The super addictive new mobile game app – TONPLAYGO

I’ve been playing this game for around a month now, and it’s so completely addictive!  If you love trivia games, this one is for you!

Tonplaygo was created as a Brand and Product Discovery Platform, so that different brands could advertise their products, without actually advertising.  It is an iOS and Android mobile game, where players play against each other and the clock, by answering trivia questions and puzzle games, and they’re scored based on correct answers and right down to the very last millisecond.

The game app is targeted at anyone from the age of 14 right through to 45, and you can choose between Popular Culture trivia, Sport trivia and Puzzle games.  You ‘bag’ prizes for each round with the Ton Bucks that you earn, and the more you level up, the higher your chances of winning!

The more you play, the better you’ll get, as practice makes perfect, and you’ll soon be checking the app daily, just to see when the next game begins.

I’ve won around 5 different prizes on Tonplaygo so far, and I get so excited for a new game to start, to try and improve on my score, and of course, to try and win the highest score and therefore the highest prize!  So far I’ve won a pair of sunglasses, a selfie stick, a super soft loose tank top, a mobile holder for my car, as well as a voucher for And Threads!

I’ve also been introduced to some really great brands, such as And Threads, an online clothing and accessories store that sells some truly gorgeous items – check out this gorgeous maxi dress!

Some other fabulous brands that work with Tonplaygo, and are available to win on the app are Lorna Jane active clothing, Houdt (they produce wooden phone and iPad cases, and head/ear phones, and are available to win through And Threads), iToys (gadgets and accessories for phones and iPads), Spree (a large variety of brands that you can buy at the Spree online store) and Ballo sustainable wooden-framed sunglasses, as well as several other brands.

The app is incredibly easy to work, and you’re guided through your first game, so it is pretty much fool-proof.  Even my folks and sister are now playing too, and we all try and compare scores and see who is doing the best.

To find out more about the app, you can see their Facebook page here.  You can also find the app in your App Store or in the Google Play Store, and it’s FREE to download!

Head on over and download it, and you can start to choose prizes you’d like to win, and see what score you can get – I play the Popular Culture game, and I challenge you to beat me!



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