Kiko Vitals – Things I’ve Learnt About Hormones & Cold Weather

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I have been supplementing my lifestyle with Kiko Vitals for almost a year now, and they have been the BEST thing I’ve done in a long time for my wellness.

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While winter is nearing it’s end, the weather will still be chilly for a while (and there’s snow on the forecast again!), so I thought I’d share with you tips and tricks I’ve learnt to keep my hormones and my mind happy and healthy during the colder winter months.

The main basis of this is nutrition, self care and wellness, of course, supplements that ensure our bodies run at their best.



By embracing foods that will nourish our bodies and help them to thrive during the colder months, we can keep our hormones more balanced.

Including healthy fats such as avocado, olive oil, nuts and seeds is a great start, as they provide the essential building blocks for hormone production.  Plus – a slice of toasted seed bread with smashed avocado is a comfort food year-round!


Fiber-rich foods such as wholegrains, fruits, vegetables and legumes assist in stabilising our blood sugar levels (which can help curb that sweet tooth), as well as assist with healthy digestion.  On top of this, veggies such as broccoli, cauliflower, kale or brussel sprouts contain compounds in them that support estrogen metabolism and detoxification.  Delicious stews or soups are a winter must!

Spices are always a welcome addition to meals in winter – and spices such as cinnamon, turmeric, ginger, nutmeg or bay leaves contain fabulous anti-inflammatory properties too.

Hydration is just as important in winter and the colder months, so try to take in plenty of water as well – but herbal teas or hot water with lemon can be beneficial too.



It’s easy to create self care rituals, much easier than you might think.

It can be as simple as a cup of hot herbal tea, to sip on in the morning before the rush of the day begins.  You could take a corner in your home and create the perfect ‘you’ sanctuary, by laying down snuggly blankets, lighting candles and reading your favourite book.


Self care in the form of skincare is always a good idea.  In the colder months you can use more nourishing products, gentle facial massage or dry brushing your body to increase circulation and lymph drainage.

While getting out into nature isn’t as easy (or as pleasant) in the cold weather, bundling up in warm layers and taking a walk outside in the crisp air does wonders for the mind.



During the colder months, our hormones act differently.

Our thyroid gland helps regulate our metabolism and our body temperature.  With the colder weather, our thyroid gland may produce more thyroid hormones to support the body’s heat production.

Seratonin – the happy hormone – helps to regulate our mood, sleep and appetite.  In winter, with the colder weather and less time in the sunshine, our seratonin levels can be lower.  Try and get some sunshine in the morning (I’ve been having my morning coffee outside, snuggled up in my dressing gown and slippers) or do some mood boosting exercises.


Have you heard of the stress hormone, Cortisol?  Cold weather can trigger a stress response in our bodies, which leads to increased production of cortisol.  This causes heightened alertness and disrupted sleep.  Meditation, breathing exercises or relaxing activities help to ease the stress.  I love to snuggle up with a hot water bottle and my dogs, while watching a feel-good movie.

Best of all?  I’ve consistently used my Kiko Vitals supplements throughout the winter.  They all have such wonderful ingredients, to keep hormones balanced and happy, and my body at it’s best!


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