Chimp & Zee rope adventure at uShaka!

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Ok so this is not actually beauty related, but I just had to tell you about the awesome new adventure park in Durban!



On the 1st of September, I attended the media opening of the new rope adventure park at uShaka Marine WorldChimp & Zee!  The park boasts Africa’s longest continuous belay system, so that you don’t have to unclip and clip back onto the line between each obstacle.  The park has different elements, mostly made from wood and rope (but also including skateboards, surfboards and a giant wooden shark), and you cross from one platform to the next via an obstacle made of these.  There are also 2 long zip lines that cross over the aquarium tanks, and 2 shorter ones.

I was suffering from a bit of a cold, as well as some horrible seasonal allergies, yet I wasn’t going to let this stop me! The morning of the event was cold, drizzly and downright miserable, yet this didn’t change the bright and happy attitudes of the staff attending to us – everyone was bubbly and excited to show off this new addition to uShaka.  We were briefed on the course by the creators of the park, as well as the uShaka management, and were informed that the adventure should take 45min for us to complete.  Everyone was strapped into harnesses, and we queued up to begin.

SUPER sexy harnesses 😛

There were definitely some nerves to begin with (and a lot of squeals, from both fear and excitement!), but once we were all underway we had such a blast!  Crossing from platform to platform gets more difficult, starting with the simpler obstacles and working up to more difficult ones where you battle to stay upright – however, even if you do fall, you’re strapped into your harness and attached to the belay system, so falling isn’t even a concern.  The staff are also there at different parts of the course to ensure that there are no problems, and to shout advice or encouragement to you as you cross the obstacles.

Photo by Jacques Naude of The Mercury.

For the adrenaline-junkie kiddie or even the fun-seeking grownup, this park promises entertainment for all ages, and the view of the aquarium as you climb, swing, scramble and tip toe across the obstacles is just beautiful.

The park is open Monday-Sunday, 9am-5pm, and is R150 per person with a minimum height of 1.2m and maximum weight of 120kgs.




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