Newlywed Gift Guide for him – Birthday

Newlywed Gift Guide for him – Birthday, Sugar & Spice
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I’m about to celebrate 2 whole months of being an old married lady, and I couldn’t be any happier!  I have a wonderful husband and we’re having the best time together.  I’m a very lucky girl.

With his birthday coming up, however, I’ve been mulling things over, wondering what to get him.  He has a lot of interests, and it would be easy to get him a fancy craft gin or bourbon, or some nice knives for the kitchen.  I could get him some doughnuts from Krispy Kreme (his absolute favourite) or I could buy him a book on World War I or II.  He loves history and he loves gardening.

But being newlyweds (does only being married for 2 months mean we’re still newlyweds??) and the fact we’re about to celebrate our first birthday of his as a married couple, I want it to be special.  Not just any old gift that I could find in a mall.

I think I’m not the only one who finds this all rather daunting.  Finding that special someone a gift is hard at the best of times, but when it’s for your new husband or wife, and you really want it to be that much more special and meaningful, it can be stressful.

To help others in my situation, I’ve collaborated with UncommonGoods to bring you a new kind of gift guide – a Newlyweds Gift Guide!

While some of you might think ‘Oh, but isn’t this an American site?’  Yes it is, but they actually ship to South Africa – not a common trend among a lot of American sites.  They make it super easy for you as well, with all of the prices converted into Rands, all duties and taxes calculated at checkout, cheaper international shipping rates (the places that do ship to SA charge you a kidney to ship most of the time) and there won’t be any additional charges on delivery!  What a pleasure!

UncommonGoods is happy to do all of this, as their aim is to create a community of people who are passionate about their products and the stories behind each one of them.  The products sold are by artists who create novelty or unique items that are made to be loved and appreciated.  I really have never seen such a site packed with such variety – there truly is something for everyone there!  Another great thing – on each product page, you’ll know whether that item can be shipped to your country! My only negative view is that the consumables and toiletry products are not able to be shipped to SA.  There are SO many amazing edibles like bourbon spiced nuts or bourbon infused coffee, and some gorgeous soaps and body-care items.


ANYWAY – let’s have a look at what I’ve handpicked from the site.



I looked at the items available – there were so many and it took me a good few hours to narrow down some top choices.  These are all items I know my hubby would love the idea of, even if it wasn’t something he’d necessarily need.  Perhaps these are suitable for your husband, but if not you can find more cool birthday gift ideas for your husband here or you can even find something wonderful for your anniversary here.


Newlywed Gift Guide for him – Birthday, Sugar & Spice


1.Collar Perfect Compact Travel and Touch Up Iron – What business man doesn’t want his collar to look perfect?

2.Great Moustaches Mug – My hubby is obsessed with moustaches.  He’d really appreciate this!

3.Steampunk Coffee Grinder – A bit of a hipster item, but my hubby once pointed out some cool coffee grinders like these at a food and wine show, and commented on how amazing there were.

4.Stone Drink Dispenser – This would like great behind the bar for his Jack Daniels.

5.Silver USB Cufflinks – There’s no way he could forget that important presentation for work, if it’s attached to his outfit.

6.Cupa Glasses and wood holder – Stemless wine glasses are so chic, and these come with a fancy wooden tray.

7.Barrel Aged Cocktail Kit – Age your own whiskey and wine with this kit.

8.Himalayan Salt Tequila Glasses – No need to lick salt off your hand, when you’re drinking your tequila shot out of a salt glass!

9.Driftwood iPhone Charging Dock – Only relevant if he owns an iPhone, but how awesome is this?? I want to buy an iPhone just so I can charge it in this!

10.Set of 5 Pairs Personalized Socks – You can put a date on these or his initials, perfect for making him feel special when he puts on his socks.  I know this seems odd, but I love socks and so does my hubby – I gave him some bamboo socks as a gift once and he’s already on at me to buy him more!



Aaand in case there’s a husband out there reading this post (one can only hope – it’s so helpful guys), here’s a list of some amazingly unique items that your wifey might enjoy.  If these aren’t up her alley (not everyone has the same taste as me, and this list is a bit of a Siobhan-Wish-List), then you can check out some other beautiful gift ideas for your wonderful wife here.  For any man who has no idea what to buy his wife, always check whether she has a list of some sort.  My husband says he checks my blog every time he wants to get me a gift – I’ve trained him well 😉


Newlywed Gift Guide for him – Birthday, Sugar & Spice


1.Elwood the Rainbow Unicorn Cereal Bowl – This would just help kick my morning granola and yogurt up a notch.  And you all know I’m unicorn-obsessed.

2.Tiny Rose Gold Anatomical Heart Pendant – I love this quirky take on a piece of jewellery with a heart dangling from it.  Plus I love rose gold.  I’d totally wear this on a daily basis!

3.Rose Quartz Platter – Imagine serving cheese or mezze on this gorgeous serving platter?  I might not even want to use it for that, I’d put my special perfumes or makeup items on it.  I think this is the most beautiful thing on the whole site!

4.Lip Shimmer Wine Flight Gift Sets – A set of wine tinted and ‘flavoured’ lip balms, ideal for the wine fanatic.  Aka me.

5.Love You Always sculpture – I love this.  It’s beautiful and passionate and holds so much love.  I’d put this on top of my bookshelf in my bedroom, and place a vase of fresh flowers right next to it.

6.Please Bring Me Wine Women’s Socks – I need these, so I can stop using my words with the hubster.  He won’t even need to be verbally told that my glass is empty!

7.Personalised Anniversary Sound Wave Print – You can have this done with the sound of you both saying ‘I Do’ or with your vows.  I’ve wanted one of these for ages, but sadly I don’t think it would work now.  To be truly meaningful, you’d need someone to record you saying the words on the day of your wedding, as the emotion will make how you sound slightly different.  This is perfect if you can get one of your bridesmaids or groomsmen to do it on the day, with this specifically in mind though!

8.Unicorn Cuff – I’m not a big bracelet or bangle wearer, but for this I’d make an exception.



Have you had a look at the UncommonGoods website?  Did you find anything on there (or on this gift guide) that you like?


Beauty and Lifestyle blogger, wine addict and all-round lover of all things beautiful and sparkly!

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  1. Rivania Pillay

    I am definitely far from being a newlywed but these are great gift ideas in general, especially for Valentines Day.
    x Rivania | The Glam Unicorn

    1. Siobhan

      They’re really great, I wish I could buy them all!

  2. Rivania Pillay

    I am definitely far from being a newlywed but these are great gift ideas in general, especially for Valentines Day!
    x Rivania | The Glam Unicorn

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