or Ebay and see if you can find them there, if you're keen on them?
    I want to try the Popcorn one too!!!!!

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