Granny Mouse Country House 2019

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Granny Mouse is one of our favourite places in the world - we have a real sentimental connection to it.  It was our first getaway as a couple, our first…

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Midlands Mukbang Q & A

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There's a new video up on my YouTube channel - my very first mukbang! A few people actually asked me what a mukbang was, so here's a description from Wikipedia:…

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Brahman Hills Sunday Carvery

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If you recall, a few weeks ago, the Hubs and I headed to the KZN Midlands, for a beautiful stay at the new Brahman Hills Springholm cottages.  Well, while we…

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Gift Guide For Men

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October is always a super busy month for me, mostly due to the fact that it's both my Mom and my Hubby's birthday month.  My family have always gone all-out…

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Springholm VLOG

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If you were watching my social media early last week (particularly my Instagram Stories), you'll know that Hubs and I spent a couple of wonderful nights at Springholm cottages -…

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August Favourites 2019

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It's that time again!  Monthly favourites time, and boy is there a selection for my August Favourites.  I've once again filmed it as a YouTube video - please let me…

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Suncoast Real Deal 2019

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If you've followed me for a while, I'm sure you saw my previous post on the Suncoast Real Deal. It's a fabulous voucher booklet that you buy directly from Suncoast,…

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Tasting American Snacks & Candies

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There's a brand new video live on my YouTube channel - and this time it FINALLY features my wonderful Hubby - you'll know him from his Nick's Notes section right…

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D’Urban Scarlet Gin – 3 Ways

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If you recall, I have been dying to taste the D'Urban Scarlet Gin from Distillery 031.  I had my first chance to try the unique gin  at a lunch at…

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Weekend Vlog – June 2019

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I spent the long weekend in June (where Father's Day and Youth Day collided as one) vlogging! This was officially my first weekend vlog, and while it's FAR from perfect,…

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Birthday Wishlist 2019

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Am I the only person who gets SUPER excited for their birthday?  I'm in my 30's and I totally revel in birthday celebrations with childish delight.  Ridiculous?  Perhaps, especially since…

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Testing Asian Snacks

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There's a new video up on my YouTube channel, where my sister and I test out a number of Asian snacks.  I found a couple of them at a local…

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Vigour & Verve, Suncoast

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My Hubs and I recently went on a date night at Suncoast, as they have such a lovely selection of restaurants to choose from, especially after their recent (and very…

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NIBBLES: Thai Panang Curry

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Hubby and I are absolutely addicted to Thai Panang Curry.  We were introduced to it by a few different friends who had all been to Thailand, as the local place…

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