Winter is coming! Part one

Winter is coming! Part one, Sugar & Spice

BBBBBRRRRRRR!!! Winter is on it’s way, and it’s definitely hit KZN with a bang.  We had beautiful hot weather one day, and the next the air was just freezing, with snow falling in several parts of the country.  While winter is most definitely my favourite season (who DOESN’T like snuggling up with warm drinks and fluffy blankets??!), my skin always takes such a beating with seasonal changes.  As we ease into the colder, drier weather, I thought I’d share some tips for keeping your skin (and mood) looking and feeling great after the summer ends.


For those of you lazy girls (and guys!) who don’t moisturise you body everyday (Best Friend and Sister – I’m talking to you) – SLAP THAT CREAM ON IN WINTER! My biggest pet hate is dry skin – you know that sound where someone scratches their arm or leg and you get that scraping sound? Yeah, to me that’s like nails on a chalkboard.  I put cream on everyday, twice a day.  Some people don’t like that sticky feeling on their skin, so they avoid it.  The solution is simple – just find a cream that absorbs and doesn’t simply sit on the surface.  I use a lighter lotion in summer, and in winter I just use something richer to combat the dryness.  Some really good products for winter are body butters from The Body Shop, as you can find a scent for everyone, and they really do nourish the skin beautifully – you just have to make sure they’re rubbed in well.  My favourites are the Wild Argan oil, the Coconut and the Fijian Water Lotus.

Winter is coming! Part one, Sugar & Spice


For those of you that don’t like something so thick and greasy feeling – try Dove Purely Pampering Lotion with Shea Butter and Warm Vanilla (on special for R29 for 250ml at Spar at the moment) or Nivea Happy Time lotion (around R35). Both absorb very quickly and don’t leave your skin feeling greasy or sticky, and the Happy Time lotion has an orangey scent to it, perfect for perking up your senses on those chilly winter mornings.

Winter is coming! Part one, Sugar & Spice


Switching up your regular shower gel for a shower cream or oil is a great idea too.  It helps to add that extra bit of nourishment to your skin, to prevent it from drying out.  Some great examples are Lipidol Cleansing Body Oil (R79?? at Clicks), Nivea Pampering Shower Oil (around R43), Dove Deeply Nourishing Shower Cream (around R34) or the Palmolive Gourmet Spa Shower cream range (around R46 for 500ml)- right now I’m loving the Chocolate Veil scent, it smells like I’m showering in chocolate Super M! The oils foam up nicely in the shower, and don’t leave an oily film on your skin, and both creams and oils leave your skin feeling much softer before you’ve even applied any lotion.

Winter is coming! Part one, Sugar & Spice


Body conditioners have been the rage for a while now.  Lush have a pretty famous one called Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner (R255 for 225g)  which smells like roses and is filled to the brim with different butters and oils to make your skin feel pampered and amazing.  They’ve also added African Paradise Body Conditioner too (R325 for 250g), which contains delicious ingredients sourced from all over Africa.  Nivea launched their version of this idea a while back too – Nivea In-shower Body Conditioner (for normal and dry skin) which retails at around R45-R55 for the bumper size bottle.

If you’re not familiar with it, the idea with a body conditioner is that you use it the same way you’d use a hair conditioner – you wash you body as per usual, and then slather on the body conditioner all over your skin, and rinse it off.  It leaves a moisturised residue (not oily AT ALL), so that you don’t have to apply cream after your shower.  The added bonus is that your skin absorbs moisturising ingredients best when the pores are open and your skin is damp, so the body conditioner really penetrates to keep your skin soft and nourished.  This is also great for winter, as you don’t have to leave the stream of hot water and jump around applying cold lotion in the chilly air – you simply towel off and get dressed!

Winter is coming! Part one, Sugar & Spice


Adding a bath oil or a bath melt to your night time bath can help to add moisture to your skin too.
I love Charlotte Rhys Rose bath oil (R146 for 500ml), and from Lush (there’s ALWAYS something from Lush – I’m an addict!) my favourites bath melts are Ceridwen’s Cauldron (R65) and Mmm Melting Marshmallow Moment (R47).  The Marshmallow Moment smells exactly like real marshmallows and turns your bath water pink, while cocoa butter and almond oil pamper your skin.  The Ceridwen’s Cauldron melt though is the ultimate in pampering – it all comes wrapped in a little muslin bag, and uses various oils and cocoa butter to nourish your skin.  When you’ve had enough of soaking in your bath, you grab the muslin bag, which now contains oats and wildflowers, and use it to scrub down your whole body.  All you need is to add a glass of wine and some candles, and you have the ultimate in girly me-time!

Winter is coming! Part one, Sugar & Spice

*extra tip – wait for those painful nights of load shedding – I use my load shedding schedule, and time it perfectly so that I’m just getting into my bath as the lights go out, and you can use about 30 minutes of your load shedding to soak and sip wine and bask in the candlelight.


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